Ice Cream Adventure: Dairy Queen

Enjoying our DQ treats!

She Said: Dairy Queen

Do you ever have the need for a summer ice cream run? You know, the kind where it’s been a long, hot (maybe stressful day) and you just want a nice cone of frozen sweetness?

I totally have those days! While I usually prefer to go to Kline’s Freeze sometimes I need something that they don’t have. Kline’s Freeze is an awesome independent ice cream shop and they do many, many items well. But, I do have one problem with them- their dipped cones melt too quickly. I love a good dipped cone and sometimes eating one from Kline’s Freeze is like an ice cream bath (yuck). You know who does an awesome, in fact the most awesome chocolate dipped vanilla ice cream cone? Dairy Queen. I know it’s really a corporate fast food place and I really don’t like or eat fast food. The only item I’ll eat from Dairy Queen is a chocolate dipped cone because it’s ice cream perfection.

Usually I spend some time talking about the looks and the service of a restaurant, but I won’t spend long doing that here.  Since, Dairy Queen is a corporate fast food place they are all supposed to be similar, but they all have minor aesthetic differences. I’ve never had a bad experience with service granted I only go once or twice a year. If you are planning on getting a luxurious treat this isn’t a place to go. If you really want a dipped ice cream cone and there’s one close by- it’s worth it.

My favorite ice cream cone is one of the simplest items on the menu. I like a vanilla soft serve cone dipped in chocolate. It’s sweet, creamy ice cream topped with a shell of chocolate that is not only mellow and rich, but also has the appropriate level of sturdiness. I don’t like to get food all over me.  I certainly can’t control ice cream melting so I get frustrated when I end up with it on my clothes. Dairy Queen has mastered the tempering of the chocolate and the shape of the ice cream on the cone so that the crazy melting doesn’t happen to me when I eat their cones. When I was ready for my Dairy Queen cone of the summer, it was a lovely experience. Sometimes an item, perhaps even something from a corporation may have a better execution than its mom and pop counterpart. I really hate that because I like to support smaller shops, but I don’t like wearing my food or having napkins stuck to a melting cone either.

RJ ordered a Blizzard.  I don’t remember what kind; just that he took a long time to decide on what he wanted. I don’t like blizzards. I think that you take a cup of good soft serve and ruin it with a bunch of crumbs and bits that feel like shrapnel. I tasted a bite that was about 1/6 of his spoon and that was more than enough for me.

Is Dairy Queen ever going to be my go-to ice cream place? No, but I’ve loved their dipped cones since I was a little girl. As long as they keep making cones that don’t end up adorning my clothes, then I’ll keep visiting once a year! But, I don’t plan on going there for anything else.

Chocolate Dipped Cone- 10

He Said: Dairy Queen

As a kid I remember loving Dairy Queen.  It was such a treat.  There’s a certain comfort to the décor and the standard menu.  I always get Blizzards.  When I was a little kid, my mom dated a manager at the local TCBY where I enjoyed Shivers way more frequently than I probably should have.  I didn’t know until later that the Shiver is a rip-off of the Blizzard.  I love mixing things up and crazy combinations, so the Blizzard is the special offering for me.

For several years my go to flavor has been Strawberry Cheesequake.  It has a ripple of Strawberry and pieces for cheesecake mixed into it.  Sounds like a really good dessert doesn’t it?

This time, I’ve decided that I’m not going to have them anymore.  I’m not going to say that I’m never going to a Dairy Queen again, but I think my taste is changing.  They are putting fewer cheesecake pieces in than ever, so much so that I could hardly find any this time.  When I did find them, I wasn’t as impressed as I remember.  They taste fake.  It’s okay, but not as satisfying as it used to be for me.

So instead I had the Oreo Cookies Blizzard.  It was good and satisfying, but not anything I couldn’t find in the frozen section of the supermarket at this point.  It wasn’t very exciting.

I’ve also found a better alternative for soft serve ice cream (Kline’s Freeze!) that has a similar option, so I’ll probably just do that since the servings are more generous, and the taste is better.

Strawberry Cheesequake Blizzard-3

Oreo Cookie Blizzard-8