Playlists: Our Wedding Anniversary

Today we are celebrating our wedding anniversary ( 8 years). We celebrated by recently renewing our vows. Life is hard right now but there’s no one either of us would rather share it with.

Kari and RJ's Vow Renewal  May 2012

Kari and RJ’s Vow Renewal May 2012

It seems impossible that it’s been 8 years! You know we both love music! We’ve been encouraged and found expression in many songs throughout the years and we wanted to share them with you! ( Remember you can click on the song for a preview and purchasing the songs helps to support The He Said She Said Experience)

Today Kari’s going to be sharing some our favorite songs! ( The “we” thing gets difficult with this format. But, we came up with this list together!)

1. In My Life- The Beatles

We love this because it’s true. More than anyone ( except God) we love each other more.

2. God Gave Me You– Blake Shelton

Well God did give us to each other!

3. A New Day Has Come– Celine Dion

I walked down the aisle to this! I love this song! It sounded so hopeful talking about a new day!

4. When I Said I Do- Clint Black and Lisa Hartman Black

We love this song’s emphasis on the wedding vows and how serious we take them! We dream of ballroom dancing someday to this song!

5. You Make My Dreams– Daryl Hall and John Oates

This song is peppy and almost over the top- just like us!

6. How Deep Is The Ocean?– Ella Fitzgerald

We fell in love with this song last year when we heard it during a performance of the musical White Christmas.

7. Your Song– Ellie Golding

I’ve loved this song since Moulin Rouge and I always wanted to hear a girl sing it. We totally went crazy for this version after Kate and Williams’ wedding last year!

8. You Wonderful, You– Gene Kelly

We love old musicals! This is one of the sweetest songs I know!

9. You Are The Music In Me– High School Musical 2 Cast

This song is special because we both love Disney stuff ( High School Musical, Hannah Montana, etc) and it really expresses how we feel about music and each other.

10. Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher– Jackie Wilson

This was our recessional! We love this song and it just struck us how it sounded so joyful!

11. I Run To You– Lady Antebellum

RJ’s the first person I run to when I have any kind of trouble. I know he counts on me, too.

12. Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You– Lauryn Hill

We love traditional songs remade in new styles! RJ put this on a cd for me when we were in college and I flipped for it!

13. Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows– Lesley Gore

We sing this song about each other and our favorite things all the time ( I know, right!). We only do it in private now so people don’t have to be subjected to too much of our cuteness at once 🙂

14. Umbrella– Marie Digby

I was amazed when I first heard the Jay Z song that the chorus sounded like the truest love song I had ever heard. We heard Mandy Moore sing it like a ballad a knew it was for us! I wrote RJ a card to keep in his card to remind him he can always stand under my umbrella ( it’s still in his wallet)

15. When I Look At You– Miley Cyrus

We love Miley and we count on each other! This is a great song for us!

16. Anniversary Waltz– New 101 Strings Orchestra

We always dance to this! It’s my favorite anniversary tradtion!

17. (Everything I Do )I Do It For You– New Found Glory

It was on our wedding cd favor! A punk cover of a love song- totally us!

18. Come What May- Alfie Boe

This is our song! Come what may, we will always be there for each other. Our friends Kate and Andy sang this at our wedding

19. That’s How Strong My Love Is– Otis Redding

I always hear RJ singing this to me. We found a wooden sign on our trip recently that was painted with these lyrics. I totally bought it and love it!

20. 1,2,3,4– Plain White T’s

It’s simple, heartfelt and lovely

21. You’re My Best Friend– Queen

It’s totally true!

22. Bless The Broken Road– Rascal Flatts

If this song had been out when we got married it would have been in our wedding. We fell in love with it a year later and think of it as our song!

23. I Keep on Lovin’ You– Reba McEntire

I cried when I first heard this and knew I had to show it to RJ. He cried, too. It’s really honest and it honors the work that loving someone is.

24. All I Ever Need Is You– Sonny and Cher

We love Sonny and Cher! And, it’s our dream to have our own variety show! Seriously, where’s our contract! This is our favorite song by them because it really just says how we feel about each other.

25. Low Rising– The Swell Season

This is the best “let’s just stop arguing ” song in the world!

26. Ours – Taylor Swift

It’s a sweet reminder that people may think we are crazy and weird. But, this love is ours!

27. More Than You’ll Ever Know– Travis Tritt

This was our first dance. We both have a hard time sometimes saying just how we love each other and this song really says it all.

28. Love Is Not a Fight– Warren Barfield

Fireproof helped our marriage so much when we really needed it. We weren’t in church and the Enemy was using everything to push us apart. This movie, the study we did afterwards really changed things for us. We are happily in a church now. It’s worth remembering, and it’s so easy to forget that God joined us together and he’ll help us stay that way.

29. My Love Is Your Love– Whitney Houston

I had forgotten how much I loved this song. I found it again after the beautiful Ms. Houston passed away. It has an awesome beat and sound. I love the lyrics so much! I have never heard another song that really says it better. Our love is deeper and stronger than it was 8 years ago- he’s my home and my love.

30. Free– Zac Brown Band

“We don’t have a lot of money … all we need is love” Beautiful, hard, and true.