TV Time: The Voice: Blind Auditions

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She Said The Voice Blind Auditions


We usually end up watching The Voice every time it’s on. I was a big fan last season until the battle rounds. I didn’t like who they sent home and quit watching because I could stand to keep hearing that techno baby voice girl ruin songs.  This year we noticed that we’ve watched some of every night that it’s been on. Last night we watched the re-cap of the blind auditions and have decided that we’ll be sharing with you our thoughts on the show that is until they eliminate someone unjustly.


If you don’t know about The Voice it’s actually a pretty neat concept.  Four Famous singers- Cee Lo Green, Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine form teams of 16 singers and coach them in a competition setting to see who will be “the Voice”.  The cool thing is that when a singer auditions for this show they sing while the judges have their backs turned to them. I know, I thought it was weird when I first heard it, too. But, it’s actually really great because instead of having to be worried about appearance and image a singer has the ability to be chosen based solely on their musical talent.  I actually love it! It’s very exciting to hope that the judges select a person for their team because then they get to spin around and watch the rest of the performance. It’s so much fun to see their faces sometimes when they first see the contestants.


I would love to be on this show. It would seriously be a dream come true. If I got even one judge to spin around I would be freaking out. If more then one judge turned around I might actually have a heart attack.


I like the judges, but they can be a little blue.  I wish they would all realize that they are funny and charming enough without cursing and being so blue, sometimes.


So, who am I cheering on this season? (This is just based on the blind auditions so far- we’ll see if it changes later in the season).


Gracia Harrison- She’s really great. I was so impressed with her singing and yodeling in “I Want to Be a Cowboy’s Sweetheart”.  I think she’s got a terrific voice. I worried a little about her confidence level based on the upcoming footage last night. You can sing, Gracia- don’t be scared!


Trevin Hunte- He’s a young guy with a big fabulous voice. I didn’t want to like him at first because he sang, “Listen” from Dreamgirls which is totally my song! (I know, it’s not really, but I have a very strong bond with that song).  I think he could do great things.


Nicholas David- I don’t know if he would get much positive attention paid to him on other singing shows where “pretty” counts for acceptance by the judges. I’m so glad he sand on this show because his rendition of “Stand By Me” was really cool.


Casey Muessigmann- He’s a big guy with a big voice. It’s definitely got a country/ southern rock edge to it, but it’s still smooth. I think he’s definitely someone to watch. His “Sweet Home Alabama” was really fun to listen to.


Beat Frequency- I don’t know how well a duo will actually be able to do once they get to the battle rounds. But, I think Beat Frequency just might be the duo that is able to go far. Their performance of E.T. was very intense.


Jordan Pruitt- I’ve loved Jordan since she was singing with Disney Channel tunes several years ago. She’s got a great voice and I’m glad that she’s gotten a second chance at the audiences who deserve to be hearing her!


Cassadee Pope- Her voice is awesome. I haven’t liked “Torn” since I made myself sick of that song in the late 90’s, but she totally rocked it. I’m glad that she’s stepping out on her own having recently left her band Hey Monday to pursue a solo career. I think she’s very talented.


Rudy Parris- He may be the oldest singer in competition, but don’t let his age distract you. Rudy has a great voice. His almost country-style rendering of “Every Breath You Take” was awesome! I think he’s definitely part of what makes this show so cool. Who would have ever known that such a classic 80s ballad could use a little twang.



I’m really excited about this season. Who are you cheering on? Who is RJ cheering on? Seriously- I’m not sure yet. You’ll have to keep reading to find out!


He Said:  The Voice Blind Auditions


I really enjoy the concept behind The Voice.  The Blind Audition is really what gives the show its name.  The four judges pick contestants for their team based solely on their vocal performance and not on their appearance.  Cool idea.  The producers definitely deliver on that premise, bringing in contestants that would have a hard time achieving success through the conventional record label paradigm.  We didn’t watch all of every episode, but based upon the recap show last night, we’re in for some good performances.


Last season we lost interest during the battle round because all of our favorites got sent home.  This year I really don’t have any big favorites, so it may be more enjoyable.  The biggest stand out to me was Nicholas David.  I’m going to be very disappointed if he goes home.


The only worry I have is that there seem to be more and more professionals sneaking in.  I hope that this show can still showcase amateur talents, and only sprinkle in good people that for whatever reason had washed out of the music business.  I really prefer amateur performers on showcases like these, as it keeps the playing field level.


I’ll definitely be watching this show this season, and I hope it’s exciting.