TV Time: Fashion Star

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She Said: Fashion Star

I love fashion! I love shopping, magazines, and even just putting together fun outfits from my closet. I also really like good reality television. However, good shows and reality television are a hard combination to find these days. Conceptually, I love Project Runway ,but I get really tired of seeing half naked models and seeing necklines that expose the entire sternum. I’m a big fan of 19 Kids and Counting and their season wrapped up tonight. I was shocked when I realized that it meant that I now have no show to follow. I really wanted to have one program to watch on television and I thought that a show about fashion where they were aiming to make clothes available for the public would be a perfect fit.

I was very wrong about Fashion Star.

As much as I’m not a fan of the models and the necklines on Project Runway somehow this show annoyed me more. I hated the “dancers”, who were really just skimpily attired trio who occasionally gyrated. And the models that randomly walked around in bikinis- what was that?  I didn’t really like the acrobats very much either but at least they were decently dressed. I hated the music that they played. I had never heard anything by LMFAO and I don’t imagine I’ll listen to them again. I really don’t like Katy Perry’s music at all so “California Gurls” was lost on me.

I did appreciate that clothes were not so extreme in the neckline/back/slit as the clothes on Project Runway can be. That being said I also felt that the good clothes were a lot less interesting than the good clothes on Project Runway typically are.  I was excited about buying something (maybe, a good H&M piece) but I wasn’t very impressed. The one dress that I did really like is being sold for $295 at Lord and Taylor! It was a super cute orange dress with a pink sash (hello, my wedding colors, my signature colors!) and it looked really modern. But it’s too rich for my pocketbook and I really thought the H&M piece that is being produced looked cheap.

I thought the concept of the show was really hard to follow. In fact until we looked it up after the show was over I was pretty confused. I didn’t like how choppy the show was either. Breaking up the designers into shifts made it disjointed and easy to forget who had presented what. I feel like they were trying to cram so much- construction, mentoring, hair, makeup, personal interviews, crazy over the top fashion show, mentors and buyers comments mingled with the typical reality show lineup/ “who will survive” stuff it was exhausting. I didn’t like the buyers because I typically prefer to hear from someone who sees fashion, as art and expression not “green swimsuits this season”. I didn’t like the mentors because I think Jessica Simpson’s clothes and shoes from her line are poorly made (especially the shoes). I do like her personal style but I don’t think she actually knows anything about making good clothes.

I’m kind of glad we tried it because if we hadn’t I would still be wondering would I like it. I now know that Fashion Star is not my taste.

Rating- 0

He Said: Fashion Star

I tuned into Fashion Star expecting to get all the excitement of Project Runway with the real world twist of actually being able to buy the items when they’re purchased by a retail outlet.  What I got was a rushed mess that didn’t really illustrate much.

I was really looking forward to this show since the fashion appeared tasteful, not vulgar.  Kari and I both like fashion, but we wind up feeling uncomfortable with a lot of the content you see on other fashion shows.  The outfits might not have been my taste, but everyone kept their privates covered, and I didn’t feel embarrassed to see any of it.  The other elements of the show were a different story. They started the show off with a performance from LMFAO featuring a dance crew, and a swimsuit fashion show for no real reason.  For those not familiar with them, LMFAO make music that has rude lyrics, but has really catchy beats, so everyone thinks they’re great.  I try to avoid them when I can.

The challenge for the week was Summer trends.  I was very interested in that especially since the items were going to be available to purchase right away.  Then they had scantily clad dancing girls come out before the first round of designers.  The rest of the design groups got circus performers, but for some reason this group got dancers.  The only menswear design was shorts.  How original.  Nzimiro Oputa used color blocking in his shorts that really disappointed me.  Only one of the three variations on his shorts was actually available.  It was the most masculine, but I still would never be able to wear it.  Breaking up the shorts with a horizontal line like he used would make someone as short as myself look two feet tall.  I’d love to tell you more about Nzimiro, but like all of the designers, I didn’t get very much of his backstory.

This brings me to my biggest complaint: The clothes you see on TV are not representative of what will actually be available.  The colors might be different, they may only opt to carry one of the variations you see, and any problems in construction will be corrected.  It makes me wonder if it’s not more about the idea you come up with not about how well you can actually execute it.

I know we’re late to the party in trying Fashion Star this being it’s third week, but we’re also going to be leaving early from this party.  There’s a good show in there somewhere, and hopefully they’ll get around to it at some point.