Playlists: Summer 2012

It’s summer time for sure! Most of the country (especially here in our nation’s capitol) is suffering from extreme heat. I love summer, but it’s really too warm even for me right now. If you are lucky enough to have your power on ( there have been some massive outages in the area- although thankfully we’ve been fine) or air conditioning you can stay cool. What better compliment to trying to stay cool then an awesome summer playlist?

I’m (Kari) our official household DJ so this post is mostly written from my perspective. But it’s definitely an our house playlist!

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1. Surfin’ USA– The Beach Boys

You have to have a Beach Boys song on a summer playlist! I love this one because I would love to surf. Even though I can’t swim. And I’m terrified of sharks. And I don’t like the beach. Well, that’s what fun about music- you can daydream!

2. Old Alabama– Brad Paisley featuring Alabama

We love Alabama and Brad Paisley so this song is perfect for us! The thing that really makes us laugh about this song is that the girl in it is nothing like me. I hate camping, beer, etc. I do love Old Alabama, though!

3. Keep On– The Brady Bunch

This song is so perfect for summer! It’s so peppy it always cheers me up!

4. June is Bustin’ Out All Over– Claramae Turner, Barbara Ruick & Mixed Chorus

Carousel is my favorite musical and this is such a happy song about the hope for summer!

5. On The Boardwalk– Dick Haymes

This song is such a sweet old-fashioned beach song. It always makes me smile.

6. Days Go By– Dirty Vegas

This song always makes me want to dance. I remember the car commercial where they had a girl dancing in her car to this song. I dance at my desk or my car whenever I hear it.

7. Crocodile Rock– Elton John

I’ve loved this song since I was a little girl. It’s all about nostalgia! Summertime makes me think about the past the trends and songs that I used to love.

8. Take Me Out to the Ball Game–  Gene Kelly

RJ is the only person I know who may be a bigger Gene Kelly fan than I am. We love baseball, too!

9. Sea Cruise– Frankie Ford

Who wouldn’t love to go on a sea cruise?!

10. We Got the Beat– The Go-Go’s

We are children of the 80s and it’s not summer without The Go-Go’s!

11. Ice Cream Freeze– Hannah Montana

I know you may be skeptical of a Hannah Montana song. It’s really fun though! It’s sometimes really hard to find good dance songs that aren’t dirty. This song is so fun!

12. What Time Is It– High School Musical 2 Cast

This is the most summer celebratory song I know of!

13. Wild Night– John Mellencamp

This song is great for getting ready to go out for the evening. One of the best things about summer is going out at night and feeling that delicious mix of cool/warm summer air.

14. We Go Together– John Travolta

Remember the carnival at the end of Grease?  Summer is the perfect time for carnivals and fairs!

15. Your Biggest Fan– Jonas Brothers & China McClain

Okay, this is almost embarrassing to share. I had never been to a big concert until 2 years ago. RJ took me to see The Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato. Before you say “how sweet” you should know we are BOTH big fans so this was no sacrifice for him. I was so excited because I loved the music and it was my first concert experience that I screamed like a 4th grader all night. When Nick sang ” a summer like no other you my L.A. baby” he changed it to “my Virginia baby”. Yes, I screamed even more and jumped up and down. Because I’m RJ’s baby he always sings it to me in the car. I scream even louder since it’s him and not Nick Jonas.

16. When The Sun Goes Down– Kenny Chesney

This song makes me want to go the beach and I don’t even like the beach! I think Kenny Chesney is just one of those people who really get summer.

17. Elmer’s Tune– Lawrence Welk

This is a lovely vintage tun for summer!

18. Steal My Sunshine– Len

The perfect song for rollerblading!

19. Fantasy– Mariah Carey

If you grew up in the 90s ( like we did) then this song totally should make you feel like hanging out on the boardwalk!

20. Dancing in the Street– Martha Reeves & The Vandellas

This song says “summer’s here”, you can’t get much more summer friendly than that! And it gives a shout out to DC!

21. In the Good Old Summertime– Nat “King” Cole

This song is so adorable and happy. Let’s face it, music is always better with a ukelele.

22. Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer– Nat “King” Cole

This is my favorite summer song- EVER! I listen to it in January and dream about being warm. RJ says it’s torture but it gives me hope!

23. (Get Your Kicks on) Route 66– Nat “King” Cole

We always dream about taking a Route 66 summer trip!

24. Fishin’ in the Dark– The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

RJ said he always remembers listening to this song the first year we were married. We still had a moon roof then. I miss that. I love the combination of music and summer air when driving.

25. What Makes You Beautiful– One Direction

This is our official Summer 2012 song. Carly Mae who?

26. (Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay– Otis Redding

RJ says this reminds him of Country Time Lemonade. I think that’s sad. This song makes me think about how at the end of the day I’ve got to be pleased with my life and not worry about anyone else. We may be divided about what the song means to us, but we both love it!

27. Me and My Gang– Rascal Flatts

This is totally a great song about hanging out with your friends!

28. Soak Up the Sun– Sheryl Crow

This song is totally a modern summer classic.

29. Candy in Sun– SWIRL 360

I always wish I was 16 again when I hear this song. I just wish I was 16 and knew RJ. I can’t imagine how much better my lame teenage summers would have been if I had known him!

30. Rollin’ Through the Sunshine (Summer Mix)- Trailer  Choir

This is the perfect song for when we are stressed or worried about money. We play it and dream about getting to go on vacation ( a real one). We’ve already listened to a lot this summer.

That’s what we are listening to this summer? What are your summer jams?