Style Heroes: Sarah Jessica Parker and Blake Shelton

Style Heroes: She Said: Sarah Jessica Parker

As the days are cooling off a person’s mind naturally turns to thoughts of new clothes. Right? We are all trying to figure out what we need to replace and what we need to add to our wardrobes to make it through the remainder of the now cold fall and the really, really cold winter.  Since, RJ and I love fashion we thought it would be a good idea to think about whom some of our style heroes are and why. After all, if we can’t shop yet (money) we can at least dream and plan our wardrobe additions. Planning and knowing your personal style helps you not overspend and get things that you will enjoy wearing.

One of my style heroes is Sarah Jessica Parker. I’ve looked up to her and thought she was beautiful since I saw a few minutes of Footloose when I was a little girl.  I’m embarrassed to admit to the amount of Sex and the City that I spent time watching during college and our early marriage. While the clothes are amazing, it’s definitely not a show that I watch anymore. But, I have pictures saved from magazines and things about the clothes that I admire so that works out well.  Sarah Jessica Parker has wonderful style so it was really hard for me to narrow down these as some of my favorite looks. I could seriously write a book about how much I love her style.

I wasn’t a fan (well I wasn’t allowed to watch Sex and the city when it started because I was in high school) of SATC in the beginning. But, I did start noticing SJP on the red carpet then. I loved her bold, yet feminine style. That’s a really hard combination to pull off, but I felt she did a great job. An off-the shoulder- pinstripe suit- genius!

I love this outfit! There’s a corsage, too

On SATC she totally popularized so many trends. I know I wore corsages for years. In fact, I still do all because she started that trend. I still want my “Kari” nameplate necklace! She wore too many important outfits to talk about in one post! When I heard they were making movie sequels I hoped the clothes would still be fabulous- they were! She rocked a corsage dress! I love it! And her purple skirt outfit is signature “Carrie” and “Kari”, too. A great t-shirt, full skirt, slightly random accessories and curly hair!

It’s a corsage dress! A corsage trimmed in gold! And a one shoulder dress- it’s too much fashion goodness!

I love everything about this outfit. Seriously, this is my style! I just need the Dior.

I also respect her as a businesswoman. I loved her Gap ads. They are my all time favorites and I was so mad when they fired her I didn’t shop there for years. I loved her Bitten line and still wear my “Fashion Is Not a Luxury” t-shirt. I really hated that didn’t work out well either. Her styling for all her perfume ads has been amazing- especially for SJP NYC. Can I have the dress, please? No matter what she’s working on I always know the project will be style inspiring!

The dress, the hair, the career- can I be Sarah Jessica Parker when I grow up?

She’s also managed to have a family around all her career successes. Her family always turns out looking great on the red carpet. She’s completely nailed the complementary but not identical sailor suit approach to family dressing. Hey, she even looked great while she was pregnant! I only hope that when I’m finally able to get pregnant I can work an empire waist with the aplomb she did!

Such a stylish family! I love how each look is a reflection of their personality.

Apparently, I’m going to need lots of Narciso Rodriguez dresses when I’m pregnant. Or copy this dress in different fabrics and colors.

Basically my love for her style  is summed up in 4 things that I think she does that are awesome.

She can work a coat.  Her Zadig & Voltaire leather jacket has such a basic cut that you can wear it for every day. But, the gold makes it special. The grey L’agence coat that she sported on numerous occasions is another piece that is versatile yet feels special. I love coats.

A gold leather jacket- fabulous!

I love all these outfits. The coat works so well with each look.

She makes eveningwear pretty and fun. I get so tired of seeing the same dresses in red, black and white with naval baring necklines and thigh high slits. SJP continually shows the world that you don’t have to be bare to be elegant for evening. Whether she’s wearing one of her beautiful cocktail dresses that rival some gowns for detail, or a beautiful long-sleeved full gown she makes the red carpet a prettier and more refined place.

These dresses are all stunning! Look at the color, fit and craftsmanship!

This print is gorgeous!

Her everyday style is fabulous, too. She’s not afraid of color. She pays attention to silhouettes and the cut of clothes. Even though we aren’t the same size I’ve definitely learned a lot about clothes for petites from watching her. Keeping things fitted, never tight, and ladylike keeps even long clothes from looking like us short girls are playing dress up.

So much lovely color in one outfit

I love pink and red paired together, almost as much as I love pink and orange!

SJP also knows how to make black not seem too basic. The details of this outfit are awesome!

The thing I love the most about Sarah Jessica Parker’s style and has influenced me the most is her fearless attitude. She’s not scared of whimsy. And it works! I’ve found that so much of a look “working” rests in the confidence department. I fell in love with her style because she didn’t look like anyone else and that’s something I want for myself, too. Seeing her bold choices spurred me on to some of my own fashion bold choices- my orange harlequin pants, my chunky gold multicolored flower necklace. Also in wearing a cut off ballet skirt (from a dress that the top didn’t fit) with a black baby tee at the after party of my wedding.

A tiara comb?! I love everything about this outfit! It’s my dream holiday outfit for this year!

I love Sarah Jessica Parker because she helped me find my own style in part by teaching me to learn to pay attention to fit, not be afraid of color and wear things I love!

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He Said: Fashion Heroes: Blake Shelton

So as we started talking about fall fashion we also started talking about what celebrities had styles that we wanted to emulate.  I kept coming back to one man, and one particular piece of clothing.  That one person would be Blake Shelton and the piece of clothing is, of course, his famous vests.

Before The Voice, Blake Shelton was known as a country artist that I didn’t pay much attention to.  I’d heard some songs of his that I thought were really groan inducing and hadn’t bothered to listen to anything else.  Since then, I’ve heard two songs in particular that I really enjoy (Honeybee and God Gave Me You) that speak to loving a good woman.  I still don’t listen to too much of his music, but I sure do admire his style.

I’ve always loved vests, but somehow have forgotten about them for a long time.  I had a great green paisley vest I wore in high school with a banded neck button down shirt.  That was sharp!  But for some reason people stopped selling vests, and they fell off my radar.  He’s worn vests to formal occasions, and in more casual settings.  He even wore one to his wedding.  Thank you so much Blake for spearheading their return.

He’s also one of the few people out there that always looks put together and presentable.  Too often now menswear is reduced to skinny jeans that are way too tight, or dirty t-shirts.  Blake avoids both of those extremes for comfortable classy men’s fashion even when he doesn’t wear a vest.

Here are two different red carpet appearances where Blake has dressed up his trademark vest with different color shirts and ties.  I love doing this.  I have a very colorful style myself.

As I mentioned before, Shelton wore a vest at his wedding to Miranda Lambert.  This is the happy couple, with Blake slightly elevating the vest look, but still keeping things country with well fitting jeans.  I would wear this look to church and feel totally comfortable.

Blake shows us how casually you can wear vests in these two instances, with rolled up sleeves, and you guessed it, comfortable jeans!

Blake’s biggest inspiration to me may be the vest, but he really shows me how to assemble some casual outfits that are actually comfortable.

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Who are your style heroes? Are you a fan of Sarah Jessica Parker or Blake Shelton?