Choose Our Adventure: April/ May 2012 Announcement

It’s that time again! What time you ask?  It’s time for our readers to choose another adventure to send us on. They may not be particularly lavish but aren’t trying new things always fun? And if you can try new stuff and have fun on a budget well then that’s really cool.

Last month was our first month letting our readers choose and adventure and we were sent to the circus. Check back next week for our thoughts on the circus.

Just as a refresher on what this is and how it works: every month or so we’ll let you guys (the readers) vote on an experience we will try and blog about!  Here are the nominations for this month:

1. The Art of The Video Game- This is a big exhibit on video games as art that is currently at the Smithsonian. And we’ll go check it out and let you know what we think of it. If you like video games or art then this is the pick for you!

2. We’ll go see a Nationals game- Do you love baseball? Have you always wondered what a major league game is like? Vote for this one and we’ll be headed for the ballpark.

3. Try a Korean bakery- Korean food is really popular in our area. And we’ve never tried a Korean bakery! Does that sound interesting to you? Do you enjoy our foodie adventures?  If you enjoy Two Palate Dining then this is the feature for you!

4. Go See Mirror, Mirror- If you are curious about the film Mirror, Mirror then is what you should vote for. If you like fairytales, movies or Julia Roberts then that’s even more of a reason why this should be your pick!

So there are your options! And here’s how voting works:

–       Everyone can vote two times

1. You can vote in comment section under this story (indicating either 1-4 or saying mirror, mirror or the baseball game, etc

2. You can like us on Facebook and vote in our poll that we have posted.

So vote now, vote twice!   🙂

Voting will close at noon Friday, April 13th

We also wanted to take this chance to thank everyone for reading and participating (voting and commenting) on our blog!

We hope that each of you is blessed with a lovely Easter holiday. Easter is a very special time of year for us.  RJ and I recognize that all our blessings come from God and we are so thankful for each other, all of our readers and all the other special blessings he’s given. Easter is the time of year where we celebrate the single most important blessing he’s ever given us- salvation through His Son, Jesus. Take a little time to read the Easter story  and then take a second to remember why we celebrate this wonderful Easter weekend.

Happy Easter!