TV Time: Craft Wars

She Said: Craft Wars

(This review contains spoilers)

I aspire to be a crafter. I really do. I’ve always loved being creative and making things. Sometimes I don’t really acknowledge that I may actually be a crafter though. I think that because I don’t regularly work with a glue gun or potpourri that I’m not a crafter. However, I went to college with hand decoupaged footlocker trunks. I gave decoupaged boxes to my bridesmaids when we got married. Clearly, I’m very comfortable with Mod Poge.  For the past two years I have also made ornaments for my family and friends as Christmas presents. I guess I am a crafter, after all! What I mean when I say that I aspire to be a crafter is that I want to be able to make lots of different things and keep branching out with what I try to make. I would also like to be confident with a glue gun.

When I first heard about Craft Wars I was excited and skeptical. I know that Tori Spelling (the host) is a crafter. I have always liked Tori but she has a tendency to be a little blue and bring weird spiritually stuff into her shows. I was hopeful that with Craft Wars I would get fun Tori with no weirdness. And I did! She was sweet, funny, and gave the contestants more advice.  I really enjoy this show! Craft Wars, airing on Tuesday nights at 10:00 pm Eastern on TLC, is fun and inspirational to all aspiring crafters!

The basic idea of the show is that 3 crafters with different crafting backgrounds and styles compete in 2 challenges each episode for a cash prize.  The first challenge is your typical reality comptetition show “fast challenge” and someone is eliminated after it’s over. Then the 2 remaining contestants compete head to head (with teams of helpers) for the big prize. The judges are a very feisty bunch with different tastes but they don’t seem to be really mean, which makes me happy.

The first episode was really fun. For the quick challenge at the beginning they had to make a duffle bag out of sports equipment. I thought it was so fun. RJ totally said that my idea for the bag sounded great. And what’s the fun of reality competition shows if you don’t play at home?!  The contestants had some trouble with execution, but they had good ideas. The long challenge of the week was to build a house out of school supplies. It was so awesome! Cheryl, who had I decided to cheer on from the beginning (from Knoxville, TN) did a great job on the details and construction of her playhouse. Her adorable little red schoolhouse even had window boxes that we covered in pencils! Christy did tons of decoupage, which I was very excited about. But, she went too fast and there were lots of wrinkles and rumples. Christy also said her playhouse was supposed to look like a school bus and it didn’t look like one at all. I was super happy that the Cheryl won!

Craft Wars is a really fun show and I will most definitely be watching again. My only complaint is that I wish the audience got some more crafting tips!

Rating- 9

Cheryl's Playhouse Craft Wars

image from tlc/ wars
Cheryl’s Playhouse Craft Wars

christy craft wars playhouse

image from tlc/ wars
christy craft wars playhouse
see, it doesn’t look like a bus!

He Said:  Craft Wars

If you’ve seen Cupcake Wars, then you have a pretty good idea what you’re going to get with Craft Wars.  You start out with some competitors, in this case three, and use challenges to narrow them down to two.  Once you get to two contestants, you have a long challenge that gives them more time, but for a crazier goal, and the winner gets $10,000.  Sounds simple, right?

Given the similarities in format, I was worried when I heard Kari was interested in this show.  The worry came from this: If we watch Cupcake Wars, even for 30 seconds, we both fall asleep.  I know it sounds weird.  We love food competitions, and we love cupcakes, so what’s not to love?  Its cheesiness, incomprehensible judging, and the host are all literally snoresville for us.

Thankfully, the format works much better for crafting, and they got Tori Spelling to take on hosting duties.  I think it has something to do with the pretty on the cheap ethos of crafters.  Playing mad scientist with cupcakes can be very hit or miss, but making something cute out of crazy things that are inexpensive and hopefully take less time than you’d think is what these contestants already do.

Don’t get me wrong, some contestants on the first episode did create some truly hideous creations, that wouldn’t look professional, but it was entertaining.  The judges are fun to watch.  They don’t just love each other to pieces, and can criticize each other as much as the contestants if they feel someone is being unfairly maligned.

Tori Spelling is better than the guy that hosts Cupcake Wars, but doesn’t try and make the show all about her.  In so doing, she’s a great benefit to this show.

We’ll definitely still be watching.