Two Palate Dining: Glory Days Grill

She Said: Glory Days Grill

glory days grill buffalo chicken sliders

I like Glory Days Grill. I really do. It’s not usually the kind of place that I like because it’s a sports bar and grill and I don’t like noise or watching sports on TV (usually, but I like ice skating and seeing baseball in person). But, I really like Glory Days! When I’m sick in bed and we have to go through the short Rolodex of places I like takeout from Glory Days is the first one I want when I have an appetite. I love the grilled chicken sandwich with BBQ sauce, Swiss cheese and bacon (so obviously it can’t be too regular of a deal!) but it’s really smoky and it’s large so it can work for a day where you have or will eat lighter. It’s a treat but it’s oh, so yummy!  But, I decided to branch out and have more than my one regular item on the menu that I eat (I’m picky, and I have some food allergies namely- shellfish!). I mean what better occasion then seeing family you haven’t seen in awhile to be whimsical? Right?

I ordered the Buffalo Chicken Sliders. They were pretty good. The buffalo was nice level if not quite as spicy as I usually eat it. And the breading on the chicken was kind of thick but it was crispy and tasty. The pieces of chicken were a pretty good size and the rolls were soft (I hate leathery, dusty rolls!) They are usually served with blue cheese dressing but I refused because I don’t eat blue cheese or ranch (they taste and smell the same to me- not good!) but they didn’t need any extra sauce. And I really liked the lettuce was served on them instead of celery with them. The lettuce was crisp and most importantly for me- well drained. I hate it when I get what could be a good sandwich and too wet lettuce makes it soggy! This was a really good little cute trio of mini sammies.

I got them with sweet potato fries and slaw. The slaw was totally gross- no vinegar, no flavor and too much purple cabbage. Currently the only sweet potato fries I will eat are theirs and they are pretty good. I’m trying to throw even a little healthy thing into every meal because I’m getting in shape because we are trying to conceive. And I know it’s not the healthiest meal in the world but it was considerably lighter than many other options and hey, you have some off time on every diet! I thought it was a nice little meal, not really light but light for eating out fare at a bar/grill.

I didn’t have an appetizer (RJ had one with crab- my hives and I decided to pass on it) or a dessert. I kind of missed a sweet at the end because we usually have a small serving of something sweet. And lately I’ve been on a huge granny smith apple kick. So I was a little disappointed to not find an appetizer or sweet I wanted. But, at leas they had limes for my water! I love lime in water!

I usually try RJ’s food if it looks like anything I might want to try later and he usually does the same with me. I tried his mashed potatoes, which were delicious!!!!! They were so yummy and creamy and well spiced. He offered a bite of his burger and I wish I had tried it just to see how it tasted. It looked wacky. But, I’m a really tough on hamburgers because I don’t really like ground beef and I’m insistent on it being cooked thoroughly but not too burned on the outside. So, I don’t get very excited about trying hamburgers.

Glory Days is loud but when we were in there it was no louder than many other equivalent or “nicer” restaurants on a Saturday night. The 27 TVs where a little distracting but I still got in lots of good talking with my new step mother in law (who’s a peach!) so it was fun. The staff was pleasant and nice. And the table and dishes were clean- which I’m a stickler about!

I’m sure I will return to Glory Days and now I have a second menu option for when I want something a little lighter. It’s getting warmer and soon outdoor seating will again be an option!

Restaurant 8

Meal (Buffalo Chicken Sliders and Sweet Potato Fries) 6.5

He Said Glory Days

glory days grill pigskin burger

Recently we ate at Glory Days Grill with my dad and his wife.  We eat at Glory Days frequently enough to have a regular meal.  Usually I get the same grilled chicken sandwich that Kari does, but I still love their bacon cheeseburger.  We thought it would be a great opportunity to try some new things to talk about here.

As an appetizer, I split their crab pretzels with my dad.  It’s a good thing it was just the two of us.  It consists of two pretzel sticks slathered in Maryland crab dip.  The menu says pretzels, which in my mind implies the curly version by default.  The pretzels sticks were pretty good, once you got past the fact that they aren’t the pretzels that you thought you ordered (clearly, I still haven’t gotten past this fact).  The crab dip immediately tasted of Old Bay, which is good.  You’d be in trouble if you served something in the DC area that had crab in the name and didn’t have Old Bay seasoning on it!  Then I waited for a mouthful of crab.  There wasn’t very much in the first bite, but maybe the second?  No, still not enough crab.  There was lots of cheese (The menu only lists parmesan, but there’s at least cheddar in there, if not maybe some Swiss cheese as well).  I would have been much happier if it had been called cheese fondue (it wasn’t even really that, but it was pretty close in texture) with crab, instead of the crab being the main descriptor.

Then it was on to the main course.  I ordered the Pigskin Burger with mashed potatoes as my side dish.  First, I tried the mashed potatoes.  They were delicious.  They were very buttery, and peppery, and I couldn’t wait for my second bite.  They were of the skin on variety, but it was done very well.  So often when you have skin on mashed potatoes there is too much skin, and it makes the end result too chewy, but not here.

I moved on to the burger.  This is definitely a big mouth burger.  It had a slice of cheddar, bacon, pulled pork, and onion straws on top.  That’s a lot of toppings, and when it first came to the table I was very impressed indeed.  I started by eating a few of the onion straws from the top of the burger.  They were crispy, and oniony, and made me feel like Thanksgiving when you’re making the green bean casserole.  Once I’d eaten a few of those, I composed myself and started with the burger.  I put the top bun on even squeezing the sandwich together I had to open my mouth wide to get the first bite.  It was really something.  The burger itself, the crispy, meatiness of the bacon, the sweetness of the pulled pork, and the crunch of the onion straws all come together to make something beautiful in your mouth.  The pulled pork was meaty, with not a hint of burnt rind that you can get sometimes with poorly done pulled pork.  It was absolutely a great burger.

I enjoyed the burger very much but as I kept eating it, a few things dawned on me.   For starters, I couldn’t taste the cheese at all.  For there to be so much else, one slice of cheese in the middle just got lost.  I’m all for cheese, but if you can’t taste it, then you should skip it and save the fat.  The onion straws also got soggy once you’d taken a few bites, and just wound up feeling like grilled onions in your mouth pretty quickly.  Still a valuable addition to be sure, but just like with the cheese, if the breading isn’t going to be very helpful to the overall sandwich, why the extra fat of the frying?  After a while, the pulled pork overwhelmed the bacon as well but not before providing the single best bite of the evening.  Early in the experience, I bit off part of the bacon that was sticking out of the sandwich, and was also met with the sweet juice from the pulled pork.  That was an amazing surprising taste sensation.  Overall, still a very good burger

Rating for Crab Pretzels- 3

Rating for Mashed Potatoes- 9

Rating for Pigskin Burger- 8

Have you been to a Glory Days Grill? Did you enjoy your experience?  Can you recommend a better restaurant for burgers or buffalo chicken?