Hello World

Hello World!

I (Kari) decided that I get to right the first part of the hello blog for 2 very good reasons.

1. I’m someone who really likes to set and make schedules, outline objectives and boil everything down to a thesis statement.

2. I handle all of our mail so that earns me the perk of getting to write first on cards and now on blogs.

I’m so excited to be doing this with RJ. I took a job late last year reviewing plays for a local theatre website. And I loved it! I loved using my critical thinking skills about acting ( and it validated the nearly 100,000 that was spent on my degree as a theatre major) and writing. But, I always hated that there were so many times that RJ and I couldn’t talk about things because I was waiting to be done with a review or trying to organize my own thoughts. And when I would ask him later for his opinion he would mention that he had thought something cool but had forgotten it. I was also starting to get really overwhelmed with the content that I would need to review. As a Christian I really felt that I needed to hold myself to the same standards that I would at work that we have for our home. But, with all the requests to do more shows and needing to meet my quota the pressure started to drain the fun away. So the idea of having our own blog was born! We’ve always said how wonderful it would be to write books together or have a travel show together. We don’t have the funds to start that kind of an endeavor but we can write a blog!

I know all Christians and non-Christians have different standards and we don’t always fit in completely well with only Christian culture or every style or movie that’s popular. As a still young in their marriage development couple we are discovering where we stand on some issues and how we deal with others. I’m really excited to have a forum where I can talk about my ideas about how to mix  being interested in a variety of artistic/entertainment media and being Christian because I think it’s a completely workable goal. I’m just still trying to find all the right ways to make it happen!


Hi, this is RJ.  I’ve always wanted to work with Kari on something like this.  I’m so excited to get started.  We always talk so much about movies, or books, or plays, or anything else we experience.  I find us pretty interesting, and have always thought a wider audience would too.  When Kari got her job reviewing last year, it would make me sad because not only would I not want to influence her reviews, but I really thought that people would love the interplay between us.  So here we are.  We won’t be for everybody, but this will be a family show.  We won’t review everything that comes into the zeitgeist because a big part of what we wanted to do was share our worldview.  If something is offensive to us, we’re not going to write a horrible review of it, we’re just not going to talk about it.  I hope you enjoy reading this as much as we enjoy making it happen!