Two Palate Dining: Buffalo Wing Factory

She Said: Buffalo Wing Factory

We first had a taste of Buffalo Wing Factory at Taste of Reston last year. The chicken tasted pretty good. So, when we saw a good LivingSocial deal it seemed like a good idea to purchase and try them out for a full meal.

I should also apologize for the lack of photos. We had just started on my most recent medical journey. I didn’t have fresh batteries for my camera so it meant no pictures.

We had visited once before but the waiting time was ridiculous and we didn’t stay. I couldn’t believe that it was so crowded on a Thursday night. But, there were tons of college students and I wasn’t going to wait 45 minutes out in the rain. It does kind of peeve me that there really isn’t a waiting area. This time we only had to wait for under 5 minutes and were inside.

The atmosphere is pretty unattractive. It’s mostly some not easily identifiable sports memorabilia and lots of large, loud televisions. I am against sports bars. But, can’t there be a little bit of leeway for customers who might actually want to try your food? Can’t you maybe lower the hockey volume and multiple other games to a dull roar? I really feel unwelcome at most sports bar and grills unless I’m willing to be blasted by 10 billion decibels of a ball game. It’s really a shame because they typically have the closest thing to what passes as “peasant food” and sometimes it can be good. I just can’t deal with all the noise!!

We did order cheese sticks as an appetizer because RJ knows how much that I love them! These were not that great. They tasted like your typical frozen cheese stick ( just like Arby’s). In fact they reminded me of the ones I used to get at the snack bar in college. The marinara sauce was pretty good though. It wasn’t too sharp but it had a nice bright spicy quality.

Since, we shared all the food we tried 4 different kinds of wings.  The only thing I semi-liked is that if you spilt the orders you could do 2 different sauces and that meant we were able to try more. It was clear that getting the boneless wings meant you got some fried chicken bits tossed (sometimes quite poorly) in a sauce. I didn’t want to get the wings with the bones because I’m not crazy about a plate full of bones.

BBQ- They were probably the best. The sauce had a nice bite of mustard to it.

Spicy Garlic Butter- This flavor was so gross. It was melted butter with the hint of a garlic smell. They didn’t taste like garlic at all.

Mild Buffalo- It was okay but maybe a little too mild. I don’t use a super hot sauce for the marinade I use for homemade buffalo chicken.

Teriyaki- this flavor was pretty lousy. I appreciated the gesture of adding the sesame seeds to the tops of the chicken. But, even that good will gesture couldn’t save the chicken from the flat and overly salty teriyaki sauce

The service was pretty slow. The restaurant was by no means full and we sat waiting for a long time between drinks and things.  I was also really bothered by the way the staff was flicking people’s crumbs all over (very close to me). I don’t want someone else’s food germs. They were also too liberal with the use of their spray bottle near my glass and me. And in spite of all their spraying and strewing about things didn’t really seem clean.

Bad chicken, too loud, dirty and too many cleaning products all mean I’m not going back anytime soon.

Chicken Rating= 2

Overall Rating= 1

He Said Buffalo Wing Factory

Entering Buffalo Wing Factory immediately announces the experience you’re about to have.  The walls are lined with big screen televisions showing sports games.  You see everyone at their tables with pizza, sandwiches, and of course wings.  If you enjoy “dude food” this is definitely the place for you, if not, you may want to stay home.

We looked through their appetizer offerings and settled on our favorite: mozzarella sticks.  These cheese sticks were okay, but nothing special.  About what you’d expect from a bar.  You could tell that they were not made in house, but they weren’t as low quality as what you get from Arby’s.  Glory Days at least makes an attempt at elevating their mozzarella sticks with a healthy dusting of seasoning salt.

The bulk of our meal consisted of different kinds of the eponymous wings.  We ordered the boneless wings here, but the traditional variety shouldn’t give you too different an experience.  The big difference is which sauce you order.

We split an order of ten “wings” between two different sauces: teriyaki and mild buffalo.  The buffalo had heat, and I could taste the peppers, but it wasn’t overwhelming, which is appropriate for a mild.  They have a wing eating competition for their spiciest variety of wings, so if you want some serious heat, they can probably deliver that too.  We didn’t order anything spicier, because we didn’t know how spicy it would be.  It definitely still it all the notes that I would expect in a buffalo wing, and would try a spicier variety next time.

The Teriyaki was palatable, but not as good.  The chicken was over fried, and the sauce didn’t take very well to being tossed.  Maybe it was because the chicken was overdone and the outside had become too crispy that the sauce didn’t stick very well to the wing.  It had a decent Asian flavor, but it probably isn’t something I’d order again.  There are a lot of other flavors to try.

We ordered a second order of ten because I was still hungry and we wanted to make sure we spent the full amount of our Living Social deal.  The second round consisted of Barbeque and Garlic Butter.  I liked this round better, but it took a very long time to get our order.

The barbeque sauce stuck very well to the chicken and had a great flavor.  There was a sweetness and a bite that will allow you to perfectly answer the question “what’s the difference between barbeque and buffalo anyway?”  Just in case anyone asks.  I could see myself eating quite a few of these.

The last flavor we tried was garlic butter and it was delicious.  It was served with a coating of Parmesan cheese that made it extra enjoyable.  This sauce combines fried chicken with cracked crab.  You have the chicken, drenched in butter with a little bit of a garlic kick that kept me coming back for more.  The sauce that collects in the bottom of the bowl works as a good dipping sauce as well.  I could eat my body weight in these wings.

My biggest problem with this meal was that I didn’t feel like I got enough.  I would go back here tomorrow.  It’s the kind of place you can go and enjoy good guy food.  You’re not going to get duck confit, but if you’re interested in leaving a pile of bones on the table, this is a truly enjoyable experience.  I didn’t get to try nearly as many kinds of wings as I would like.  The sandwiches didn’t look very good, but I’m also very interested in their pizza.  I wouldn’t take Kari here for our anniversary or any special celebrations, but this is a great place for talking about life over a game with the guys.

Mozzarella Sticks Rating-4

Boneless Mild Buffalo Wings Rating-8

Boneless Teriyaki Wings Rating-4

Boneless Barbeque Wings Rating-9

Boneless Garlic Butter Wings Rating-9

Overall Rating-6


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