Cupcake Commentary: Edibles Incredible

Edibles Incredible Happy Days Cupcake

She Said: Edibles Incredible

I love cupcakes and I was interested in trying a cupcake from Edibles Incredible again. I say again because earlier this year I got trapped at surprise volunteer meeting and poor RJ had to sit without anything to eat. I hate it when a meeting pops up on you like that (did I mention we were also trying to do a staycation, too)- it was awful. I was trying to be nice but I was very frustrated and worried about RJ having to wait so long to eat. After another debacle at Reston Town Center we finally got RJ settled with a Potbelly sandwich. Because I was so upset and hadn’t enjoyed at all the lunch I’d been fed we decided to get a cupcake to brighten up our day. I have to confess I didn’t like it much and I didn’t really remember it. I just had a vague sense that it wasn’t good but I wasn’t sure if it was my mood or the cupcake itself.


We recently found ourselves near Edibles Incredible after church and decided to give it another try. I can now definitely say that these are the worst cupcakes I’ve ever had. And I just thought Cake Love was horrible!!!!


It’s a very cramped and dark store. There are so many cases and cutesy things hanging off of the walls that it made me feel like I couldn’t breathe. Eating in is definitely not an option. They have display cakes out on the shelves and some of them look okay, but not spectacular. I saw some pictures of cakes that they have done for weddings and I was definitely not impressed. While we were being waited on the cashier proceeded to tell us how much cheaper she could do a cake than Duff Goldman  of Charm City Cakes  ( and the show Ace of Cakes).  I’m sure she could. I wasn’t impressed by the appearance of the cakes that I saw at all. I don’t like to hear a lot of professional put downs and it made me really uncomfortable that this women felt the need to trash a fellow baker in such a manner. I’ve been very impressed by some of Duff’s cakes and have only heard good things about them (except from this woman that is). I’m sure that he’s expensive and hard to get an appointment with. However, I truly believe that’s because his cakes are better made and probably tastier, too.


The first cupcake we got was called Happy Days. It was a vanilla cupcake with vanilla buttercream. It was unfortunately covered in rainbow sprinkles. I hate sprinkles they hard, weird and tasteless. Why ingest chemicals and calories that don’t even taste good? The cake was dry and completely flavorless. It could have been a water and flour cake for all the flavor it had. I love vanilla cake and frosting. I make my own cake and vanilla buttercream from scratch for several holidays a year. Vanilla cakes are supposed to have a kiss of flavor and this had no taste at all. The buttercream was really bad. It had a crepe-y dry texture and tasted like water. I didn’t have the silky, buttery taste that I was expecting at all. When the frosting sat in my mouth for even a millisecond it’s tasted like poor tasting sugar water.  The sprinkles were also impossible to get off of the cake. Since, I’m a lifetime sprinkle remover I can usually remove them and still enjoy a cake. This cupcake was too great an adversary of sprinkle removal if I had even liked the taste of the cake.


We also had the chocolate peanut butter cup cupcake. It was as big of a disappointment as the vanilla cupcake. The cake was dry and didn’t taste like chocolate. The cupcake had a peanut butter butter cream (too bland) and was frosted with more yucky cheap tasting chocolate buttercream.


I had that awful sensation from too much sugar known as “sugar burn”. My throat hurt and drinking water made it worse. I finally tried to take a nap but I kept coughing from the sugar burn. I haven’t had that feeling since I made myself sick one Halloween when I was younger eating too many Spree’s and Mello Crème Pumpkins.


As I mentioned before the woman who waited on us was a little over the top in her trashing of a colleague. I don’t think that’s professional or even kind. If she wants to talk about her cakes that’s fine, but she shouldn’t run down the competition. She also could not stop touching her glasses/nose and it made me really upset. I hate it when people handling my food can’t keep their hand off of their faces. Look, I cook dinner over steam, ovens and all kinds of things every day. And if I do have to touch my face- I wash my hands. She put gloves on fairly carefully so I hope I didn’t get any unnecessary germs. I kept trying to get RJ’s attention that I wanted to cancel the order but he didn’t speak up. Frankly, I guess I could have, too. But, I knew I was close to losing my temper and sometimes people are so mean when I say I don’t want something they’ve wiped their germy hands all over. Why should we feel that we can’t speak up about not wanting food when people don’t handle it right? I guess in this case it was because she’d already acted rudely the whole time we were in there.


I’m never going back. Rude and unclean service coupled with terrible cakes. The only think I’m glad of is that I only ingested two small bites from each (overpriced- if enormous) cupcake.




Happy Days-0

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcake- 0

Overall- 0

Edibles Incredible Peanut Butter Cup Cupcake


He Said : Edibles Incredible

I love cupcakes.  For years we’ve passed by a little bakery in Reston Town Center and always wondered what it even was.  We found out a bridal show we went to last year and had a chance to taste their cake.  At the time it tasted good, but was that just because we weren’t finding much in the way of good pastry at all?  I remember another time when we were in the area, and the burger I was going to try wound up being tainted by the handling, so I needed something badly.  We popped in for a cupcake, and I remember liking it, but was it the hunger?  Would this little bakery still be enjoyable in ideal tasting situation, after a great brunch at our favorite restaurant that we’ve reviewed here?


My first impression of the cupcakes at Edibles Incredible is that they are huge!  They’re the most expensive cupcake we’ve had so far, but based on size, it’s worth it.  I was a little disappointed that there weren’t more to choose from given what I had previously seen on their website.  There was also no caramel option at all, which is hands down our favorite cupcake flavor ever!  We ordered the Happy Days and the Peanut Butter Cup.  I was impressed that the person behind the counter asked us if we wanted our cakes chilled or room temperature.  Showed an interest in us, which was nice.


The Happy Days flavor is very simple.  It consists of Vanilla cake, butter cream frosting, and sprinkles.  Kari doesn’t like sprinkles, so we don’t have them often.  That part of this was a nice treat.  Otherwise, there’s not a lot of depth here.  At first it seemed the right amount of sweet, but after eating on the Peanut Butter cup flavor for a while, it seemed too sweet.  I know this was meant to be simple, but there is no pop here at all.


I’m a little confused by the Peanut Butter Cup flavor.  According to their website, this cupcake is a chocolate cupcake filled and frosted with chocolate peanut butter frosting with a peanut butter cup on top.  When we ate this, it seemed much different.  Ours appears to have been filled with peanut butter frosting, and frosted with only chocolate frosting.  It sounds like I would have liked it better with the interpretation on the website.  As it was, there was not enough peanut butter, and way too much chocolate.  And the chocolate wasn’t very good.  The peanut butter inside was so buried, that I had to go get Kari from the other room once I stumbled onto it.  Since we opted to get ours chilled, the peanut butter cup on top was too cold, and too hard to bite into.  When I did finally get a bite of the frosting, filling, and cake all together, it tasted pretty good, but wasn’t worth the effort.


I think it’s pretty obvious from this review, that hunger was the best sauce in previous tastings, and that this bakery did not measure up.


Happy Days- 1

Peanut Butter Cup