Two Palate Dining: Egg McMuffin

Kari Egg McMuffin

I love breakfast! I love it! I love eggs, especially scrambled. I love cereal, biscuits, waffles, and bacon- yum! However, I have two problems with breakfast. Does it have to come so early in the day? I always want to eat a good breakfast but occasionally I grab a cookie when I’m busy in the morning. A cookie isn’t a good breakfast. And on mornings when we are trying to make it to church or have an appointment together, forget it, it’s totally cookie time.  I do love to grab a bagel sandwich from one of our local bagel shops but that can get expensive.  So a few weeks ago I started thinking about having different options and maybe finding something that I could eat even when we are traveling.

I am by no means an extreme coupon gal or even a coupon queen, but I do like it when I can find coupons that I can use. So I was intrigued when I got one of those little coupon books sent out from McDonald’s recently. I’m trying to get in shape for getting pregnant so I am trying not to eat lots of fast food and frankly I’m not a big fan of it. But, I thought the coupon book could be like free money so I should check it out. I had a great coupon that enabled us to get an Egg McMuffin for a dollar when getting another breakfast sandwich. It sounded like a deal that worked for both of us.  I’ve never had an Egg McMuffin before and last year I discovered that I love English muffins. I thought that eggs and cheese on an English muffin would be great. I was a little confused by the Canadian bacon but I figured that it was like ham or bacon.

We ate in the car for the full on the go breakfast experience (and we were trying to get an early start on errands.) It smelled like eggs and was warm in my hand so I was very hopeful as I unwrapped it. I loved it! I thought it was really tasty. Now, bear in mind it wasn’t cheese fondue or filet mignon. But, for a sandwich that cost a dollar it was really tasty. I was a little troubled by the ham (and it turns out having had a second one this week during a plumbing disaster I just don’t like it.) The Canadian bacon is just a little too rubbery. From now I’ll get it sans Canadian bacon and I am sure it will be great. The English muffin, melted cheese and fried egg combo was good and it was really filling. All in all it was a good experience and I was surprised that it was so satisfying. It was a great deal and I’m glad I have an item that I can order at an easy to find restaurant when we travel. I like trying new places but sometimes you need something familiar and this will be a good option for me. (RJ got the sausage Egg McMuffin and I didn’t try it because I don’t eat sausage so there was no sharing on this trip.) And it was nice to be able to try something fun and a little different when we are trying to stick to a pretty tight budget. Bargains, if they yield good product are always fun!

Update: I had to go for bloodwork for my upcoming physical today. So, last night was the big fast and I broke it today with a meatless Egg McMuffin. It was wonderful ( so much lighter tasting)! It may not be the healthiest breakfast in the world but it’s definitely one of the better options for n necessary quick grab breakfast.

Kari’s Rating- 6


Egg McMuffin

Egg McMuffin



He Said Egg McMuffin


I was very surprised recently when I learned that Kari had never tried an Egg McMuffin.  I had many years ago, but for some reason had negative memories.  I guess I thought I’d outgrown them for other breakfast fare.  So it made sense for us to try one when we had a coupon.


I didn’t expect much from this sandwich.  I love the sausage, egg and cheese bagel sandwich we get at a local bagel shop sometimes, but I’ve never like English Muffins as much.  Okay, I’m big enough to admit it, I was wrong.  I had the Sausage Egg McMuffin and it was awesome.  I love the ring shaped egg.  I always thought that the shape meant that it was some kind of fake egg, but after watching some Top Chef I am now educated about the egg ring and have found a place to use this enthusiasm.  Who would have thought it would be McDonald’s?  The cheese was melted well, and the sausage patty was very good at what sausage is a slightly herbaceous and spicy hunk of meat.  I felt very manly to just say that.  The English muffin was a lot better than I remembered.  I don’t know what I had against them!  It really encased everything well, and didn’t over shadow the other elements.


On a later trip, I had the more traditional Egg McMuffin, which has Canadian bacon on it, and I don’t like that as much.  It’s still tasty, and would still do in a pinch, but the meat doesn’t feel quite as meat.  It feels a little more processed and fake.  I don’t know if I’d bother with this sandwich without any meat.  It wouldn’t be able to last me until lunch.


Rating- 7


What do you think of the Egg McMuffin?  Is it as delicious as we seem to think, or do you see it as more of a hockey puck special?  Any other Breakfasts on the go we should try?