TV Time: The Voice: Battle Rounds Week 1

She Said : The Voice:  Battle Rounds: Week One

I was excited and apprehensive as we approached the Battle Rounds. I was excited because it’s always fun to see the performances. And I was apprehensive because this is when the people that you get attached to start to go home.

I have one big complaint. If there was less recaps and showing the last few seconds before they go a commercial again when they return then we could actually see all of the performances. They totally just showed a few seconds each of two of the performances on Tuesday and I felt cheated.

Here are the performances that caught my attention this week!

Diego Val “Jessie’s Girl” – I thought that he did a really great job. I know RJ hated it and liked the other guy better, but I think he’s got good stage presence and he sang it better.

Amanda Brown “Vision of Love”- She was AWESOME! Her voice and everything else about her performance was spot on! She was great. I was glad that someone was able to steal her because I completely disagree that Trevin Hunte sang better than she did. I didn’t like anything about his performance. His voice is good, but I don’t think it’s as impressive as Amanda’s. His performance was really forced and she seemed totally at ease.

Gracia Harrison “Sin Wagon”- I hate that song. I think it’s rude and disrespectful. I thought Gracia sang and performed well. Give her a good song next time, Blake!

Santeria is apparently just a violent, rude, gross song and I don’t know why Adam would have thought anyone could have sung it well. It’s not dynamic at all.

Rudy Parris “Bad Day”- He did a good job, it’s a shame I only saw 10 seconds of it!

Aquile “You Give Me Something”- Wow, he really has a wonderful voice! I love that he’s has such a relaxed quality, but he’s able to still add in layers of dynamics to his performance.

“Lights”, I may be one of the few people that doesn’t like this song in it’s original format. It’s weird and doesn’t make any sense. I really didn’t like either girl’s performance. I think Melanie’s voice is too immature and too whispery. I think Caitlin has some weird dialectal problems and it makes me hard to connect with her.

I’m looking forward to more Battle Rounds! I’m excited to see how the rest of the gang that I liked from the Blind Auditions does!

He Said:  The Voice The Battle Round

This is where I start to get to know the contestants, and root for some.  Usually this is also the point in the season where I start to get mad at the judges for letting some of the better competitors go home too early.  Some of that has been alleviated this season with “the steal” which allows the other judges to add a contestant that lost the battle to their team instead of send them home.  Based on who’s been stolen so far, Adam has a very deep bench of talent available on his team.  It’s been fun to watch duets, and the arrangements have been interesting.  Here are some of my thoughts.

I feel bad for Casey Muessigmann.  After picking Blake for his coach his battle song is a Kansas song that he’s asked not to give a country twang.  He was then blown off the stage by an amazingly powerful Terry McDermott.

I was so glad that Blake stole Collin McLoughlin after Adam picked Bryan Keith as the winner of their battle.  Collin is such a better artist.  What a poor song choice by Adam to showcase any performance ability.

Cee Lo totally picked wrong when he eliminated JR Aquino.  Diego Val doesn’t have half the talent or star potential.

Second night had 5 battles, but we were only shown 3.  What’s up with that?  The show on Tuesday was only an hour, but we really need to see all the battles.

Christina definitely made the right choice with Aquile over Nathalie Hernandez.  Nathalie definitely has a great sound, but needs some more time to develop.

Biggest event of the second night was the battle on Team Adam.  He picked Melanie Martinez over Caitlin Michele.  This was a big mistake.  Melanie’s voice needs a lot of improvement to be enjoyable.  She’s quirky, but right now it sounds like she’s just running out of breath when she sings.  It needs to feel like a choice.  Thankfully Cee Lo stole Caitlin, so we’ll be seeing more of her.  I really think she has potential.

Blake has yet to win a steal.  Why no love for the country boy?