On The Road: Two Palate Dining: Morristown’s Jersey Girl Diner

Jersey Girl Diner

Jersey Girl Diner

She Said: Jersey Girl Diner

It’s always fun visiting my old hometown. When we were back in TN recently we tried the cutest restaurant. I had seen several of my friends back home talk about it. Since our favorite tearoom isn’t open on Saturday and it’s a little tradition that RJ and I always go out to eat a lunch with my mother we headed to Jersey Girl Diner.

It’s on Main Street and is absolutely darling! It’s cozy with lots of fun knick-knacks and really comfy booths. Our server was really nice. Everything was clean. Even though we were there at busy lunchtime on a Saturday we could still hear each other to talk and it didn’t feel loud and stressful. It’s definitely a comfy and fun place to eat.

I’m a big fan of club sandwiches. I don’t really eat them anymore though because since I’m in a perpetual state of trying to get pregnant (at least I’m trying to keep that mindset), I’m trying to be careful of listeria. I was waiting for a particular set of tests and knew that I wasn’t and won’t be for awhile, I thought I could pick an item that I’ve tried to abstain from. It was delicious! The bread wasn’t too toasted. You know how sometimes it feels like it’s sanding the roof of your mouth? This didn’t but it was crispy the way yummy toast should be. The meat on the sandwich was yummy and wasn’t fatty like luncheon meats sometimes are. The sandwich was a good mix of salty and sweet between the meat, the bacon, the fresh veggies and wheat bread. I got it with kettle chips because kettle chips are awesome. They were crunchy and not over salted. The portions were also very, very generous.

RJ got a ripper (basically a fried hot dog). He had a disastrous experience at Fanfare Eatery so I was skeptical if this idea could taste good. It did! It was crispy and not burnt. They also wrap the hot dog with bacon here, which gives it a really nice smoky taste. Hot dogs and bacon are apparently a good combo- who knew! I didn’t like the cheese sauce on top, but I hate cheese sauce so that wasn’t a surprise.  It’s an assertive tasting item, but it was also appealing. I didn’t like the onion straws, but I don’t like onions.

The service was great. It was clean. The food was yummy. We’ll be back. I’m super excited to try their breakfast!

Club Sandwich with Kettle Chips- 10

Ripper Dog with cheese- 7

Overall Rating- 10

Jersey Girl Diner Club Sandwich

Jersey Girl Diner Club Sandwich

Jersey Girl Diner Ripper

Jersey Girl Diner Ripper

He Said: Jersey Girl Diner

On Main Street in Morristown, Tennessee is cute eatery called Jersey Girl Diner.  The décor speaks to it’s calling as a diner, and it’s really fun to eat in. The menu is not as expansive as the New Jersey Diners that they’re paying homage to, but there’s plenty to love here.

I ordered The Ripper Dog.  After my experience at Fanfare Eatery, I was still looking for a good take on the fried hot dog.  I know what you’re thinking, that I must have made some weird trip to Morristown, New Jersey to get ripper.  No, I was definitely in Morristown, Tennessee, but I can’t imagine how this meal could have been any more genuine.  The hot dog comes wrapped in bacon, drizzled with Cheddar Whiz, and topped with their four-onion medley and jalapeño.  I wanted to really taste the dog and worried that the added spice might confuse things, so I opted out of the onion medley and jalapeno.  It was amazingly flavorful.  This dog had a different textural quality that was really something.  The casing was ripped slightly (it would have probably ripped more, but they split them end to end before frying) and overall felt juicier in your mouth than a traditional dog.

They also wrap the bacon around the sausage before frying.  This not only perfectly cooks the bacon, but it infuses that smoky taste into the frank as well.  Some dismiss cheese whiz as “yellow cheese sauce”, but I don’t think any other kind of cheese would work well on a hot dog.  You need a liquid to really encase the meat as you eat to get the best experience.  This was the perfect compliment to the dog.  I may get the onions and peppers next time, but I don’t know.  This ripper was perfect on it’s own, with out the added condiments.

It also came with a side.  I liked the chips that came with Kari’s sandwich, but I opted for the onion straws.  They were spot on.  Since they weren’t rings, each bite was the perfect size.  The batter was a little spicier than you typically see with onion rings, which was a great treat.

This place is such a gem!  I can’t wait to go back.

Ripper Rating-10

Onion Straws-10

Overall Rating-10