Fashion Desk: 2012 MTV Movie Awards

She Said:  MTV Movie Awards

If you add MTV to any award show name you are almost guaranteed to see a red carpet full of dubious choices. We don’t even watch the awards themselves anymore because they are pretty raunchy and we don’t even see many of the movies mentioned. The MTV Movie awards are certainly not the Oscars and that is reflected in everything from the titles of the awards to red carpet itself. But, you know what, as long as people can keep it classy and fun, that’s okay. It’s nice to see fashion sometimes that isn’t gown after gown. And while there were definitely some very tacky ensembles (some of which I won’t even share pictures of) there were also some very fun and fresh looks. So, good job to those performers who can keep it classy and fun!

Best Dresses

emma stone 2012 vma awards

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Emma Stone in Martin Grant

I love the black and white combination and the graphic lines of this piece. Peplums are so popular right now and this one is super cute. I like that the dress has a more tailored approach to the bubble skirt.  The neckline is a little, too low for my taste but at least it’s well constructed and not too exposed.  I really think Emma looks like a modern Grace Kelly circa Rear Window.

Victoria Justice 2012 MTV Movie Awards

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Victoria Justice in Erin Fetherston

This dress is sweet and perfect for summer. I love on shoulder tops and the ruching makes the bodice really pretty. The softly pleated lemon skirt gives the outfit a great pop of color. The black accessories really set off the outfit making it look modern and sharp.

Charlize Theron 2012 MTV Movie Awards

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Charlize Theron in Lanvin

This dress is the perfect shade of red. It fits well and the front peplum is darling.

ellie kemper 2012 MTV movie awards

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Ellie Kemper in Dolce and Gabbana

This is my best dress of the night! I love it because it’s such a wearable dress. The print is gorgeous! I love the combination of orange and pink. The neckline and sleeves are fitted perfectly. The ruching adds texture without adding bulk. Punched up pink and green accessories make this look really work for summer.

Dress Messes

julianne hough 2012 mtv movie awards

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Julianne Hough in Sally LaPointe

This is so skimpy and the fabric looks so cheap it makes me sad. I’m sure Julianne Hough could get wonderful designer clothes and she picked this? I get it she’s got an 80’s rock musical movie coming out but that’s no reason to come in costume to an awards show.

jessica biel 2012 mtv movie awards

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Jessica Biel in Chanel

This whole look is so much about shape and the shape is so unflattering. She almost looks deformed in this picture. The sleeves are so long and full. The dress is so white and has so much texture that it looks bulky. I also think that her hair is too dark and too geometric for this look. It feels like they were trying to go for a look that was all about balance yet this looks feels all out scale to me.

kristen stewart 2012 mtv movie awards

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Kristen Stewart in Guishem

This girl really gets on my nerves. She always looks like she is so miserable. Wherever she is and whatever she’s doing she looks miserable. I realize that she’s kind of smiling here but she still looks annoyed and uncomfortable. The basic build of the silver dress is lovely. But the acid yellow straps and purple detail really makes it look like a bad superhero costume.

Leighton Meester 2012 MTV movie awards

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Leighton Meester in Christian Cota

I hate everything about this outfit! It’s so bad 80s style. The vest with the giant pockets and the pastel top with a floral motif are a combination that looks like something an old lady would wear. And then the terrible top half of this outfit is matched with hot pants! I don’t really think her lightened hair color suits her either and paired with this outfit she really looks outdated.

brooke hogan 2012 MTV  movie awards

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Brooke Hogan

This dress is so tacky. I love a lovely little asymmetrical mini dress but this is just bad. Why does this dress have a faux one shoulder? Why is made out of tinfoil bling? Why does it have a midriff cutout? It’s so ugly. I wish Brooke Hogan didn’t feel the need to try so hard and show so much skin.

Dress Questions

kate beckinsale 2012 mtv movie awards

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Kate Beckinsale in Dior

I think this dress is almost a wonderful dress. I love the high neck and ¾ sleeves. The waistline detail is lovely. It’s a little short but not too bad. What a really don’t like is the color. I think blush and natural are such hard colors to pull of. I don’t feel that it quite works here with her hair and skin tones.

emma watson 2012 mtv movie awards

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Emma Watson in Brood

I appreciate that Emma is trying to wear something that looks young and fun but isn’t totally revealing. I do think there are some bust fit issues and it’s never good to be crowded out of a dress. I like the purple and white print of the dress but the blue and white details look hastily and poorly constructed. If this dress had a better fit and lost some of the embellishments it would be a good dress.

He Said: 2012 MTV Movie Awards

Best Dressed

andrew garfield 2012 mtv movie awards

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Andrew Garfield-This look may be my favorite of the night.  There’s no jacket and the shirt has short sleeves, so it speaks to the casualness of the evening.  At the same time, it’s well put together enough so that I didn’t even notice he wasn’t wearing a belt.  Everything else is so well done though (the fit, the colors working well, and I love the tie) that I’ll give him a pass, this time.  I would wear this look, but with the belt.

jc chasez 2012 mtv movie awards

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JC Chasez-  This is the best way to bring traditional menswear to this event.  The suit is well cut and fits him well, and the polo shirt brings it a little bit more casual, but still dressy.  Well played, JC.  I think this is my favorite outfit of the night. I would wear this look too.

chris hemsworth 2012 mtv movie awards

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Chris Hemsworth- Another look that I would wear.  I love vests!  Chris does it right here with the vest matching the pants and a different colored shirt.  Just the right amount of variance.  This looks great without a jacket, and with the sleeves rolled up.  Am I allowed to pick three favorites?

Worst Dressed

lmfao mtv movie awards 2012

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LMFAO-Wow.  Just so everyone knows, shirts are not optional at any award show, even if highly questionable taste in jackets is.  Thank you, that is all.

fun 2012 mtv movie awards

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Fun- Geek Chic, right?  Wrong.  These guys really wind up looking like they couldn’t care any less about these awards.  Especially with the t-shirt that has writing on it.  I also really hate the small suspenders on his bandmate, and the green jacket on the other band member.  Three hideous choices.

jackson rathbone 2012 mtv movie awards

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Jackson Rathbone- The pattern on the jacket is hideous, and the fit is even worse.  That pocket really wants our attention, and gets only the bad kind.  Something else seems off here, like he’s wearing his uncle’s “cool suit” instead of finding his own style.


andy samberg 2012 mtv movie awards

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Andy Samberg- Cover the bottom half of this picture up and you’re think it’s a best dressed.  Nice fitting jacket with flattering lapel, and a polo shirt ala JC Chasez.  Now look at the bottom half and you’ll see why it isn’t.  Weird spot of red underneath the jacket, and skater shoes.  I’m not against skater shoes.  I wear Vans every chance I can, but it doesn’t work here, and what is that red?!

alexander ludwig 2012 mtv movie awards

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Alexander Ludwig-This look works for him, and would be a best dressed, but I feel like we saw him in almost the exact same thing at the Kids Choice Awards not too long ago.  I’m interested to see how he’ll dress to a more formal occasion.

mario lopez 2012 mtv movie awards

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Mario Lopez- This look could have been really sharp, but the tailoring is horrible.  This fit is just awful.  But I really like the color of the jacket against the black of the shirt and the pants, and it’s a great neckline.