Playlists: Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Playlist

Wow, it’s really almost here!  We’ve already shared with you our Thanksgiving Viewing list and now we are going to talk about music for Thanksgiving. Today (Wednesday) will definitely be the busiest day of the week for me (Kari). I’m finishing up plans and have a ton of work still to do- cooking, baking, and sautéing. As most of us are finishing up our week of hard work, or just starting for some, we should have a playlist. Thanksgiving is a beautiful holiday with lots of delicious food, but it’s also a lot of work.  I do all the cooking myself, and I cook from scratch, too. Thanksgiving = lots of work Kari. It’s fun, but exhausting!  You’ve got to pace yourself. That’s why I’ve broken this playlist up into several chunks that you can use to help you as you enter the last 24 hours of Thanksgiving prep!

Recipe Gather and Planning

Shoo Fly pie and Apple Pan Dowdy– Dinah Shore

A song about sweets, plus it’s got such a nice jazzy feeling.

A Bushel and a Peck– Doris Day

Don’t forget to check your measurements when you are cooking! Make sure you know if you need a bushel or a peck! (I’m sorry I couldn’t resist the cheesy joke!)

Syrup & Honey– Duffy

A little soulful ballad will help fortify you as you head into the kitchen.


Lovely Day– Isabel Rose

It’s a nice reminder that this day, no matter how hard it gets, is a beautiful gift. Don’t get stressed!

Turkey Lurkey Time Promises, Promises soundtrack

This song is so much fun (it’s Burt Bacharach after all) that you’ll be dancing in your kitchen!

Whistle While You WorkSnow White and the Seven Dwarves Soundtrack

It helps to be happy when you are working!

A Spoonful of Sugar– Mary Poppins Soundtrack

It can’t be said enough that a positive attitude will help your work get done faster and you’ll be more relaxed.

Gonna Fly Now( Theme from “Rocky”)– Rocky Balboa Soundtrack

This is the song to play when you don’t know how you can stand be in the kitchen another minute, but you still have another project you must finish! It’ll help encourage you!


Libestraum No. 3 in A-flat Major, S. 541-3– Franz Liszt

Put your feet up, take some deep breaths, and relax awhile! You earned it!

Shine On Harvest Moon-Rosemary Clooney

This song is also great for a break; it’s perfect time of year to be singing it after all!

Being Thankful

We Gather Together– London Festival Orchestra

This is a beautiful hymn.

Come Thou Fount– Jadon Lavik

I try to be intentional about not just being thankful, but making sure that I’m thanking God, my Heavenly Father for all he’s done for me. Sometimes it’s easy to just say I’m thankful and forget to thank Him personally! And of course I want to ask him to continue to bless me!

I’ve Got Plenty to Be Thankful For– Bing Crosby

Well, I do! I have a personal relationship with God, my health, somewhere to live, plenty to eat, a wonderful husband and family/friends!

I Got the Sun in the Morning– Doris Day

A good reminder of the simple things in life!

This Land is Your Land– Everclear

Do you remember when you used to have to sing this every Thanksgiving when you were a little kid?

Dinner Music

Thanksgiving Theme– Vince Guaraldi Trio

You have to have the Peanuts Thanksgiving theme! Jazz can be such great dinner music and this piece is really great!

Violin Concerto No 1. – J. S,. Bach

I love Bach for dinner music! It’s stimulating, but not overwhelming.

Julia’s Theme– Alexandre Desplat (from Julie & Julia Soundtrack)

This track is so light and sweet, and it really sounds like Julia Child- if she were a piece of music, that is.

Waltz of the Flowers– Big Band Christmas

Yes! It’s dessert time and finally time to say Christmas is on its way!!! Hooray! This version is just gorgeous- we’ll probably end up waltzing around the living room again!

I hope those help you have a wonderfully full and fun Thanksgiving! We wish all of you the happiest of Thanksgivings and just know that we count our readers a special gift and we are very thankful for you!

Happy Thanksgiving from Kari and RJ!


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