TV Time: Around the World in 80 Plates: In and Out of Africa

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She Said: Around the World in 80 Plates: In and Out of Africa

(This review contains spoilers)

This week on Around the World in 80 plates (airing at 10:00pm Eastern on Bravo) the chefs were in Morocco. I know it would have been very interesting to learn about another culture I just couldn’t bring myself to pay attention to this show. I hate it! All of the people drive me crazy and I don’t think the challenges are very fun. I spent most of the time decluttering instead of actually watching.

I was so annoyed from all the talk of strategy and alliance that I really didn’t listen well to the challenge at all. I did notice that the women were hissed at in the marketplace. Wouldn’t it have been considerate and respectful of Bravo to make sure that the women knew how to be dressed so as to not make themselves or the Moroccan citizens uncomfortable?

The food didn’t look really appealing to me but that may be because I have a lot of allergies or aversions to the ingredients. I hear coriander and I’m tuned out. I don’t eat lamb. I thought some of the food looked well prepared but only adequate not stellar.

I really don’t like this show one little bit. The name still annoys me (where are the 80 plates?!) and I don’t like the cast at all. If I wanted to watch alliance and strategy I would watch Survivor. If I want to watch a competition food show then from now on I’ll stick with Top Chef reruns and Food Network Star.

Next week the chefs are headed back to Europe to Florence, Italy. Florence is another dream city of mine and under better circumstances I would love to see a show about it. I do wonder if the people at Bravo are aware that South America, Asia and Australia are places in the world. They seem to only know one African country and Europe have food. I really hope that other continents will get a chance to show off their cuisines.

I really don’t like this show or the way it’s being produced. Did you catch this week’s title? Argh!

Rating- 0 (I’m ready to be finished with this show anytime!)

He Said: Around the World in 80 Plates: In and Out of Africa

This week, the chefs wound up in Marrakech, Morocco.  The teams were shuffled again. This time into three teams depending on which carriage they ran to.  Turns out that Nookie has been to Marrakech, so that should help his team just like it did in Spain.

The course this week consisted of two challenges through “the Medina”: picking all the spices that go into ras el hanout, the spice blend made famous by Richard Blais on Top Chef Chicago, and then a tea pouring competition on the roof of a local restaurant.  Nookie was helpful in this course when he figured out how to not waste any spilled tea by making sure it went into other glasses.  His team then quickly won (The Black Team which also had Avery and John).  The spice shop was very colorful, and I was amazed at how many spice shops there were in the Medina and how easy it was to get lost.  The spices were all in unmarked bags too, which would have made things very hard for me.  The last team to make it there (The white team-Gary, Chaz, and Nick) was the first to get the spices right.  I was impressed by that.  The straight-armed tea pouring for height part of the challenge was a little off putting, since each team had a tea instructor rapping their arms with a stick if they weren’t straight enough.  Adding to the frustration is that it wasn’t a very universal definition of straight so some people got by with a lot worse form than others.

The teams were expected to recreate a specific Moroccan dish, tagine (or tajine) and a few sides of their choosing.  The exceptional ingredient this week was again information instead of product.  An expert in the art of tagine told the black team that the secret was the spices.  Meanwhile, the other teams wandered around the Medina to figure out how to make a good tagine, and Jenna (her red team consisted of herself, Liz, and Nicole) got freaked out by the hissing snakes that people were handling.

Since the Black team had both Nookie, who had been to Marrakech, and the essential ingredient they were the odds on favorite to win this challenge in my mind.  Just to make sure, they planned to all vote for the more annoying and less capable by the second Chaz, to ensure at least a tie if they didn’t win.  Not surprisingly, Chaz and the white team made a similar pact to vote for Avery.  The red team smartly just focused on making a great meal.

While in the kitchen there was an altercation where Avery’s cooked beets went missing and she asked if anyone took her beets.  She didn’t get crazy, but was concerned because it was an integral part of the side dish she was preparing.  Helpful Gary ultimately figured out that the beets had been placed on the pass and then taken away by the wait staff.  But not before being yelled at by Chaz about wasting their time helping other teams.  What a nice guy that Chaz!  I was really hoping he’d go home right then.  He also didn’t manage to roast the vegetables he needed for his dish, and screwed up the couscous.

In the end the red team won.  Both of the either teams stuck to their plan, even though it looked like that Gary might show some sense and vote off Chaz.  The tie was resolved by the MVP chef of the week, Liz, who showed that even though she’d been friendly to Chaz, that didn’t mean she didn’t see he was poison on a team and hard to work with, and sent him home.  That made me very happy.

Rating= 6