TV Time: The American Bible Challenge

She Said:  The American Bible Challenge

When I was a little girl I loved gaining Bible knowledge. I used to save all my Sunday school papers to re-read. I listened to Bible story tapes and learned all sorts of songs and memorized stories. I even loved to play this Bible trivia game called Fisherman my mom had on a VHS tape. I really loved learning about the Bible. Well, to make a long and very painful story short. I had some hurts and pains in my teens and twenties that made me lose track of learning and growing in my Biblical knowledge. I was even so put off and afraid and distrustful of the Bible after one college I attended I would barely crack the spine of a Bible a few times a year. Then God really got my attention and through all the doubts that I’d wrestled with through the years I realized that I’d been amassing knowledge with no real point. I wanted to be a follower of Jesus and have the security I’d always craved, not just knowledge. So, about a year ago I accepted Jesus as an adult and was baptized again by our wonderful pastor at our church. I’d been baptized as a little girl because I’d thought I was saved, but I realized when I was older I was only scared and wanted a free pass into eternity. Now, as an adult I realized how important it was to have a relationship and that God wanted all my life. And after being scared and fighting for so long I surrendered. Oh, not that it’s been easy. This past year has come with some of the most difficult growing I’ve ever done. I’m still too much in the middle of it to even tell you what I’ve learned or that I even do a good job leaning on God and not fighting Him. But, my desire exists to try. And I know in the darkest, worst moments the whispers of good and truth I hear come from Him. I know those whispers are what are sustaining me.

So there’s my conversion/ work in progress for Jesus story. What does this have to do with The American Bible Challenge? Well, one of the benefits of allowing God to heal my heart and mind toward the Bible is that I’m not afraid to study it anymore. Oh, I try to be cautious and careful in my understanding and in whom I place my trust in as a teacher. Thankfully, as I’ve mentioned before our pastor is a wonderful teacher and Bible scholar and he’s encouraged me so much even just from his sermons. Now that I know my heart is in the right place I’m eager to build back up my Biblical knowledge. That’s just one reason why I like American Bible Challenge (airing on Thursday nights at 8:00pm Eastern on Game Show Network). It’s helping me remember things that I learned when I was little and adding new knowledge as well.

The concept of The American Bible Challenge is pretty simple. Three teams of three people compete against each other by answering questions about the Bible. The really cool part of the show is that the teams all compete for charities or their own church for the money. I think that’s really neat!

Jeff Foxworthy does a great job as the host of the show. He’s funny and warm! I’ve been a fan since back in the early 90’s so it’s nice to see him on a show that’s actually family- friendly.

I also have to say that I love the choir on the show. They sing at all the breaks for the show and they are awesome. I would totally buy a CD if they ever put one out!

The only small problem I have with the show is that I sometimes think some of the titles of the question rounds are a little flip. I really don’t like the name of the last round of questions either. I understand that they are trying to be witty. I know that injecting humor into things helps people feel more comfortable, but I think, as with all things you should strive to be respectful.

I really like this show. I’m learning and hope that other people are, too. And if some worthwhile organizations get helped while the audience gets educated and entertained, isn’t that really the best of both worlds.

Rating- 7

He Said:  The American Bible Challenge

     The American Bible Challenge is a show that I never thought I would see.  As the name implies, it’s a game show that tests people’s bible knowledge. Shows like that have surely existed before, but not on a secular channel (GSN) and not starring one of the funniest and well known comedians of our time (Jeff Foxworthy).  While it sometimes goes a little too far for a joke, at its heart, this is a great show.

The format here is pretty standard game show fare.  Over four rounds, questions are asked of various formats with increasing point values, until one team is sent home.  Then the remaining two teams compete in a final round for $20,000.  Here’s the kicker, the money’s not for them, it’s for a charity.  That’s really neat.  In theory it allows you to show your support for a great cause for no other reason.  The reality is that most of contestants are involved with the charities they’re playing for in some way.  Still okay, but the twist isn’t working out the way I thought it was.  The idea is that these people are competing for money for other people, which I guess in some way they still are, but in most cases they do stand to benefit for themselves.  One winning team was competing for the memory of their child.  I’m still not sure what their winnings are actually going to go for.  It kind of sounded like the Human Fund from Seinfeld to me, but I hope I’m wrong.

The variety of questions is fun and I loved seeing some of the categories.  Faithbook presents status updates of Biblical characters.  CSI Holy Land asks questions about crimes that take place in the bible.  The one thing I don’t like is that the final round is called the Final Revelation.  I don’t think that’s respectful of the subject matter.

Jeff Foxworthy is a great host.  I haven’t watched him on Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader, so I didn’t know what to expect.  That show struck me as rude, and making people feel needlessly dumb.  This show is rather uplifting, and Foxworthy does a good job facilitating that.  He even has sweet moments when he has to eliminate teams.

I’ll definitely be watching this show through the rest of its season.  I don’t know nearly as much as Kari does about Bible stories, and I’m hoping this will change that.  Even if you don’t know anything about the bible, and aren’t a follower of Jesus, this is still a great show to watch.