Choose Our Adventure: Inaugural Edition


Do you remember how awesome choose your own adventure books were? And do you remember how excited you would get picking which door and seeing what the outcome would be?

We’ve decided to try something like that too! We are going to let you pick an upcoming feature that we will write.

The summer before we got married we always liked to make a big deal out of RJ’s days off and do fun things together. We were saving money for our wedding so we were looking for stuff to do that wasn’t expensive but they were a lot fun. RJ made up some slips and I would draw one and that’s what we would do for that day. He did come up with some great ideas (the zoo, Old Town Alexandria, etc)

Once a month or so, we’ll give you the readers 4 options of things that we are thinking about doing. Then everyone can vote on one of the 4 options by either posting a comment on this post or you can vote in the poll that we’ll have posted on Facebook.

1. The Lorax

This one is pretty simple. We will go see The Lorax and write a review about it like we have several other movies (Courageous, Moneyball and Midnight in Paris).

2. Try meat pies from Pure Pastry

We love trying new food! And we love Great Britain! Since we can’t afford to go across the pond then we could do one of the next best things- try some British cuisine.

3. Go to the circus

Have you ever wondered has the thrill of the circus dimmed because you are a grownup now? We’ve wondered that. Vote for this option and we’re headed for Ringling Brothers to find out.

4. Go see a silent movie

We know practically every critic loves The Artist, but what was it like to see a silent movie with live music? There’s a theatre nearby who does screenings of silent movies with live music and I’ve always wondered what that movie experience would be like


So there are your options! And here’s how voting works:

–       Everyone can vote two times

  1. You can vote in comment section under this story (indicating either 1-4 or saying the lorax or the circus, etc
  2. You can like us on Facebook and vote in our poll that we have posted.


So vote now, vote twice!   🙂  Voting will close at noon on March 16th!