Playlists: The Ultimate Skating Party Playlist

The Ultimate Skating Party Playlist

I don’t know about everyone else, but it’s been a difficult few weeks here in the Rothstein household. In addition to all the wonderful things that I’m already being tested and treated for in my (Kari) endocrine system, we’ve had some new problems crop up. It’s never fun to confuse doctors and we’re waiting somewhat anxiously to hear some results.

Until we do how about escaping to an easier time and place. Do you remember the late 80s and early 90s? RJ and I were both kids and even though we didn’t know each other yet we would have been great friends. We both loved Nintendo and going to Chuck E. Cheese. And most all we loved roller-skating! We loved skating and each even had a skating party birthday (is that not precious!).

My  (Kari) skating party rocked!  I even wore a neon skort. It was fabulous.  I had a great time skating and getting Barbie dolls, decorated teddy bears and a paint by number set. I fell almost as many times as I skated around the rink.

I wish I could go back and have a skating party now that I have someone to couple skate with.

Here’s a playlist of 80’s and 90’s awesomeness just in case you are ready to throw a fabulous skating party. Or maybe you just need some cheesy music to put a smile on your face!

Hangin’ Tough– New Kids on the Block

Come on, you have to have NKOTB on a skating party playlist!

Straight Up– Paula Abdul

This song is so engrained in my memory as a little girl if I hear it on the radio in the car I think I’m being driven to school. I always panic a little.

Cherish– Madonna

I loved Madonna so much when I was a little girl. She’s exactly what I wanted to grow and become. I think it’s for the best that you can’t determine your entire life at the age of nine. I would be a racy pop star named Ariel instead of a fashion conscious writer who is still called Kari.

Rhythm Nation 1814– Janet Jackson

Who didn’t think this was an awesome video?

Every Little Step– Bobby Brown

RJ and I both loved this song and it’s still something we listen to regularly. In fact we have even talked about choreography for this song!

Only In My Dreams– Debbie Gibson

The 80s music scene would have been nothing without Debbie Gibson. They even used to close out the Miss Teen USA pageant to “Electric Youth”

I’ll Be Loving You (Forever)-  New Kids on The Block

This is one of those early 90 couple skate songs that I always missed out on!

Right Here Waiting– Richard Marx

I still think this is a beautiful song. I always picture the senior girls in my dance school when I hear this- they had a lyrical routine to this that was killer!

Ice Ice Baby– Vanilla Ice

This song always got everybody up and skating! You could wake me in the middle of the night and I could sing this whole song.

U Can’t Touch This– MC Hammer

I had an MC Hammer Barbie- enough said.

Hold On– Wilson Phillips

This is such a good girl power song! This is totally a song that makes you want to grab your best girlfriends (Caryn, Krissy, Brittany, Katherine, Jenn, Erin, Rachel, Jane- you girls ready?) and skate and sing.

Pump Up the Jam– Tecnotronic

This song says pump up the jam. Of course it’s fun to skate to! I can’t remember ever being in a skating rink that didn’t play that.

King of Wishful Thinking– Go West

It was a song that all the little girls loved even though we couldn’t really understand it. And, hello- why were we allowed to watch  Pretty Woman ?

I’ll Be Your Shelter– Taylor Dayne

Taylor has an amazing voice! When I thought that Madonna was too racy I thought maybe I would be Taylor Dayne- that is if being Cher didn’t happen.

Freedom! ’90- George Michael

This song is so dramatic and my nine-year-old self used to love to skate to it. I don’t think I understood the meaning as a little girl as deeply as I do now. But, I know I did get that it sucks to have to be one way with one group of people and another with other people. I try to please people less all the time. I worry about pleasing God and feeling good about how I’ve acted and that’s the real FREEDOM in being yourself.

Jump– Kris Kross

This song drove parents crazy, but us kids loved it!

Blame It on the Rain– Milli Vanilli

I don’t care who sang it. We aren’t getting into that. It was a silly, happy-sad pop song. I still remember when they performed it on Sister Kate, do you remember it, too?

I Love Your Smile– Shanice

This song is so happy and cute. It’s just fun! And she says, “psych!”- Love it!

Vision Of Love– Mariah Carey

Oh my word, do you remember when you first heard Mariah Carey. I was done wanting to be Madonna for good after hearing her. I didn’t know people could sing like that. She has an amazing voice and this song still knocks my socks off 20 years later! I’ll skate to it now!

Angel– Jon Secada

Okay, this is totally one for the girls. Jon Secada has a beautiful voice and when he hits the big note in this song- it totally melts your heart. Now that the song is popular for guys to sing on American Idol it allows for a whole new generation of tweens to sigh over its chorus.

You can add in your Limbo/ Macarena/ Hokey Poky/ Bunny Hop selections at your own risk and discretion.

Happy Skating guys and dolls!

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