Fashion Desk: 2012 CMT Music Awards

She Said: 2012 CMT Music Awards

There’s a big myth that country music is somehow more pure than rock or pop music. People sometimes also assume that just because some country music talks about love and Jesus (both of which make me happy) that the whole genre and the performances are all somehow more family oriented. I really hate that. Country music especially in the post Shania world is full of too short, too plunging fashion and some very blue lyrics. Sometimes when watching a performance, it’s hard to tell what’s the difference between the country stars and pop stars. I’m really disappointed in the country music community for becoming so salacious. They’ve really continued to move away from what used to make it unique as a genre- simple, heartfelt storytelling. I know that all genres of music have their risqué moments and I don’t like that. I’m really disappointed that there are so many dresses that I won’t even post because I was shocked at the level of immodesty. I just covered the MTV Movie Awards earlier this week and the fact that it was harder to find good dresses or things I would even repost is sad.

Best Dresses

kristen bell cmt awards

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Kristen Bell in Reem Acra

The evening’s co-host picked a beautiful dress for the red carpet. I love the gold embroidery and pailettes. The dress is fitted well and is actually both modest and gorgeous.

jordin sparks cmt awards

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Jordin Sparks in Kevan Hall

This dress is so beautiful! I love the pink lemonade palette coupled with the lovely ruching. The shoulder ruffles are so pretty and the different tones in the train just make this a perfect look.  This is my best dress of the night!

carrie underwood cmt awards

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Carrie Underwood in Randi Rahm

I really love the silver sparkly dress (which many people tried to pull off and only Carrie did) it’s perfect for an award show like this. The CMT Music awards aren’t as fancy as the Grammy’s but a girl still can sparkle. I love the cap sleeves and high neck combination. The dress is a little short but it’s still pretty cute. I don’t really like the shoes, though.

Dress Messes

jessie james cmt awards


Jessie James

This dress looks cheap. It’s too tight and too short. It doesn’t even looks like it fits it’s so tight. The bust line of the dress is almost smashed. A pair of taupe heels is not enough to make this outfit look tasteful.

meghan linseny 2012 cmt awards

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Meghan Linsey from Steel Magnolia

This dress looks like an arts and crafts project. If someone made this dress of out recycled paper or something on Project Runway it might not be too horrible. It does make me sad this garment actually took time and money to make.

Jennie Garth 2012 CMT Awards

Jennie Garth 2012 CMT Awards
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Jennie Garth in Gabriela Cadena

Oh, Jennie. This looks is so unflattering. The color washes her out. The ruching looks sloppy and adds bulk. The top of the dress doesn’t fit properly. And the floral detail over one shoulder looks too heavy for the delicate fabric of the dress.

The McClymonts 2012 CMT awards

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The McClymonts

I’m a country music fan and I’ve never heard of these people before. If they are new to the entertainment world, then maybe the two ladies on either end of this picture can get a pass. Their outfits are boring and just look like club clothes an average person would wear. But, the lady in the middle’s outfit drives me crazy. I love bold colors but these colors are too much! Her ensemble is entirely too color saturated. Because the outfit is so geometric and so color saturated it really looks like it was made by Playskool. The plunging neckline and peacock necklace don’t help the look at all.

Dress Questions

laura bell bundy 2012 cmt awards

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Laura Bell Bundy

I like the idea of this dress. I think the metallic embellished bodice over a black tutu skirt is a good combination. Since the tutu skirt is so short it looks more like a dance costume than a dress. Her pink shoes are adorable although the bronze purse is overkill.

the pistol annies 2012 cmt awards

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The Pistol Annies

These outfits are really boring and really “girls night cocktails”. I appreciate that they wanted to look unified as a group, but I wish they could have found more interesting outfits. The accessories really contribute to these clothes generic club wear feel.

eden's edge 2012 cmt awards

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Eden’s Edge

I don’t know this group either. I don’t understand what’s up with the generic boring clothes that everyone is wearing. These dresses are okay. But, I really wish that a stronger attempt at accessorizing had been made. This group just looks like friends at wedding not entertainers at an award show.

hayden panettiere 2012 cmt awards

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Hayden Panettiere

The black and white combination is really big in evening wear right now. This look is almost cute. Her cute spangled black top paired with an ivory circle skirt look nice together. But that skinny black belt sitting too high on her top really throws off this whole look.

He Said: 2012  CMT Awards

Best Dressed

steve austin 2012 cmt awards

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Steve Austin- I’m about to saying something I never thought I would say about a man who used to make his living dressed only in a pair of briefs with a skull painted on the back of them.  He’s dressed very well.  If he weren’t showcasing his skull ring, he would hands down be my best dressed.  It’s hard for someone so muscular to find clothes that fit well.  Here the fit is really amazing.  This was perfect for this event, dressed up, but fun.

lady antebellum 2012 cmt awards

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Lady Antebellum- I know, this surprises me too.  Between Charles Kelley and Dave Haywood, one always seems badly dressed.  Here Charles is understated in his light jacket, matching vest, and white t-shirt.  It all works very well together.  Dave’s rolled up sleeves, and handkerchief work great together.  The fit on both outfits is great as well.

casey james 2012 cmt awards

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Casey James- This outfit is so well put together at first I thought I was looking at a picture from the ACMs instead of this awards show.  There was a lot better menswear overall going on at that event, and this takes a lot of cues from what worked.  He uses different solids that compliment each other to have fun, but it still looks dressy.  I don’t have a bad word to say about this.

scotty mccreery 2012 cmt awards

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Scotty McCreery-This is a little casual, but it works for him, and this event.  When he wears a tux, he looks out of place, but here he’s in his element.  I rarely like cowboy boots, but these are really cool.  Notice that even though he’s wearing something really casual, he dressed it up slightly with a denim jacket.  Good move Scotty.

Worst Dressed

civil wars cmt awards 2012

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John Paul White of The Civil Wars- Apparently this guy always wears a tux with a bow tie.  That means in videos, on tour, and all publicity shots.  Apparently he also needs a new one because this doesn’t fit him at all.  Also, it’s not right for this event.  There are so many ways he could have added little touches of fun and he didn’t do any of them!  Not even a cowboy hat, which would have been so easy!

toby keith 2012 cmt awards


Toby Keith-While the whole look is dressed down a little too much, what kills it for me is one of the accessories, the plastic cup.  It’s not even a red Solo cup!  Even if cowboy hats are optional at a red carpet event, plastic cups are not.

daz shepard 2012 cmt awards

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Dax Shepard – Wow.  Where do I even start?  In what is probably the worst outfit of the night, Dax really shines, literally.  This suit is way too shiny.  The fit is horrendous.  It’s too tight some places (the whole jacket) and way to loose others (the pants are clearly too long).  Finally, we have the zipper, which is inappropriately prominent.  This is just awful.

colton dixon 2012 cmt awards

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Colton Dixon- It’s all too tight, and the different shades of black do not work here at all.

In Between

mike fischer 2012 cmt awards

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Mike Fischer-This almost works.  I don’t mind the color of the blazer against the black pants, but the jacket doesn’t fit right.  It’s also a little too apparent that’s just a V-neck t-shirt underneath.  With a few changes he could have made it to the best-dressed category.

easton corbin 2012 cmt awards

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Easton Corbin- Somehow this feels like he’s trying too hard to show his country cred.  Here we see plaid, a big belt buckle, and worn cowboy boots. It seems very clichéd.  I also don’t like the slit on the bottom of his pants.  I don’t understand that fashion choice.  All that, and he missed my favorite piece of a country wardrobe: the cowboy hat!