Playlists: Disney Songs: Part 1

Disney Playlist: Part 1

We love Disney movies! That statement is probably not too great of a surprise if you know very much about us, though. We love old movies, musicals, big dance numbers, lighthearted comedies and happy endings. It definitely sounds like we would be Disney fans, right? We love the old Disney movies we grew up with and we’re both big fans of the recent High School Musical/Hannah Montana/ Miley Cyrus/ Jonas Brothers era. We went to Disney World on our honeymoon and got the thrill of our lives when we got to be Grand Marshalls for the Share a Dream Come True Parade. Did I mention that we got to ride in Walt Disney’s old car?  My (Kari) favorite memory of that experience were smiling and waving while a marching band behind us played Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah. It was the closest I’ll ever come to a Miss America moment with tears streaming into my sunglasses and a huge happy smile on my face. The view of the Cinderella’s Castle behind us and Main Street U.S.A. was a totally memorable moment. How did we get chosen? We asked a cast member a question about getting our pictures taken with some character (we always do tons of character pictures) and he thought we were perfect for it.

Whenever we are dealing with hard things in our lives planning even an imaginary trip to Disney World or recounting our Disney stories (we were both fans long before we met so we’ve got stories!) always cheers us up! And, whenever we feel like celebrating- like today, we are ready to head to Orlando! While it’s true that our infertility struggles are far from over we have determined that some of my other problems stem from stress. Sounds like vacation time to me!

Since, I (Kari) am the official Rothstein DJ, I wanted to share some of our music related song memories with you. I hope these songs cheer you up and remind you of some of your favorite Disney tunes and maybe even introduce some new songs!

Be Our Guest– Beauty and the Beast

This is totally a signature Disney song! It’s such a fun song!

Breaking Free– High School Musical

We both adore High School Musical. I know some people may think that story is cheesy. But, the truth is that it’s a movie with a sweet love story and features two characters that are both trying to find their place in life. And as a bonus it’s not blue or racy! It’s definitely a Rothstein date night classic. There were probably 3 or 4 months were every Saturday night we watched HSM movie.

The Climb– Hannah Montana: The Movie

This song is just beautiful. It’s really encouraged us and lifted our spirits. The back of our iPod is engraved with the line “There’s always gonna be another mountain”. Because it’s true, there’s always something that you have to overcome, but you have to learn to love the act of climbing. That’s hard.

A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes– Cinderella

Hello, total Disney signature song! Are you thinking about the castle or ice cream or Mickey ear balloons just from hearing it!

Everyday– High School Musical 2

It’s another sweet underrated love song from the HSM franchise

For Now For Always– The Parent Trap

Maureen O’Hara does a stunning job with this beautiful ballad.

The Garden/ All In the Golden Afternoon– Alice in Wonderland

We are both Alice in the Wonderland fans! Who doesn’t love the scene with her singing with all the flowers!

Human Again– Beauty and the Beast

We love this song because it’s so hopeful!

I Got Nerve– Hannah Montana

We love Hannah Montana. We have had Hannah marathons. We threw two Hannah themed parties for me. I even have a pen that sings this song! It’s a great encouraging song!

If I Can’t Love Her– Beauty and the Beast

This song is exquisite. Beauty and the Beast was the first Broadway show I ever saw. I can still remember tears running down my face when I heard this live for the first time. Years later I was excited to share it with RJ because I knew he would get it! When we dream of our own theatre or our own variety show I think about RJ singing this!

It’s a Small World– It’s a Small World

It’s a darling ride and such a sweet song!

Jolly Holiday– Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins is my favorite movie, ever. When I was little I decided that I wanted to grow up and look like Mary Poppins and have a boyfriend as nice as Bert. I loved Dick Van Dyke and I used to dream he would sing “It’s a jolly holiday with….Kari!”. So, you can imagine how happy I was the first time that RJ sang that to me!

On the Front Porch– Summer Magic

Summer Magic is a wonderful and sweet movie! I just love it! Burl Ives rendition of this sweet song is such a lovely addition to the film. I just wish I had a front porch to listen this song on!


There are so many great songs to choose from that we’ll have to split this list into two parts. What do you think of the list so far? Do you have any favorite Disney memories?

Today is our 100th post! We just wanted to thank you all so much for reading our posts and sharing this adventure with us! We look forward to sharing the next 100 posts with you!


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