Monthly Archive: July, 2012

Fashion Desk: Olympic Opening Ceremony

He Said and She Said:  Olympic Fashion Kari: It’s time for the Olympics! Get excited, right? Well, I’m more of a winter Olympics fan so it’s not quite an exciting time for me. … Continue reading

TV Time: Top Chef Masters Season Four

She Said: Top Chef Masters  I was really excited for the new season of Top Chef Masters ( airing Wednesday nights at 10:00pm Eastern on Bravo). I’m a really big of Top Chef.… Continue reading

Fashion Desk: 2012 Teen Choice Awards

She Said: 2012 Teen Choice Awards The red carpet is so much fun! I love the chance to see the styles of different celebrities on display. It’s a fun place to find current… Continue reading

Two Palate Dining: Sweet Frog Premium Frozen Yogurt

She Said:  Sweet Frog I love frozen yogurt! It’s like ice cream, but it’s supposed to help you be healthier. Well, it is if you eat the right kinds and use the right… Continue reading

Movie Time: The Artist

She Said : The Artist From the moment that I first heard about The Artist, I wanted to see it. I thought the idea was so genius. I couldn’t imagine how a black… Continue reading

Two Palate Dining: Taste of Reston

She Said: Taste of Reston Food festivals are really fun. You get to try all sorts of things from different restaurants. The atmosphere is usually really fun and the smells in the air… Continue reading

Movie Time: Joyful Noise

She Said:  Joyful Noise I have loved Gospel music since I was a little girl listening to it with my Pappaw. When I first heard that they were going to make a movie… Continue reading

TV Time: MasterChef

She Said: MasterChef Several years ago, when the cooking reality show boon was first beginning, I used to watch Hell’s Kitchen. I gave it up because it’s so stressful and upsetting. Not that… Continue reading

Playlists: Summer 2012

It’s summer time for sure! Most of the country (especially here in our nation’s capitol) is suffering from extreme heat. I love summer, but it’s really too warm even for me right now.… Continue reading

TV Time: Craft Wars

She Said: Craft Wars (This review contains spoilers) I aspire to be a crafter. I really do. I’ve always loved being creative and making things. Sometimes I don’t really acknowledge that I may… Continue reading

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