Playlists: Encouragement

Well things have definitely hit a rough patch for us (Kari and RJ or She and He). We’ve been trying to have a baby and we had recently found out it was going to be harder because I have PCOS.  Well, now there are more problems. And they are even checking for a few super scary things.  It’s a hard time for us.

I (Kari) am so grateful for every day and am praying that the health stuff will not be too terribly serious and I’ll be getting treated soon. I know God has a plan and that he’ll never leave me.  I’m  also being comforted by my friends and prayers from people from all kinds of different places. I love prayer! I’m so glad that we can talk to God and share our burdens with him. I sometimes feel as though I’m being carried right now and I know that I am carried in hearts.

Since we’ve been going to so many doctors we’ve been listening to lots of music. I’ve been trying to listen to jolly stuff and I figured that would be good. Sometimes the jolly songs just feel hollow. One thing that’s really helping me right now is listening to music that I find encouraging. Music is something that I use to express my emotions. We both love music and musicals. When people sing in a musical it’s because they feel something so deeply they have to express it in song- it’s too deep to just say! I love that! I’m having lots of real life musical moments. My words aren’t good enough or I can’t organize them how I want so I find my expression in music.

Here are some of the songs that I’m drawing a lot from right now. And I hope that maybe you’ll see some favorites or something new that you love! ( The links take you to Amazon and you can preview the songs. The previews are free but if you want to buy the songs you can help support The He Said She Said Experience)

1. You’ve Got the Love– Florence + the Machine

I have loved this song since it was used in the Sex and the City finale years ago. I love this version because I think Florence really give its something special. And sometimes I really do put my hands up in the air! And I’m so glad Jesus is there for me.


2. Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)– Kelly Clarkson

I love this! I sing to myself “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” a lot!


3. The Show– Lenka

I have days where I want my money back and I feel like this is a maze and a riddle! This song is so matter of fact but has such a happy bouncy song. It’s nice to be reminded that I have to “let it go and enjoy the show”


4. Stronger– Mandisa

This song touches my heart so much. It really tells the story of where I’m at right now. And it lifts my heart so much to hear God’s promises repeated in this song.


5. That’s How Strong My Love Is– Otis Redding

I think of RJ and how much he loves me whenever I hear this song. It makes me feel so protected and cared for. It’s a big deal that I “hear” him singing this. I’m an egocentric actor who always thinks this is “my song” but I always hear RJ. And I know that makes him smile


6. Change- Taylor Swift

This song contains part of our current battle cry! I can’t get through singing this song without tears but I think that’s a healthy way to deal with the stress. This song says so much about being triumphant and keep trying! “You can walk away say we don’t need this. But there’s something in your eyes says we can beat this”. If that’s not a fist pump, hallelujah then what is?!


7. Change in the Making– Addison Road

This song reminds me that God is using all sorts of things to shape me into the person He wants me to be. We are all a work in progress and this is such an encouraging reminder


8. Tomorrow– Andrea McArdle

Yes, this is from Annie. It’s a great song, though. Think about it,  no matter how bad today istomorrow may be the best day of your life!


9. In Christ Alone– Keith and Kristyn Getty

This is a beautiful song about finding your hope and peace in Jesus. It’s beautiful! The first time I heard this song we sang it with our worship team and I had tears running down my face.


10. Takes a Little Time– Amy Grant

Oh, I love Amy Grant. This is a very chill, but potent encouragement song. It’s hopeful not trite.


11. Please Be My Strength– Gungor

This is a great song! It really helps encourage you when you feel like you can’t live up to the attitude you know you should. It’s a great song of hope. I definitely have to keep asking for strength. It reminds me of where my strength comes from.


12. Virginia Bluebell– Miranda Lambert

I love how it says “You just need a little push, spring is coming soon”, oh I hope so!


13. So Far So Great– Demi Lovato

I loved Sunny with a Chance! It was a great show! And I love how the song encourages you about dreams and has such a great beat! And yes, “having a dream is just the beginning”


14. Country Strong– Gwyneth Paltrow

I love this because I am country strong! This song was the best part of Country Strong


15. While I’m Waiting– John Waller

It’s a great reminder to worship and serve while we are going through trials.


16. Blessings– Laura Story

I like this because blessings aren’t always easy to see


17. Praise You in This Storm– Casting Crowns

I was amazed when I heard this song. I know I need to be praising God even when I’m scared.


18. Yours– Steven Curtis Chapman

It’s all God’s. Everything and all of me. He knows what He’s doing.


19.The Climb– Miley Cyrus

Forget about Hannah Montana and the scandals when you listen to this. If you listen to the message of viewing life is a continual climb not just a up one hill and done then you’ll see why I love this.


20. Don’t Stop Believin’ – Journey

My best advice for this is just crank it up and air guitar or fist bump with hope!


What songs encourage you? Share them with us!