From Our Collection: Christmas Movies

From Our Collection: Christmas Movies

Christmas is such a fun and exciting time of year. One of the things that we always look forward watching during the holidays is our favorite Christmas movies. Here are our top picks for Christmas movies! We added our favorite parts of the movie as a holiday gift for our readers!

White Christmas

Where can we get outfits like these? image from wikipedia

White Christmas

It’s a musical with great songs and dance numbers so of course we love it. Even if you aren’t a musical fan, don’t let the fact that it’s a musical scare you away from this holiday gem.  It’s a fun movie with lots of romance and humor, too. My father isn’t even a big fan of musicals and he likes this movie, thanks in large part to Danny Kaye’s comedic gifts. The story focuses on a pair of army buddies turned famous singers and the help they extend to a pair of singing sisters and a former general in the Army. It’s our absolute favorite Christmas movie. We watch it twice every year during Christmas- and a few times throughout the year too.

Kari’s Favorite Part– The performance of “Snow”

RJ’s Favorite Part– When Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye perform Sisters

The Santa Clause

What Christmas movie list would be complete with at least one silly Santa movie? This “modern classic” movie is hands down our favorite Santa movie. Tim Allen delivers a heartfelt and humorous performance as a workaholic father who accidentally becomes Santa Claus. It’s a cute movie!

Kari’s Favorite Part– The little girl who waits up for Santa every year.

RJ’s Favorite Part -When the police are asking for his name, and he keeps giving Santa names

Christmas in my Hometown

Most people have a Christmas TV movie that they love. I mean they have to, right? Why else is Hallmark only showing TV movies until Christmas is over? This movie first came out in the mid 90s and it became a tradition in my family that I carried over to our family life now. It’s a sweet story of a corporate executive of ends up getting in touch with his down home roots and finding romance- doesn’t that just sound like a good TV movie? It stars Melissa Gilbert, Tim Matheson, Michelle Trachtenberg and Travis Tritt. The movie also features two really good Travis Tritt songs “Where Corn Don’t Grow” and “Christmas in my Hometown”- I love it!

Kari’s Favorite Part– The use of “Where Corn Don’t Grow”

RJ’s Favorite Part– The whole storyline with the choir.


This movie is totally THE modern classic Christmas movie. It’s a Will Ferrell movie that while not perfect, is clean enough to watch, it has Zooey Deschanel and a great soundtrack. The cast delivers a holiday gift to audiences everywhere with their well-executed performances. Buddy the Elf is a sweet character and there’s much fun to be had in watching this human raised by elves learn to navigate New York City.

Kari’s Favorite Part– Mr. Narwahl, the 4 Basic Food Groups for elves, Buddy and Jovie’s date- okay, that was more than one favorite.

RJ’s Favorite Part– When Buddy does so great in the snowball fight

It’s a Wonderful Life

There’s not a better Christmas drama. It’s a Wonderful Life is truly one of the best films ever. Any movie that paints such a true picture of the suffering and desperation that sometimes plagues the human heart and urges us to remember that every life is special is a cinematic gift. It would be easy to feel like movie was coated in saccharine with the through line of measuring life in friends instead of in fortune amassed.  Jimmy Stewart gives a typically endearing and heartbreaking performance of George Bailey. Donna Reed is beautiful and inspiring as George’s loyal wife, Mary. Frank Capra made THE holiday movie of all time with this movie.

Kari’s Favorite Part– Is there anything better than the last 5 minutes of the movie?

RJ’s Favorite Part– When George and Mary start their honeymoon

Merry Christmas! We hope you enjoy some of our favorite movies this holiday season!