From Our Collection: The Lucy Show: Season One

lucy show opening credits season one

The opening credits from The Lucy Show Season One- image from wikipedia

We thought that we would try something a little different again! I know, right, we love to keep you guessing with what we’ll review next. Because we really love sharing and interacting with you guys we keep trying new things to see what you all are interested in us talking about. We like television, but we don’t watch a lot of current programming.  We love trying competition shows, reality shows and food shows and right now we are in a particularly profound dry spell. It’s really hard to find good, clean comedy and dramas on television. While fall television will be starting soon and we are hopeful that we will find some good programming it’s unusual for us to find a show to stick with.  We love to watch shows from our own collection of classic television and shows we try from Netflix. Classic movies and television deserve to be reviewed and discussed just as much as the new shows and movies! From now on we’ll be sharing with you some of our favorite shows that we own. Who cares if they were off the air before we born? That’s the wonderful thing about DVD’s; we have the ability to enjoy so many people’s artistic endeavors. The first show that we are going to spotlight The Lucy Show: Season One.

I’m definitely one of Lucille Ball’s biggest fans. I love Lucy! Wait, we aren’t talking about I Love Lucy, we are going to talk about The Lucy Show. The series took place after I Love Lucy went off the air and Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz had divorced. Desi was still managing their production studio Desilu and once the company was floundering he sought out an idea for Lucy to star in her own weekly series. Lucy had taken a break from television and had filmed a few movies and starred in a Broadway show. I was shocked to learn recently that they only intended the show to be filler and a strictly one-season deal. What they developed was an enjoyable series, which blossomed into a fun show for six seasons.

The premise of the show was based around Irene Kampen’s book Life Without George.  However it was changed that Lucy’s character  (Lucy Carmichael) would not be a divorcee with two children rather she would play a widow. They were afraid of too many people thinking about their actual divorce or imagining Lucy Ricardo leaving Ricky.  Vivian Vance joined the cast as a divorcee with a son who would be Lucy’s roommate. The pair would face troubles raising their children, living on a budget and dealing with boyfriends.

Watching Lucille Ball and Vivian Vance work together is always a treat and this first season is full of wonderful episodes. We had a really hard time picking our 3 favorite episodes each.  If you haven’t ever given Lucille Ball’s television endeavors a try or even if you’ve just never seen The Lucy Show we hope that you’ll be interested enough to try them out!

She Said: Kari’s Favorite Episodes

Lucy and Her Electric Mattress: I love this episode because it’s got a lot of great physical comedy. A crazy electric mattress and stilts show off Lucille Ball’s wonderful fearless comedic style.

Chris’s New Year’s Eve Party: One of my favorite things about The Lucy Show is Lucy Carmichael’s teenage daughter Chris. I started watching this show when I was ten and I looked up to Chris. Now, I’m a grownup I wish my own teens had been as fun and full of dances and dates as Chris’s were. She’s such a sweet and fun character. I love holiday episodes of television shows and party episodes, too. This has both which make it super fun! The best part of the episode by far is the silent movie sketch featuring Lucy playing Charlie Chaplin. It’s awesome!

Lucy’s Sister Pays a Visit- this is probably tied as my favorite episode of The Lucy Show ever.  Janet Waldo (the lady who is voice of Judy Jetson- you can hear it when she talks) plays Lucy’s emotional sister who recently eloped and is so darling and funny! Lucy and Viv plan a spur of the moment wedding ceremony to help out her new marriage. It’s a Lucy episode about weddings- what could be better! My mother and sister and I (and now RJ, too) always laugh about cake decorating since watching this episode. It’s never a very long stretch of time that we talk about Lucy without quoting from or mentioning this episode.

 He Said: RJ’s Favorite Episodes

No More Double Dates-  The plot of this episode revolves around Lucy and her sometimes boyfriend Harry trying to get away from Viv and her sometimes boyfriend, so they can have a date alone.  I love this episode because I hate to share time that I get with Kari with anyone else!

Lucy and Viv Become Tycoons- This episode centers around Viv’s recipe for caramel corn that they turn into a business.  It’s hilarious, and has a lot of the physical comedy that Lucy is known for.  I’m always coming up with business ideas, so this is a really fun one for me to watch.

Together for Christmas-  The two families decide to spend Christmas together instead of going “home.”  Great illustration of what happens anytime a new family starts celebrating Christmas together, but here it’s cranked up to 11 for comedic benefit.

Are you already a fan of The Lucy Show? What are your favorite episodes?

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