TV Time: The Great Food Truck Race: Season Three: Pre-Finale Update

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(This post contains spoilers)
Here are some of our thoughts as we approach the finale of one of our favorite summer shows.

    She Said: The Great Food Truck Race

This has been a pretty good season of The Great Food Truck Race. I haven’t been pleased with the eliminations and thought that some really great teams went home too early. But, I’m really pleased with the final two teams. I love Nonna’s Kitchenette and I really hope my girls can win it! I think Seoul Sausage has worked hard and smart (well, most of the time, except for that sunglasses and hat shopping incident) and if they win I won’t be really upset. I’m just so relieved that Momma’s Grizzly Grub is gone. I was really disappointed in both their sportsmanship and their food. I was hoping that they were really going to serve up some neat Alaskan food, not just quesadillas, wings and cranberry slaw.  I was really happy that Pop-A- Waffle made it to the top 3. They are really great guys and they did really well in the challenges ( hello, how exciting was it to see Joey &Rory- love them).

Nonna’s Kitchenette has made some great looking food and I’ll be cheering them on and hoping they’ll win! Good job, girls! You’ve been smart, classy and cooked some awesome food- and I hope you win!
I do have to say one thing that really bothered me about the episode that aired on the 23rd. Tyler Florence told the Outback Steakhouse guy he admired him. What is that? Outback serves bad food. Why would someone who made millions selling people food that will make them sick inspire you, Tyler? Those Bloomin’ Onion things have so many grams of fat and so many calories that it’s gross. Tyler Florence lost some of his already rapidly evaluating chef credibility with that remark.
And has anyone noticed his goatee has been there sometimes and not others and then back again. I’m just saying! If they trickily filmed things or needed to re-shoot certain things they should have matched the goatee!
He Said: The Great Food Truck Race
Now that we’re down to the end I can sure say it’s been an enjoyable ride.  I’m really glad that it’s coming down to Nonna’s Kitchenette and Seoul Sausage.  Seoul Sausage has done very well, and probably will win.  I was very worried that Pop-a Waffle would wind up in the finale instead of Nonna’s.  When the Waffler guys won an extra $250 in their till and were able to stay open another 3 hours when everyone else had to shut down really scared me.  I knew Seoul Sausage would be fine.  As I’ve said time and time again, Asian food works well for food trucks.  I’m very intrigued that the finale will have at least 3 stops to it.  The first stop is in Boston, and the final stop is up in Maine, but where will they stop in between?  I can’t wait to find out.