TV Time: Around the World in 80 Plates: Something Smells Fishy

She Said:  Around the World in 80 Plates: Something Smells Fishy

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This review containers spoilers!

I am so ready to be done with this show as soon as RJ is done with it.  I talked in last week’s post about how disappointed I was with this show and it didn’t really change. In fact I found it harder than ever to stay interested.

The chefs were in Spain this week and I would have liked to hear about non-shellfish or seafood ingredients (remember I’m allergic). And I really liked the pub-crawl aspect of the first episode why couldn’t they have done a tapas crawl? I don’t always want to watch a mis en place relay. I know that fresh seafood is a part a of Spanish cuisine but I would have liked to learn more about something I can actually eat.

Cheven really gets on my nerves so I wasn’t sad to see him sent home at all. He talks way too much and never listens to anyone. I know a good chef must be a good leader but a good leader doesn’t steam roll over everyone. He drove me crazy in the marketplace and ruined my excitement for the shopping trip. He also was a totally lousy front of the house person so I’m fine he went home.

I don’t like Chaz and Nookie calling him “Rabbi” at all! If you wanted to call him motor mouth or chatterbox while I would still think that was highly immature at least it’s not something completely offensive. It’s never, ever, EVER okay to make fun of someone about his or her religion or ethnicity. For two grown men to decide that they can call a person a name based on that is just rude. I don’t care if it didn’t bother Keven; it’s rude, racist and stupid.

Like, I said, I’m done when RJ is! I would love to see and learn about Morocco. But putting up with an irritating bunch of people without having much education doesn’t make watching this show worth it.

Rating- 0

He Said Something Smells Fishy

This week the chefs landed in Spain, and it was a very interesting ride.  The course was very short, basically just everyone racing to get somewhere to decide teams, and then one task of fileting various fish.  I was in awe of how fast Nookie could filet monkfish.  However, you couldn’t pay me enough to get ink out of sepia.  I’m really not interested in squeezing a dead animal’s backside; I don’t care how much money it’s worth!  They had the option to use any these fish in their takeover dishes, but I didn’t see any ink!

Nookie turned out to be right when he called himself the exceptional ingredient this week.  His year spent in Spain without a job, paying the rent playing poker was a real advantage.  He practically wrote the menu himself, and even when Liz screwed up dessert, the rest of the meal was so good they still won.  It’s a good thing too, because custard that is badly bruleed usually spells reality show death for a chef.  I’m liking Nookie more and more when he’s winning.  I hope he keeps it up because I really hate his manipulations when his team loses.

The Red team lost again and had to send someone home.  This was the culmination of two trends in previous episodes.  First, the Red Team always loses.  No matter the mix, or whether they’ve got the exceptional ingredient or not, they lose.  If you’re annoying or aren’t cooking well and you’re wearing a red jacket next week, don’t get too comfy.  Speaking of annoying, the second trend was “Cheven” is trouble for whatever team he’s on.  This week he hardly worked the front of the house at all even though that was his assignment, and wouldn’t let anyone else speak. Ever. Even if they were considering voting him off.  Which they did.  Wisely.  Jenna is getting very annoying at this point, but she paid much more attention to the guests than the departed “Cheven” and her team wound up winning over the locals by a narrow margin.  It worked for her here, but I’d still be worried if I was in a Red jacket next week Jenna!

This episode got a little blue with a weird made up story from “Cheven.”  I hope now that he’s been sent packing it won’t be quite as blue.  If so, we’ll probably stop watching

Rating 7