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Project Runway All Stars Season 2 Cast
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She Said: Project Runway All Stars: Season 2

( This post contains spoilers)

I have been a big Project Runway fan since I first watched the 4th episode of the first season. I am even responsible for getting RJ and my parents hooked on it. I thought it was such a great concept that I told everyone about this great new show. 8 years later I must confess that I’m not always a fan anymore. My personal modesty standards were a lot different 8 years ago so I don’t always enjoy Project Runway because of all the flesh on display. I want to see fashion, you know, clothes! Sometimes we watch it and sometimes the outfits are too revealing and we turn it off.  I love that fashion is a personal expression of your style. I understand that people have different opinions of what is acceptable and what is not. I try to make my choices based on my personal convictions from the Holy Spirit.  I want to look nice, but I want to be respectful of my body because we are told that when we are Christian it’s a temple for the Holy Spirit. I want to respect my marriage and be a good wife, too. If I expect my husband to look at me and me alone in a certain way shouldn’t I help shepherd what he watches? It’s only fair to be a helpful accountability partner; it makes life easier for both of us. I’m excited and hopeful for a good season of Project Runway All Stars, but I’m trepidations about making it all season!

One thing I do really love about Project Runway is that from season to season there aren’t a huge number of twists. I may be watching the 2nd season of All Stars, but it still seems like Project Runway because they haven’t changed all the rules around. I was amazed at the prize package! Wow, someone is really going to win an amazing set of cash and prizes! I’ve been weary of Heidi, Nina and Michael for a while and I had even complained that they needed to get new judges. Specifically, I said they needed Isaac Mizrahi, Georgina Chapman and Zac Posen. I was only one judge off! I think that’s because I don’t really feel the need for a model to be on the show. I am pleased that so far Carolyn Murphy is able to talk intelligently about the clothing and her outfits aren’t too extreme. I also love Joanna Coles so I’m always thrilled to see her as the mentor.  She’s so smart and she has such great taste! I love when she spoke up in the previous season and said that women want clothes that they can wear underwear with and designers should remember that! You tell them, Joanna! I would love her wardrobe, too. Her white dress with the red trim and the black peplum dress from last night were both lovely and totally wearable!

I think the cast is pretty terrific. They’ve definitely managed to bring back some of my favorites. I like Andrae because he’s funny and very sweet, although his outfits can be a little messy.  I adore Kayne because he’s great with glamour and flashy fashion. He can be over the top sometimes, but he’s never boring. I love Uli! She’s so cool and sweet. I love her style!  I was shocked that they were bringing back Wendy Pepper. I really hoped that she would come back and have it just be about making good clothes and not trampling people. Sadly, I get the impression from her interviews so far that her ugly, backstabbing and drama may continue this season. My greatest hope for this show is that Wendy Pepper will learn that good clothes are the way to win this show- not cruelty and mind games!

I thought the first challenge was a little boring. I couldn’t believe that they started out with a team challenge! But, they have a point that having a successful design career. I knew Team Confident would win as soon as I saw their color palette. I love cream and black mixed together because it’s elegant no matter what the pieces are that are mixed together.  Even a cream colored thermal mixed with black jeans has an element of elegance. On the other hand, I thought Team Bold made a mistake in picking that Superman royal blue color. I love royal blue and bright colors. But, that bright shade of blue mixed with black looks very teen to me.

I loved Ivy’s outfit! I adore dressy shorts and I thought the pair she made was very well cut.  The lace panels on the blazer were beautiful and so visually interesting. I really liked the symmetry between the waist and elbow details. I would have liked the blazer to fasten a little higher, but it was my favorite outfit! I was so disappointed that she didn’t win. Anthony Ryan’s outfit was not the best outfit in my mind. I thought the pants had some issues with fit and I felt the top was too boxy. Sometimes in high fashion there are these notes of what would be considered frumpy in real world clothes. It really irritates me because if I wore a square and matronly top I would just look dowdy on my curvier shape. I think it’s silly that just because you are thin something is more chic. The best clothes truly do look better on more body types than just the very thin.  Uli’s dress was also beautiful and you could wear it in any city and look chic not just Miami.  Good job, Uli! Her flowing style and eye for details are still present, but it feels much more chic and universal than some of her designs from Season 3.

Andrae’s outfit was too complicated, but I’m glad he’s still in the competition. I am still not sure what the concept of his outfit was. Joshua’s outfit was totally unflattering and looked like a Frederick’s of Hollywood ensemble. It wasn’t cool it just looked sleazy. His poor model had to grab her top to avoid a wardrobe malfunction at the end of the runway. Kayne’s outfit was completely ridiculous and unflattering. I think his model actually looked heavy from the wonky proportions of his pants/evening gown combo. Peach’s dress could have been cute and wearable, but it was so poorly made that I’m not surprised that she went home. She seems like a lovely person and I hope she has great success with her designs!

I enjoyed last night’s show. I was relived that it wasn’t a wearisome two-hour premiere. It was just long enough without being too much. We definitely have different modesty standards from the average fashion fan so I’m a little concerned with how we’ll be able to follow this season. But, with the exception of Joshua’s outfit nothing was too terrible last night so I’m hopeful that maybe we can enjoy this season. RJ and I both really love fashion and certainly don’t feel like because we have convictions about what we should show or look at on other people means that we’ve abdicated style. In fact, I feel more attuned to my personal style and dressing for my actual body (not my dream one) than I ever have. I guess I’ll wrap up by saying that I hope we all enjoy a great season of Project Runway All Stars and would encourage the designers to keep it classy!

Kari’s Rating- 6

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Favorite Outfit of the Week: Uli
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He Said: Project Runway All Stars Season 2

Kari and I have followed Project Runway off and on since the very first season.  We stopped watching for a while because there were too many models in various states of undress when they’re trying on their clothes.  As time went on, they’ve gotten better about that, but the designs sometimes are so revealing, and sometimes downright vulgar that we stop watching again.  We always like to give it a try hoping that this next season won’t be so bad.  In the first episode, it did an okay job, but I’m still pretty worried moving forward.

I like these judges better than the troika on the flagship series.  Isaac Mizrahi and Georgina Chapman seem much more in tune with what can actually sell to America, but they don’t lose any appreciation of what art is.  Joanna Coles is a great mentor.  There was a moment last season where she talked about how much she hated clothes you couldn’t wear underwear with that was a breath of fresh in the fashion culture of overexposure.

The contestants were interesting to watch, but so far I’m not cheering for any in particular.  I’m surprised Wendy Pepper is back with the same exact attitude as last time.  Her design was technically better than a lot of designs from that first season eight years ago, but it was way too Black Swan.  I didn’t like the skirt on Suede’s dress, but loved the idea of the bra cups as shoulder pads.  It had the effect of armor. Peach was so clearly out of her element that it was a relief to see her eliminated.  I agree with the judges that it was a very poorly made garment.  With her design philosophy being so geared towards one specific type of clothes (tennis wear) I’m not sure she’ll ever do well on this show.  Especially since that specific style is so casual.  Joshua’s outfit was the one outfit I had the biggest problem with.  The model was about to fall out of the top and ultimately had to hold the garment in place to avoid a wardrobe malfunction.  And the back was so open you couldn’t wear any undergarments to help.  That is not All Star design!  That’s lazy and cheap.  Ivy’s outfit was great, and showed that you could show a little bit of skin and not be lewd.  It should have won.  The use of the lace cutout was stellar, and I loved that it lined up so well between the arms and trunk was very nice.  Poor Andrae.  His design wasn’t great, but the judges were really hard on him.  When one said that they didn’t get it, I kept thinking, “What’s to get?”

Kari and I both love fashion, so it would be great if this season they could keep things classy enough for us to stay tuned.

RJ’s Rating- 5

Who are you cheering on this season? What did you think of last night’s episode? Did the right person win? Did the right person go home? Share your thoughts with us!