Two Palate Dining: Sweet Frog Premium Frozen Yogurt

She Said:  Sweet Frog

I love frozen yogurt! It’s like ice cream, but it’s supposed to help you be healthier. Well, it is if you eat the right kinds and use the right kind of toppings, too. It all gets very complicated. Since it’s very difficult to always remember are brownies a health food or not, (just kidding) I’ve decided to treat frozen yogurt like a sometimes and not an all the time thing.  That seems to have worked out just fine. Sometimes a girl just needs some caramel ice cream like substance (you know of my love of Salted Caramel). This place definitely is as decadent or rustic as Kline’s Freeze (my fave ice cream place in world), but Sweet Frog definitely has some good treats.

I think that the frogs are really cute. They remind me of Hello Kitty stuff. In fact that’s really a good way to describe going to Sweet Frog. Imagine taking your nine year old self to a yogurt shop run by Sanrio and that’s what this feels like. The frogs are supposed to be a reminder of Fully Rely on God (get it, FROG). They are cute, but everyone was telling me that this was such a Christian business and talked about God everywhere. It’s awesome that they want to do that but if they are aiming for a strong witness the frogs are pretty week. How about a Bible verse, too? I was also bothered that they played music while were in there that contained a section of lyrics about “ trade my soul” that doesn’t sound very nice for a place that is trying to serve as a witness. I hate the phrase “Christian business “ since a business is a thing and not a person then it can’t be a Christian. I also think that if you put yourself out there as a Christian who is living out their faith in their business then you need to be very careful of everything you do. You should be careful what music you play! I digress.

I was worried that a self-serve yogurt shop would seem disgusting, but everything was really clean. In fact I thought the store and food seemed cleaner in every way then Pinkberry does.

The yogurt itself is good. I’ve gotten the Dulce de leche all the times that we’ve visited it.  I liked it when I didn’t know that they had a salt shaker. Now that I’ve used the sea salt shaker- I love it!!! It’s definitely creamy and sweet with a good caramel flavor. It doesn’t have the bite of other yogurts that have a higher level of cultures. While Sweet Frog does have some flavors that are high in cultures, sadly dulce de leche is not one of them. I really hate that because I always feel my stomach gets in such nice order after eating something with a healthy amount of probiotics. It’s a bummer.

I have a few set of ideas from being a caramel connoisseur for so long about what should go on it and what shouldn’t. I typically don’t stray too far in my treat concoctions. Strawberries are a great topping but they have to be fresh. If you get a wad of frozen fruit (I got several) then it ruins everything. Thanks to Sweet Frog I found out that Reese Cups are wonderful with caramel yogurt. However Kit Kats aren’t so good, neither are Reese’s Pieces. I don’t really like the hot caramel topping because it’s too runny and it’s tasteless. A saltshaker is always a good topping for caramel anything!

RJ has tried… I don’t know what all. I giggle just looking at his cup. He’s so adventurous with his tastes and yogurt treat building. He always gives me a sample of his creation and they are pretty crazy. I can tell you from trying his creations that I’ve found I don’t like the cheesecake yogurt flavor, but the peanut butter flavor is pretty good. I don’t like the cheesecake toppings, the hard round candies that are filled with caramel (I know! I don’t though), and I really hate the cereal bits on the yogurt.

I do have to complain about one other thing though. They don’t consistently give out frequent customer cards. I have a big problem with that. I’ve asked at the shop we usually visit and they say that they do them at other stores but they don’t have the stuff to do them. What? If you have some stores that do frequent customer cards then ALL the stores need to be able to do them. I know this wasn’t a one-time thing for this store either because it’s happened on two occasions that were pretty spaced out.

I would go to Sweet Frog again because it’s tasty. I’m not swayed by the Christian message because I don’t feel it’s really very evident.  I just like the yogurt and the toppings bar is fun. I’ll just try to find another location to frequent.

Rating- 7

Kari's Sweet Frog Dulce De Leche Yogurt

Kari’s Sweet Frog Dulce de leche Yogurt

RJ's Sweet Frog Concoction

RJ’s Sweet Frog Concoction

He Said:  Sweet Frog

I really love ice cream, and am really enjoying the excuse that summer gives us to indulge in creamy sweetness.  Whether it is scooped or soft-serve, I’m there.  I have a long history with frozen yogurt too, so I was really looking forward to trying Sweet Frog.

Sweet Frog’s twist on froyo is a self-serve mentality.  This really creeped me out at first, and kept us from going there for a long time.  The truth is that they keep things very clean there.  I’ve had better cleanliness experiences here than I have at other places that serve the yogurt to you, and who’s name rhymes with “think cherry.”

I’ve had several different flavors there at this point (they have a wide selection), but the visit we’ll look at I divided my cup between New York Cheesecake, and Dulce de Leche.  Both were very tasty.  The cheesecake worked very well.  The tartness of unaltered yogurt shone through in a way that made sense, and didn’t interfere with the sweet cheesy goodness.  I would definitely get this flavor again (and have).  The Dulce de Leche was a great version of a caramel flavor.  It’s sweet, but not sickly sweet, and has just the right depth.  Since you add your own toppings, you’re also able to put as much salt on it as you want, making it a great way to get a salted caramel all the time, not having to wait until it cycles through to be in one of only four flavors.

Where Sweet Frog really shines in my mind is the toppings bar.  I haven’t even figured out what I’m going to do with all the options yet!  They include breakfast cereals like cinnamon toast crunch, and cocoa puffs, all different kinds of sauces, and lots of other things.  So far, I’ve enjoyed cheesecake bites, brownie bites, caramel sauce, cookie dough, and some neat little chocolate candies with caramel filling that I previously saw in our Salted Caramel home challenge.  All of these are really enjoyable, and make the experience feel like an adventure every time.

At the register, the cup is weighed, and that is how you are charged.  It makes sense, and so far as kept the cost below other chains.

Sweet Frog is a great place where you can have your own experiment every time.

Cheesecake Rating-9

Dulce de leche-9