Two Palate Dining: Donatos Pizza

Donatos Pepperoni Pizza

She Said: Donatos Pizza

I really enjoy a good slice of pizza. Right now, as we are journeying through the endocrine wonderland (i.e. all my health problems) I’m happy to have discovered a place that we can get takeout from: Donatos Pizza.  We had tried their pizza a few months ago at Taste of Vienna and we really liked it. We’ve eaten their pizza once or twice since then and enjoyed it each time. I really, really, really love to cook so it’s almost a punishment for me to have takeout. I have to really like it. Since, I needed to get some rest I conceded that we could order the pizza instead of making one myself.


Because I was at home and resting I can’t speak to the décor or service. But, I trust if they were truly scary I would hear about it from RJ.


I was really craving protein so we ordered some boneless chicken wings with the pizza. They were really a waste of money. The chicken itself was fine. It wasn’t filled with gristle and it actually tasted like chicken. But, the sauce was gross. I love hot sauce! I eat it by the spoon sometimes I love it so much. But, the hot sauce they used was so acidic and bitter that it had an almost medicinal quality. It tasted terrible and had virtually no taste. I won’t be ordering the wings again!


The pizza at Donatos is wonderful.  I don’t usually enjoy thin crust, but this pizza is crisp and still tastes like dough. You know how sometimes bad thin crust can really feel like it was made on crackers? This pizza doesn’t feel like that all. Yes, the dough is thin, but you still get a decisively doughy taste from the pizza. The sauce isn’t too spicy or too bland. It’s very well balanced. They use provolone cheese, which is fabulous and gives the pizza an added richness. They also truly cover their pizza in a ton of pepperoni that gets delightfully crisp in the oven. After they give a good coat of spices you are left with a pizza that’s a real treat. I also love that they cut it in lots of small pieces instead of enormous wedges. It’s so much easier to get the perfect piece that way!


Kari’s Ratings

Chicken Wings- 4

Pepperoni Pizza- 9

Overall- 8


Donatos Boneless Chicken Wings

He Said: Donatos

It should come as no surprise that we like Donatos.  We raved about the pizza that we tried at the Taste of Vienna, and by comparison other pizza both there, and at the Taste of Reston didn’t fare very well.


We liked it so much we’ve ordered it several times since then.  Every time, I go and pick it up.  We started at their Vienna location, and now pickup our pies at their new location in Fairfax on Fairfax Boulevard.


The décor inside is pretty simple.  It’s clean and has a few tables, but seems more driven towards delivery and pickups.  The dining area is more than you’ll see in most pizza chains of this price point.


Everything still works.  The thin crust is probably the best I’ve ever had.  The addition of smoked provolone to their cheese mixture really enhances and elevates the flavors.  The massive amounts of pepperonis are a great treat too.


The one small gripe I have with their pizza is the way it’s cut.  Our first taste at the food festival was cut as wedges like a traditional pizza, but every other time it has been cut as rectangles, which is harder to make sure you get the same amount when sharing with others.  I know I usually wind up taking way more than Kari does with this cutting method.  I prefer the wedge.  But that’s a very small gripe, and kind of petty.


We recently tried their boneless wings, and there was something a little off there.  It’s probably a spice that is hitting my palate wrong, but I didn’t like the first bite of the chicken.  It’s hard to describe the taste that I had an issue with.  It was maybe a little too smoky.  We ordered the mild, which lived up to its name (we’ll probably get the hot if we get these again), maybe the problem would also go away with the hot variation?  By the end of the order, the weird taste seemed to go away.  I might want to try them again to see if this was just something with this batch.


I love Donatos.  I’ll never go back to other takeout pizza.


Pepperoni Pizza-10

Boneless Wings-6