Two Palate Dining: Taste of Vienna

She Said: Taste of Vienna


crepe amour strawberry and nutella crepe

Kari with Crepe Amour strawberry and nutella crepe

We’ve been having a really crazy time of things lately.  So, I was really excited when I heard there was a Taste of Vienna festival. I thought it sounded like a great way to relax and try some awesome food. Plus it was put on by the Vienna Volunteer Fire Department so that’s a great cause to help out (I’m already eyeing the possibility of their upcoming pancake breakfast). Aside from doing brave work in protecting a community they also really know how to have a great party! We had a good time.


It was very easy to find the fire station where the festival was being held (in the parking lot, street and nearby areas). However, parking was a nightmare. I was glad I had taken the addresses for some of the other lots you could park in because the first lot was full. We had a bit of a walk but thankfully it didn’t rain on us and it wasn’t too cool.


pure pasty co. chicken masala pie- yum!

Pure Pasty Co. chicken masala pie- yum!

As you all know (and some of you voted for them in our first Choose Our Adventure) we have been excited to try meat pies. I was so excited that Pure Pasty Co. was there! I’ve wanted to try their meat pies for so long and they were very tasty! The crust of the pasties was rich and crisp. We tried both the chicken masala and the traditional beef pies. Can you guess which I liked best? The chicken of course! It was wonderful! The smoky curry taste was infused into the chicken and vegetables, which were steamy and perfectly cooked. I wasn’t a big fan of the beef pie because it was made with ground beef (not a fan of ground beef) and vegetables. It had a nice peppery taste but I still wasn’t a big fan. RJ is also a big British candy bar fan. He bought a candy bar that we ate later in the afternoon. The Crunchie bar was really terrific. The chocolate was really mellow but not flat and it had a wonderful honeycomb texture inside.


We tried the Bulgogi sushi triangle from Yurasai Sushi and Grill. I had wanted to try Bulgogi for a long time and once I knew it wasn’t raw (I don’t know much about sushi) I wanted to try it. I thought the flavor of the beef was really tasty. It was sweeter than most meat marinades I’ve tasted but it still had a good savory undertone. The meat was also really tender. But, I hated the sushi part. I spit out my first bite because I hated the seaweed. I had no idea it tasted like that. I would be interested in maybe trying sushi again but I’m very skeptical about it. There is just something about that green, sea taste that doesn’t work with my palette.


I have always been a Francophile. I love France, the French language, and French culture. It’s one of my dearest dreams to be able to travel to France, especially Paris. Last year we decided that we were going to take me out for crepes on my birthday but it was a disaster that involved us getting lost with a GPS and being late for our movie. On Saturday, I finally got to try my first crepe! It was delicious. Crepe Amour was there making crepes and these guys are awesome! I loved the crepe itself. Crepes are like a thinner, slightly sweeter, spongy pancake. Yum! And I ordered our crepe with strawberries and nutella. Yum-er! The chocolate and hazelnut of the nutella blended well with the still tart taste of strawberries.  I loved the strawberry sauce drizzled on top and who doesn’t love powdered sugar. This crepe was so terrific, even if the fresh berries were just a little too tart. It was worth the very, very, very long wait (crepes to order take time). I am glad we went out to Taste of Vienna just for this experience.


After the crepe I wanted something savory. When we go to festivals we usually share food so we try to find things that we both want to try. It only took one look at Donato’s pizza to know that was what we would share next. We got a slice of their delicious pepperoni pizza. I am not usually a fan on thin crust pizza but this was light and not too crispy. There was a ton of pepperoni on it and it had a nice bright tomato sauce. I now have a place that I love takeout pizza from! I really like to make whatever I can myself so it’s a big deal to say that I would get pizza from here.


We saw people walking around with a different kind of pizza and decided to try it for a mini- taste off. We tried a slice of pepperoni pizza from Church Street Pizza. It was pretty good but not as good as Donato’s. The Church Street pizza wasn’t warm and it kind of had that “been sitting in a box too long” cardboard taste. It was classic greasy pizza but it was really light on pepperoni. I might try it again if the opportunity arose to try it when it was fresher but I wouldn’t get it again from a box.


Chef Geoff's Caramel Corn

Chef Geoff's Caramel Corn

It was starting to rain and we were starting to run out of money so we made a final stop for caramel corn before we left. I was so excited to get some because I had been thinking about caramel corn lately. I was really disappointed with Chef Geoff’s Caramel Corn. The popcorn itself was fine but the caramel was burnt! It tasted like carbon and wasn’t sweet at all. They were selling a nice little bag for the price but who cares if it’s a good-sized amount of bad food? I was really disappointed.  I guess I’m still on the lookout for good caramel corn.


I hoped that going to the Taste of Vienna would be fun. It really was.  I didn’t like everything and it was a little crowded but I’m still really glad we went.  I know have a new go to pizza place. I know that I like chicken masala. And I finally got to try crepes and I love them! It was a lot of fun!


Chicken Masala- 8

Beef Meat Pie- 3

Bulgogi Sushi-2

Nutella and Strawberry Crepe- 9

Donato’s Pizza ( pepperoni)- 10

Church Street Pizza ( pepperoni)- 4

Caramel Corn- 0


Overall Rating- 8


Donato's pepperoni pizza- love!

Donato's pepperoni pizza- love!


Church Steet Pizza pepperoni pizza

Church Steet Pizza pepperoni pizza



He Said : Taste of Vienna


with meat pie from Pure Pasty Co.

RJ with meat pie from Pure Pasty Co.

I was really excited when Kari told me about the Taste of Vienna food festival.  I love food festivals, and there looked to be much to try there that we had been looking to try for some time.


When we first arrived it took us a little while to find a parking spot.  There were several different parking areas provided, and we attempted to park at the closest lot, but there wasn’t actually much parking available there, so we moved on to another lot.  It was a little bit of a hike both ways once we finally got situated, but we were glad to get there.


I was a little worried at first that we wouldn’t actually find anything appetizing.  This time around, we only wanted to get things that we both could at least try.  I’m more adventurous in trying new tastes, but even I was having a hard time finding anything that was appealing.


As we finished one whole side of the festivals tents things still were not looking good.  Then we saw it: Crepe Amour.  We’ve wanted to try crepes for a long time, and even made an attempt last year for Kari’s birthday, but to no avail.  This time, we had the crepe cornered, and it would not escape us!  I misread the sign initially, and thought we could get one with just strawberries, but they were only making ones that had Nutella in them.  We ordered the Strawberry Nutella, and what a happy mistake I made.  The crepe was light and delicious on it’s own.  I’d eat this bad boy plain, no problem!  It’s like the thinnest waffle you’ve ever tasted.  If you like the inside of a waffle, but hate the crunchiness of the outside, then you’re in for a real treat with these crepes.  The hazelnut of the Nutella and the slices of strawberry really blend in an unexpected and rich way.  This is like a grown up waffle cone sundae.  It had the longest line of the whole place, but it was really worth it.  We’re definitely visiting this place.


Pure Pasty Co. tradtional beef pie

Pure Pasty Co. traditional beef pie

While we were waiting in line we were able to send someone off and get a couple other samples.  First up was an eatery that will sound familiar to loyal readers who voted in our first Choose Our Adventure feature: Pure Pasty (not Pastry).  These purveyors of British meat pies also sell British candy as well, but more on that later.   We tried the traditional Beef, and an Indian take on Chicken.  A little bit of food history here.  Meat pies were very popular among poor Brits because since they were encased in the crust you could keep them safely much longer than other meat dishes.  The Beef was awesome.  It had potato chunks and carrot chunks in it, and the beef was very well seasoned.  It’s like the best hamburger you ever had.  I marvel at the ingenuity of this one little pocket that neatly and easily conveys me my meat and two veg.  I always hated peas, so for me this is all the best parts of a Sheppard’s pie, with the added joy of their crust.  Yum.  The Chicken was also delicious.  It tasted very exotic, but very comfortable at the same time.  When eating these two side by side, you get a real feel of how England adopted Indian cuisine so easily.


Yirasai Sushi Bulgogi Triangle Roll

Yirasai Sushi Bulgogi Triangle Roll

We also were able to get the Bulgogi Triangle Roll from Yirasai Sushi & Grill.  I’ve been after Kari to try a Korean restaurant for a long time, so I wasn’t let this low risk opportunity pass me by!  It was fun to watch them wrap, but it was very hard to get into after they did.  Even though I was right there, and it was rolled fresh, they used some seaweed that was prepackaged in plastic, so when they handed it to me I had to figure out how to get the plastic off so I could enjoy the Roll.  The directions on the package didn’t help at all, and it wound up being a bit of a mess.  The prepackaged seaweed really hurt the overall taste as well.  The rice was good and the meat itself tasted really flavorful, but the seaweed was way too briny, and dried out.  I couldn’t get enough of the marinated beef.  I’m more interested than ever to go to a Korean restaurant, but I won’t be eating sushi at Yirasai anytime soon!


After we finished our crepes, we found a pair of pizza places worth perusing.  The first was Donato’s.  Donato’s pizza is a thin crust that uses provolone cheese and prides itself on having edge-to-edge pepperoni.  It was amazing, and delicious.  This had a real artisan feel to it, which made me want more immediately.  It was crunch and savory and moist and tender, all at once.  When I got a menu, it also had a coupon on it for a free pizza!  If only they were close enough to deliver to our house.  Even still, we debated going back and getting our free pizza that night!


Then came Church Street Pizza that really suffers by comparison.  It’s pretty good for greasy pizza, but they’re very stingy with their pepperoni, and I found myself wanting another slice of Donato’s.  The best thing was the crust.  I did miss that about Donato’s.


Then we got some dessert and headed on with our day.  We got the Carmel Corn from Chef Geoff’s booth, and a Crunchie candy bar from Pure Pasty.  I was craving caramel corn but something was wrong with it.  It tasted burnt, but that couldn’t be because the popcorn itself was still felt fluffy and white in flavor.  They must have burnt the caramel itself when they made it.  The Crispie bar was incredible.  It was a cross between a twix bar and a kit kat.  It was definitely a highlight.


There were definitely some stands we passed on.  Outback Steakhouse presented their steak and chicken fingers.  Famous Dave’s had it’s horrible barbeque, which we have tasted, and would have given a very bad review had this blog been online.


Crepe Rating-10

Beef Meat Pie-10

Chicken Meat Pie-9

BulGogi Triangle Roll-3


Church St. Pizza Rating-2

Overall Rating-8