Choose Our Adventure: May/June 2012

Choose Our Adventure: May/June 2012


It’s that time again! It’s time to vote for another adventure for us to go on.  So far you’ve sent us to the circus, to see Mirror Mirror and the Art of Video Games exhibit. We can’t wait to see where we are going next!


I know some of you may be wondering “where is the feature on the Art of Video Games”?  It’s coming! We’ll be running it sometime in the near future. The exhibit will be here for several months and we will attend! We just figured that since life is really stressful right now we might see about heading off on another adventure to take our minds of all the waiting for medical stuff. We really love writing this blog and sharing with you all!


So here are the nominees for this month

1. Try a sightseeing bus in DC- We’ve heard people say they love them! We’ve heard people say they are horrible. So, naturally we are curious. Who doesn’t like seeing the monuments and stuff and if it makes a day of sightseeing easier then why not try it? If you like hearing about what kind of craziness we can get into then this is the story to vote for!


2. Go see The Lucky One- We loved The Notebook so send us here and we’ll let you know if Nicholas Spark can still craft a beautiful love story. If you like our movie reviews or Zac Efron then this is the choice for you!


3. Go see South Pacific- We love theatre and if you do too then this is what you should vote for. Send us to Wolf Trap to see South Pacific. If you aren’t familiar with South Pacific it’s a beautiful love story about two different couples in the South Pacific during WWII. It has some amazing music. You may know the song “Some Enchanted Evening”, it’s from this show!


4. Go to Mon Ami Gabi- I know we have some foodie fans and this what you will want to vote for! Send us here and we’ll be trying French food and telling you all about it!


So there are your options! And here’s how voting works:

–       Everyone can vote two times

1. You can vote in comment section under this story (indicating either 1-4 or saying south pacific or French food, etc.  (Since everyone gets two votes you may use them both on here if you don’t have Facebook access  just let us know if you want to split your vote between two choices.)

2. You can like us on Facebook and vote in our poll that we have posted.

So vote now, vote twice!

Voting will close at noon Wednesday, May 9th


We want to take this chance to thank everyone for reading and participating (voting and commenting) on our blog!