Ice Cream Adventure: Pinkberry Frozen Yogurt

Kari’s Chocolate Hazelnut with Salt and Strawberries

She Said Pinkberry

I love Pinkberry and I hate Pinkberrry. I love them because I think they make the best tasting and healthiest frozen yogurt in the world. I hate them because they don’t consider make Salted Caramel a flavor that they keep all the time. Seriously, what’s what with the pomegranate love?

Pinkberry is actually very chic on the inside. I love the pink and green of their logo mingled with the white and steel of the fixtures and counter tops. It’s bright without being too loud or childish. I don’t like to eat inside the store because there aren’t many tables and it’s usually too crowded. I am not the only person who loves Pinkberry- believe me. Sometimes, the line is so long it wraps around the block and they actually put a “bouncer” and ropes up outside. It’s worth it, though! I just would rather eat my yogurt in the car or on a park bench than have to have people stepping all over me. It’s also pretty loud most of the time, however when we went there last even we were shocked. The girls working the counter seemed surprised too at how loud it was. We had to shout everything to barely be able to be heard over a very annoying party of people. Guys, be considerate in restaurants. I know you want to have fun with your group. But, seriously, people who aren’t with you still want to place orders, engage with whom they came with and eat in peace.

I’ve had problems with the service here. It’s not that they have ever been rude or mess up my orders frequently. But, there have been some workers (all male) who scratch and touch their bodies when making my food. Gross. I don’t want anyone scratching his or her head or nose and then making food for me to eat.  We actually took a long break here after the Super Bowl Salted Caramel Ice Cream incident.

I love Salted Caramel yogurt. Okay, okay- I’ll move on. Like I said earlier, I decided to pay them a visit because I wanted to sample their Chocolate Hazelnut yogurt. It was awesome! I loved it. The chocolate and hazelnut are perfectly balanced. You get a blend of the sweet, creamy, richness of the chocolate and the unctuous, earthy taste of the hazelnuts. It’s a cup of yummy, cold, tasty goodness.

What’s my favorite yogurt topping? Salt. I know it sounds funny, but salt makes caramel ice cream better. And the salt really brought out the mellow depths of the nut tones of the Chocolate Hazelnut yogurt.

So, now I’m back to loving Pinbkerry. But, it may prove to be a fickle return because: Chocolate Hazelnut is a seasonal flavor, too!!!!!! I can’t believe it! I finally find a flavor that I like as much as salted caramel and it’s only a seasonal flavor, too! Oh well, I just hope that when they rotate it out they will bring back Salted Caramel and then rotate back to Chocolate Hazelnut and so on. If not I guess I’ll just head back to Sweet Frog– but I don’t want to! Come on, Pinkberry either come up with a great new flavor I like or always keep Chocolate Hazelnut or Salted Caramel on the menu!

Kari’s Ratings

Overall- 7

Chocolate Hazelnut- 10

Peanut Butter- 3

Salted Caramel- 10

RJ’s Peanut Butter Yogurt with Chocolate and Jewels toppings

He Said: Pinkberry

Time for another piece about ice cream!  Yum!  I’ve been looking forward to writing this particular feature for a long time.  I still remember the first time we had Pinkberry and loved it.  It’s been an awesome experience ever since.

This time around Kari ordered a new flavor: Chocolate Hazelnut. I ordered their Peanut Butter, which I have enjoyed before.

She kept the toppings simple, with just salt and strawberries. I had their chocolate sauce (which hardens into a delicious shell with a satisfying crunch under your spoon), chocolate shavings, and chocolate gems (mini M&Ms that can’t be called that for legal reasons I’m guessing).  Mine was great.  It was rich and creamy, and tasted as you’d expect really cold peanut butter would, but without the stickiness of peanut butter.  I’ve had other peanut butter ice creams that were sweeter (Sweet Frog), but this tasted more genuine.  The only mistake I made was not salting it like Kari did!  I love salting ice cream at this point!  Chocolate, caramel, and pumpkin, have all tasted more interesting with sea salt.

The Chocolate Hazelnut was amazing.  It was much better than what we had at Pitango.  It tasted very rich and nutty.  I’m definitely getting this next time we go to Pinkberry.  If they still have it available.

This brings me to my one gripe with Pinkberry.  The selection.  This is actually why it took us so long to write this feature.  I’ve loved lots of flavors there, but by far the best, and the one that started my addiction to salting every frozen dairy item I could get my hands on, was the salted caramel.  But that’s considered a seasonal flavor, so we never know when we can order it.  We both thought that it would be a shame to run a Pinkberry feature without reviewing our favorite flavor, so we’ve waited.  And waited.  And waited some more, but to no avail.  When you go to Pinkberry, you’re only going to get a selection of about four to six flavors, and you have no idea how long they’re going to be there.  Unlike other yogurt places, there is a frequent and unpredictable rotation.  That the only knock I have for them.

RJ’s Ratings

Chocolate Hazelnut-10

Peanut Butter-8


Have you been to Pinkberry? What’s your favorite flavor or topping?