TV Time: Thanksgiving Viewing

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Thanksgiving Viewing

It’s almost, Thanksgiving!! Seriously? Where has this year gone? Well, I could be sad about a lot of the difficult aspects of this year or I could choose to be happy and spend time decorating and cooking. I choose happiness! Plans and preparations are in full swing here at Casa de Rothstein for next weeks’ fete, but you’ve got to have some downtime, too, right? Today, I (Kari) will take you through some Thanksgiving- themed episodes of some of our favorite shows! So, take a break, put your feet up and laugh. Whenever we get a chance to relax this weekend this what we’ll be watching.

That Girl– Season 2, Episode 11- “Thanksgiving Comes But Once a Year, Hopefully”

That Girl is such a great show! I had seen a couple of episodes in high school, but I really didn’t become a fan of the show until RJ bought me a season a few years ago.Marlo Thomas is adorable and has the best wardrobe! In this episode, Ann cooks Thanksgiving dinner for the first time for her parents, her boyfriend and his parents.  She tries to cook everyone’s favorite dishes and deal with everyone’s advice to hilarious results. We’ve actually already watched this episode twice this year!

Favorite Moment: When Ann tries to plan how to cook the dinner.

Saved by the Bell: The College Years– Season 1, Episode 10- “A Thanksgiving Story”

I know it may sound beyond cheesy to include an episode of Saved by the Bell, especially one from The College Years! But, it’s really funny! Screech steaming turkeys, a couple of “whooooooooooooo” (remember how the audience would always do that) episode moments between Zach and Kelly and a parade of NBC stars at the end really make this episode a fun piece of nostalgia.

Favorite Moment: The Brian Austin Green cameo

Reba: Season 4, Episode 9- “Thanksgiving”

I love Reba! We can watch 5 or 6 episodes and then realize “hey, are we supposed to be doing something”.  This episode finds Reba and Barbara Jean clashing over who will cook and host Thanksgiving dinner.  This episode is really comprised of the elements that make for the best episodes of the series: it’s funny, relatable and has some lovely tender moments, too.

Favorite Moment: Barbara Jean rocking out to Native American music.

Top Chef: Season 5, Episode 3: “Foo Fighters Thanksgiving”

We love Top Chef, well we aren’t enjoying this season (Seattle), but that’s a topic for another day. Several years ago during Season 5 they had a really awesome Thanksgiving episode. It was back when America was learning to fall in love with Carla Hall and Fabio Viviani. The cheftestants were charged with cooking a Thanksgiving dinner for the Foo Fighters with microwaves, toaster ovens, and one burner for each team. They also had to make vegetarian recipes and of course serve the dreaded dessert course! It’s a really neat episode about cooking with the restrictions that you have.  If you want to cook for people you have to learn to work around dietary restrictions and food allergies. I have a lot of food allergies and it’s really difficult when people don’t cook around them.  I just really wish that Bravo would have edited out Danny very loudly and rudely taking the Lord’s name in vain, it just wasn’t necessary to leave in.

Favorite Moment: The soup quickfire challenge

Friends: Season 9, Episode 8- “The One with Rachel’s Other Sister”

There are many holiday episodes of Friends. However, the older I get and the more time I spend trying to do what’s pleasing to the Lord I’m less comfortable watching Friends. This episode seems to hold up as the most tasteful Thanksgiving episode, although it’s not without a couple of cringe-worthy quips. Christina Applegate does an awesome job of playing Rachel’s selfish sister, Amy. Plus, it’s always fun to watch Monica host a party!

Favorite Moment: Any scene that involves Monica and Chandler’s wedding china!

Frasier: Season 4, Episode 7- “A Lilith Thanksgiving”

Because we a serious and intellectual couple we really enjoy Frasier. In some cases, you could even say that we have some similarities to Frasier and Lilith. Obviously, we are still married and crazy about each other, but we do have some physical and personality similarities. We also end up some situations that are insane and comical- that’s probably why we enjoy this episode. The episode focuses on Frasier and Lilith’s crazy visits to an administrator’s home to get Frederick into a good school. Niles and Marty “take care” of Frederick and cook the dinner.

Favorite Moment: Golda Meir’s earrings- trust me it’s funny!

The Cosby Show– Season 6, Episode 9- “Cliff’s Wet Adventure”

Everyone has a story about crazy Thanksgiving shopping. This episode finds Cliff having been selected to make repeated shopping trips on a very stormy Thanksgiving morning. I love this episode, but it does drive a me a little crazy. I start arguing over the logistics. Why didn’t Elvin’s parents put tomatoes in the salad before they bought it? Why didn’t Clair already have eggs for cornbread? Seriously, who runs out of eggs on Thanksgiving morning? I think it’s a funny episode, but some of the given circumstances do become frustrating. Maybe it just bothers me because I’m a planner!

Favorite Moment: Olivia’s Thanksgiving Song

Dharma & Greg– Season 3, Episode 10- “Thanksgiving Until It Hurts”

This episode is just awesome! We watch Dharma and Greg go from planning a simple, solo Thanksgiving to avoid the holiday stress to ultimately partaking in 6 different feasts. Each feast, including their fuel up breakfast has their own elements of humor, yet the episode isn’t too over the top. You actually think this could happen. Hey, I remember having to go to three different places in one day as a little girl for Christmas! For all of you out there who have multiple places to enjoy Thanksgiving festivities at- pace yourselves, it’s a long day!

Favorite Moment: The conversation between Dharma and Greg in the car shortly before the end of the day

Thirtysomething– Season 1, Episode 6- “We Gather Together”

I’ve actually been a fan of Thirtysomething since I was a little girl. From the first time I saw this episode I really thought it seemed like an awesome show. I just felt like it was a million years until I was a “thirtysomething”. Well, 20 years later- I’m 31. I am a thirtysomething. How did this happen- that again is a post for another day. I’ve always thought this show seemed very relatable and the older I get the more I agree. This episode is thoughtful without being contrived. It also has some great really great funny moments, especially the “spoon theft”.

Favorite Moment: Hope looking at the contact sheets

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

You have to include the Peanuts gang in any holiday viewing list! This show may not be as celebrated as its Halloween and Christmas counterparts is still cute! You still get your Peanuts gang call to focus on what’s important about Thanksgiving. It’s fun and sweet! Peppermint Patty is completely bossy and exhausting- people like her stress me out! But, ultimately Charlie Brown handles the situation, with some help with Marcy and Snoopy, and the gang has a happy Thanksgiving.

Favorite Moment: Snoopy helping to cater the dinner.


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Happy Thanksgiving! We hope that you all have a wonderful holiday!

Do you have any Thanksgiving viewing traditions? Tell us what is required Thanksgiving viewing for you!