Fashion Desk: 40th Anniversary American Music Awards

She Said American Music Awards

The red carpet at the American Music Awards was full of surprising amount of pretty dresses! I was really pleased and surprised to see so many beautiful dresses.  I wasn’t expecting to see such a great blend of dresses both long and short. I was expecting to just see mostly short and not very great dresses. But, the red carpet was full of some my favorite things- gold and lace! There were definitely some “oh my” moments. Overall, it was a great red carpet- so let’s start looking at some dresses!

Best Dressed

Carrie Underwood

This dress is darling! I love the perfect shade of royal blue of the fabric and the sparkly black trim. The cut of the dress is wonderful- it’s not too low or too short. The architectural details of this dress are both fresh and rock and roll style at the same time. It’s actually really nice to see rock and roll style done in a classy and pretty way instead of a tacky way. The styling of this look is great, too.  The hoops and booties are adorable! Good job Carrie- now if only I liked the dress from red carpet, too!

Taylor Swift in Zuhair Murad

Well, the music industry’s golden girl is gorgeous in gold- what else can I say! The lace is beautiful. Of all the lace dresses on the red carpet last night, this was the prettiest.


The bronze color is gorgeous! I love how this look is more of that pretty rock and roll style. There is an intellectual quality and toughness to this dress, but it’s also beautiful. I love the combination of the beautifully detailed leather bodice with a flowing skirt

Gloria Estefan in Talbot Runhof

Gloria is always beautiful! She really proves that you can be beautiful at any age and that you don’t have to be uncovered to be glamorous.  The color of the dress is beautiful, as is the cut and draping of the dress. She’s also beautifully styled from hair to makeup to those gorgeous gold accessories.

Elisha Cuthbert in Georges Chakra

This gold dress is stunning! I love the cut. I appreciate that the slit is on the side instead of in the front and it isn’t too high. This dress is elegant. It’s very refreshing to see a gold gown that is so beautiful, but is also so simple.

Ginnifer Goodwin in Oscar de la Renta

Hands down this is my best dress! I love it! The baby pink with the silver is just so cool and pretty. I love the retro cut of the gown. I would buy this dress (if I could) and wear it for years because it’s a classic! It’s cool to see a classic dress that isn’t just another black, sleeveless, sheath dress.

Dress Messes

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Kelly Clarkson

Oh, Kelly! I love Kelly Clarkson so it’s really hard for me to say anything bad about her style. But, I have to remember what I love her personality and her music- not her personal style. I don’t this outfit is very flattering. It makes her look thick. This look also ages her- a lot. She looks like a cast member from “Rock of Ages” here. The studded leather dress with the fringed trim and the big, too blonde 80’s hair is just not a good look.

Jordin Sparks in Etro

I don’t like anything about this dress. I appreciate that it’s illusion and not sternum that we are looking at, but that’s all I can say positively about it. The pattern of the fabric looks like imitation tapestry from an import store. The cut of the dress, especially in regard to the “neckline” and seaming details on the waist, do not flatter her shape.

Kelly Rowland in Naeem Khan

I don’t like the color. I don’t like the gems. To me, this dress looks like something that you always see on the clearance rack at Macy’s. It’s a little short to be like what older women to want to wear, but it’s also a little too dowdy for younger women to like. The color isn’t flattering to anyone and the gems look cheap. I appreciate that she’s nicely covered up, but it’s not a stylish look. You can be stylish and modest!

Heidi Klum in Alexandre Vauthier

This dress is too short to have slit that high.  In fact this is so short it looks more like a tacky ice skating costume.

Cyndi Lauper

I know she’s so unusual and that’s what we love about her. I just don’t even know what this look is. Are those hot pants or is that a skirt? Is the jacket made from three different materials- plaid, leather and suit fabric?

Christina Aguilera in Pamella Roland

Ombre fabric can be beautiful, but this fabric is not pretty. This dress is very unflattering to Christina! I feel bad for her because I think dress makes her look like Linda Hogan! That’s not cool! Christina’s a young woman and I think her new figure looks great. The draping, the bust line, the slit all make this dress look like generic prom type dress. I don’t think the choice of hairstyle helped this look either- a bob can definitely age you if it’s not styled in a fresh manner.

Almost Dress Success

Carrie Underwood in Abed Mahfouz

I like the color. It’s pretty and it’s not a color that is frequently seen on the red carpet.  The neckline and sleeves are pretty- really the whole shape of the dress is. I just don’t like some of the illusion. I think it seems sheerer in the “corset” area and it’s distracting and tacky.

Nicki Minaj in Monique Lhuillier

I just do not like the color of this dress. I didn’t like it when Julie Bowen wore it to the Emmy’s either. However, I think I appreciate seeing Nicki dressed modestly and I think the dress looks great on her- the best this dress will ever look! I just hope we are finished seeing it on the red carpet.

Brandy Norwood in Ekaterina Kukhareva

I like the black and gold combination, but this dress is just over designed. There are so many drapes, pleats, and textures that it’s impossible to find a focus on the outfit. If it was simplified there could be a really cool, hip dress. On a purely good note, her hair and makeup look awesome!

Carly Rae Jepsen in Gomez-Gracia

This dress is fun and pretty. It’s colorful and tasteful! The only problem with this dress is that it’s just a little too loose in the bust line and waistline. If it was fitted even just a small amount more in those two areas it would be perfect

Hillary Scott in Burberry

Something is off about this look and makes Hillary look really wide and bottom heavy. She’s worn this look a lot lately and I really wish that she would branch out from just wearing something super tight. You should wear your clothes fitted to show your shape. But, I feel like for most of this year she just shows up in the same tight, black dress and looks heavier than she does in other pictures. I think she has a beautiful shape. I just wish she would branch out style-wise and cease wearing tight black dresses. If this dress were a little looser, the sleeves a little shorter and the neckline a little higher it would be more flattering. She also needs to not wear her hair so tightly too her head. Because it can make the rest of your body look bigger when you wear your hair too close to your head- adding height to a mound of tight her won’t really help. She’s a beautiful woman- I just hope she’ll start changing up her style!

He Said 2012 AMA Awards

I love smaller awards shows.  People aren’t as afraid to take risks, and that leads to a lot of varied results: both fantastic, and horrifically bad.  This year we saw a lot of simple variations on menswear, but also some extreme craziness that just did not work.  It was a good night for scarves and vests, and shiny suits, and a bad night for beaded menswear.  A lot of extremes were worn last night, but not a lot in between.


Ryan Seacrest- This look is flawlessly classic.  The suit fits great.  He’s having some fun here by leaving off the tie, and a slightly different color in the suit than you would expect.

Carey Hart- This is a great outfit that men anywhere could wear.  I love the dark red shirt with the black tie and suit.  It has just the right amount of flair.

The Backstreet Boys- They may not be boys anymore, but thankfully they’re not dressing like it either.  Each of these suits works for each individual and as part of a group.  It’s because each one is pretty simple.  No crazy pieces here or there to distract.  My favorite is the shiny maroon suit.

Jason Derulo- As a rule, I don’t like white t-shirts on red carpet, but here it works.  His simple look lets his accessories do the talking with a striking black and white scarf and a thick gold chain.

Mike Fisher- Carrie Underwood’s husband may not be working right now because of the NHL lockout, but he’s a standout here.  He’s dressed casually, but is wearing his vest well, and the suit jacket dresses it up quite a bit.

Worst There’s just way too much going on here. He did a good job with not having too many colors, but the accessories really overtake this whole look.  Rings that take up his whole fist that say “scream” and “shout”, gold chains, gold sunglasses, and a hate with teeth are too many.  And I don’t understand what he’s going for with the jacket, if it in fact is a jacket.  There are also a lot of different textures here.

Brad Goreski- From the waist up this outfit is fine, a little boring, but serviceable.  Now look south and you see it: beaded pants.  And they are badly beaded pants.  They get farther and farther apart as you get closer to the bottom.  Based solely on this, I would never hire this man to be my stylist.

Justin Bieber-Not only is he wearing beaded shoes, but I can’t figure out what the shirt is made of, the pants have a severe fit problem, and he’s wearing cardigan.  Much worse night for him on the red carpet than it wound up being inside.

Somewhere In between

Charles Kelley and Dave Haywood of Lady Antebellum- Charles looks good here, but Dave does not.  While Charles has a good casual look including a nice scarf, Dave’s suit doesn’t fit right at all.  Those pants are mighty tight.

PSY- I love the jacket here, but the pants went too far.  They look too feminine somehow to even have a place in men’s fashion.

Tyga- The monochromatic look could have really worked if not for the beaded leopard shoes.  Even having to type that really hurts.

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Who did you think rocked the red carpet last night? Who is your red carpet favorite- Taylor, Carrie, Biebs?