Fashion Desk: 2012 Teen Choice Awards

She Said: 2012 Teen Choice Awards

The red carpet is so much fun! I love the chance to see the styles of different celebrities on display. It’s a fun place to find current trends and start trying to figure out how and what works for you. I would rather see a red carpet than a “how horrible anyone looks while grocery shopping” feature any day. Why do I care how anyone looks without makeup? I see people in casual clothes with no makeup all the time. I like to see things that are fun and pretty. I’m so glad that the Teen Choice Awards happen in July, in the middle of the red carpet dessert. I was worried that the pink carpet would only be a showplace of overly trendy and tacky clothes. But, I saw some classy and cute looks, and a few tacky things. I also saw some dresses that needed a little work.

Best Dresses

victoria justice 2012 teen choice awards

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Victoria Justice in Gomez-Gracia

This dress is totally cute. I love the high neck with the black-banded collar. The animal print is made more fun and more age-appropriate by the pink splashed in the pattern. The high-low hem is a really fun trend. It’s great to find a fun evening look that’s not too short or too revealing.  I’m not completely crazy about the belt (I would have gone without the crystals) or the purse, but those are minor details. I would totally wear this look.

holland roden teen choice awards 2012

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Holland Roden in Alice+ Olivia

I have no idea who this person even is, but she had great taste in selecting this dress. I love Alice + Olivia and this piece is so darling. It’s retro but not costumey. I love the gold floral pattern. I’m always up for a full skirt and a cap sleeve. I probably would have worn a wider belt, though. The color of the belt doesn’t quite match either. But, this is a great look.

hayden panettiere teen choice awards 2012

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Hayden Panettiere in Zuhair Murad

This dress is so cute! I love it! It’s tied for my best dress of the night! I love the slightly pink, purple tone. The sequins are beautiful and so sparkly. I was thrilled to see a pretty party dress that wasn’t immodest. I can’t say enough how cute this dress is! I wish I could wear it.

Zooey deschanel 2012 teen choice awards

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Zooey Deschanel in Monique Lhullier

My other best dress of the night! I have very retro fashion sensibilities and so does Zooey. I am usually a fan of what she wears to any event and this dress was no exception.  The blue is gorgeous. The fabric isn’t too stiff which can sometimes be a problem with retro style dresses. I also really love the belt; it’s the perfect width, shade and texture. Her shoes are super cute, too, and give just the right amount of playfulness to the look.

Dress Messes

rebecca black teen choice awards 2012

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Rebecca Black

This top is too boxy and so is the skirt. The orange and white print is not a good match with the black skirt because it looks like Halloween colors. The fabrics are stiff and unflattering. I really feel bad for her because nothing is working in this look. Even the decorative zippers are too large to add  an element of fun, rather they end up adding more dullness to this look.  Her makeup and hair don’t look great either.

carly rae jepsen

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Carly Rae Jepsen

Well, she does have a cute purse. This suit is really terrible though. The color is bland and the print on the fabric is bananas (not in a good way). The shorts are too short and the jacket is too long. At least her hair and makeup look young and fresh.

megan good teen choice awards 2012

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Megan Good

Oh dear, this makes me sad. There is nothing chic about wearing an outfit that is both midriff baring and snakeskin print. Although the high-low hem is a cute trend for skirts I think it looks tacky for tops.

tia mowry teen choice awards 2012

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Tia Mowry in Chagoury Couture

This dress is really unflattering on Tia. The corded lace and cut of the dress make her look heavier then she is. I don’t like the color at all either. I don’t even know what you call this color.

jordin sparks 2012 teen choice awards

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Jordin Sparks

I think that Jordin Sparks is feeling great about her body since her weight loss. As long as she stays healthy then her weight loss is a good thing. I know whenever I lose weight I want to dress up and feel pretty. I just hope that Jordin won’t give in to showing too much skin. I really think that this look is unflattering and a little too bare. The halter neck would be much prettier if we didn’t see so much sternum and back. I also think that the bubble hem makes her look really bottom heavy.

nina dobrev 2012 teen choice awards

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Nina Dobrev in J. Mendel

The color of this dress is really pretty. Sadly, it’s the only thing I like about it. The top is cut much too low and is very unflattering. I don’t like the slit either. You can’t tell from this angle, but it’s actually cut really high and really weird. The extra fabric folds look strange to me, too. I like her shoes though. I applaud her for being one of the few women to not wear platform shoes!

demi lovato 2012 teen choice awards

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Demi Lovato in Falguni& Shane Peacock

I hate everything about this dress.  I don’t like the colors, the warrior style epaulets, the feathers or anything. I just don’t have anything good to say about this dress. I don’t like her makeup. Lately Demi has been obscuring her face with an alarming amount of makeup. I miss her looking more natural. I don’t like the hair color (doesn’t suit her at all) or the style (it’s too severe to be pretty). She looks like a Bob Mackie Barbie from the 1990s. If that’s the look they were going for then they achieved it. It just makes me sad to see her looking so masked.

Dress Questions

taylor swift 2012 teen choice awards

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Taylor Swift in Maria Lucia Lohan

I love the color of this dress. The floaty skirt is so pretty for summer.  In fact the whole dress looks perfect for summer. Except for one big problem. I hate the sheer side panels on the bodice. It’s too busy and too revealing. I think this dress would be a winner for me if the side panels were filled in with actual fabric.

selena gomez 2012 teen choice awards

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Selena Gomez in DSquared2

I love the color of this dress. It’s such lovely neon pink! What I don’t like is how low the bust line of the dress is. It isn’t just immodest.  It also has that unflattering smashed quality that celeb dresses are populated with now. The skirt is a little too short, too. When wearing such a young and trendy color it’s important to keep the details of your dress simple and modest or your dress will look tacky.

Lea Michele teen choice awards 2012

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Lea Michele in Atelier Versace

I love the color of this dress and the beading is gorgeous. I just think it’s too short, too tight and has some bust line issues. A sparkly little dress can be fun (see Hayden), but if your look is too bare then it can look cheap and tacky. If this dress was just a little bit longer you could appreciate the cut of the skirt more. A bodice shouldn’t look like it’s in perpetual damage of slipping so that would need to be fixed too. She was so close to a great look! Her hair and makeup look very appropriate for the occasion.

miranda cosgrove teen choice awards 2012

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Miranda Cosgrove

I like both of these metallic pieces but I don’t like them together. If she had worn a similar piece in a matte hue with either the skirt of top this look would have been so much cuter. It’s much too somber as it is.

peyton list 2012 teen choice awards

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Peyton List

I really like the contrast of simple top and busy skirt. I even really like this shade of pink, which looks especially great with her coloring. I just think the top is too long waisted. The fabric is buckling and it makes her look lumpy around the middle. She’s a really slim girl, but the sloppy fit of this outfit is unattractive.

He Said:  Teen Choice Awards

The Best

no doubt 2012 teen choise awards

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No Doubt- Wow!  No Doubt really has grown up.  They show a great sharpness here, but also slickness, a grown up cool for the teens to aspire to.  They’re all wearing jackets, which is a good start.  But notice that each has his own unique style that work for their individual personalities.  Also of note, not a pair of dress shoes among them, but you can tell they were picked out for the occasion.

jackson rathbone 2012 teen choice awards

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Jackson Rathbone- Jackson played it safe, and it paid off.  Simple works on him.  The tones of the outfit really work well together from the boots to the pants to the belt to the shirt.  Even his bracelets work with the rest of the outfit.  Well done, Mr. Rathbone.

shane west 2012 teen choice awards

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Shane West- Shane maybe the best-dressed man there.  No tie, but none is needed for an event like this.  The suit fits well, and the color of the shirt matches it nicely.  The shoes look nice too.

The Worst

justin clark 2012 teen choice awards

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Justin Kirk- This look says I didn’t try at all.  It’s a casual event, but the only thing that looks like he dressed up is the monkey, and the monkey works with him, so I don’t think I should be talking about the monkey as a fashion accessory.

justin bieber 2012 teen choice awards

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Justin Beiber- The Beibs looks like he doesn’t even want to be here.  This looks like an outfit he’d wear around the house.  Nothing about it says I’m at an awards show.

ian somerholder teen choice awards 2012

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Ian Somerholder- I’m getting tired of typing “not trying” but there’s nothing else I can say.

joe jonas 2012 teen choice awards

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Joe Jonas- This maybe trying too hard.  I love a jacket, and the idea of using color is good, but this is bad.  Tux jacket with a t-shirt was a bad call in this case, and the design of the t-shirt makes the whole thing too loud.  I like the pocket square.  To top it all off, it looks like the jacket doesn’t fit, and even if it did, I don’t see any buttons.  I really don’t like non-closing jackets!

kevin mchale 2012 teen choice awards

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Kevin Mchale-  This look doesn’t work at all.  The shirt’s attempt at color blocking winds up looking like a poor patch job, and the pants would be too much on their own.  Put these two pieces together, and your eye doesn’t know where to look.

The Questionable

chris colfer 2012 teen choice awards

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Chris Colfer- Chris Colfer continues to sport the same look that works for him at all of the more casual award shows, button down shirt, tie, and jeans. I’m getting tired of it, but there are deeper problems here.  The shirt, tie, belt, and even jeans bring different designs into the outfit making it feel messy.  Not a good outing for Mr. Colfer. teen choice awards 2012

image from This is a little over the top.  As much as I like jackets, he should have left this one home.  There’s too much to the design, there’s something on the sleeve I can’t see, a heart on the label, and a design.  The closure is worrisome as well.  It just doesn’t work.  The vest and t-shirt underneath would have worked fine on their own, especially with such loud shoes and textured pants.