From Our Collection: Christmas Television

Christmas Television

image from wikipedia

image from wikipedia

Christmas is rapidly approaching. I don’t know about you, but I’m (Kari) already tired from Christmas preparations and there’s still so much to do. Why not take some time this weekend and enjoy some Christmas programming. We’ve already shared with you some of our favorite Christmas movies and Christmas music. Here are some of our favorite Christmas episodes and specials!


The Lucy Show- Together for Christmas

This episode finds Lucy and Viv planning on spending their first Christmas together, but can they compromise about whose traditions they will use?

Kari’s Favorite Moment- When Lucy and Viv argue about Christmas traditions

RJ’s Favorite Moment- The Christmas trees

The Brady Bunch- The Voice of Christmas

Carol Brady is supposed to sing a Christmas morning solo at church. When she loses her voice how does it effect Christmas in the Brady household?

Kari’s Favorite Moment- The performance of “ O Come All Ye Faithful”

RJ’s Favorite Moment- When Mr. Brady confronts the mall Santa

That Girl- Christmas and the Hard-Luck Kid

In this flashback episode we see Anne spend Christmas with a young boy who can’t be with his family.

Kari’s Favorite Moment- Anne playing Follow the leader

RJ’s Favorite Moment- Anne and the kid eating sandwiches.


The Nanny- The Christmas Episode

Fran spends her first Christmas with the Sheffield’s, but does she get in over her head with present buying?

Kari’s Favorite Moment- The scene where they open presents

RJ’s Favorite Moment- When Fran tries to get her gifts back from the kids


Mary Tyler Moor Show- Christmas and the Hard Luck Kid II

Mary learns about how Christmas is celebrated by those who work in television news.

Kari’s Favorite Moment- When Rhoda and Mary exchange gifts

RJ’s Favorite Moment- Rhoda training Mary on her present


Reba- Cookies for Santa

Reba expects to spend Christmas with the entire family together, but what happens to her plans when everyone wants to go their separate ways?

Kari’s Favorite Moment- Cheyenne and Van in the Pancake House

RJ’s Favorite Moment- Santa dissing Reba’s cookies

18 kids and Counting- O Come All Ye Duggars

The Duggars decide to create a float for a local Christmas parade with live animals, tons of lights and more!

Kari’s Favorite Moment- The parade

RJ’s Favorite Moment- Seeing the full float in the parade


A Different World- Gift of the Magi

While the students at Hillman celebrate Christmas with Secret Santa gifts, Whitley struggles with her father’s new love interest.

Kari’s Favorite Moment- The Christmas rap

RJ’s Favorite Moment- All of the bizarre Secret Santa gifts

The Dick Van Dyke Show- Alan Brady Show Presents

Alan Brady decides to change the regular format of the Christmas show into a cavalcade of talent featuring the staff and their families singing and dancing.

Kari’s Favorite Moment- Rob and Laura’s Santa dance number

RJ’s Favorite Moment- The number where Rob and Laura are both Santa



Frosty the Snowman

Who doesn’t love Frosty! He’s so sweet!

Kari’s Favorite Moment- Naming Frosty

RJ’s Favorite Moment- When Frosty says “Happy Birthday!”

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

It just doesn’t feel like Christmas without watching this! Rankin and Bass really made an amazing work of art when they created this special.

Kari’s Favorite Moment- Anything with Herbie, but especially “A Couple of Misfits”

RJ’s Favorite Moment- When Rudolph and Clarice first meet.


Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town

I had never even seen this until we were married and now it’s a tradition in our house.  If Santa is going to be a fun fairytale he might as well have a neat origin story.

Kari’s Favorite Moment- Jessica’s Song- it’s so 60s!

RJ’s Favorite moment- Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town

A Charlie Brown Christmas

I think this is really THE Christmas special. You have to watch this, maybe a couple of times every year. It’s such a good reminder to focus on the real meaning of Christmas. And who doesn’t love it when they dance! And sing! And ice skate!

Kari’s Favorite Moment- Linus telling the Christmas story

RJ’s Favorite moment- That sweet little tree

How The Grinch Stole Christmas

I don’t like the movie of this very much, but I love the original animated special. Boris Karloff’s narration and how cute the Whos are just make it 1,000 times better than Jim Carrey in a fur suit.

Kari’s Favorite Moment- Max, he’s adorable

RJ’s Favorite Moment- The ending!

Holly Hobbie and Friends: Christmas Wishes

This special is so sweet! I love Holly, she is such a good friend and she’s so giving. It’s a great special for kids to see at this time of year to remember about giving and sharing! Holly and her friends reach out to help a widow and her family during the holidays with absolutely precious and sometimes humorous results.

Kari’s Favorite Moment- The song “No Room At The Inn Tonight”

RJ’s Favorite Things- Anytime Mr. Scranton Sings

Veggie Tales: It’s a Meaningful Life

Veggie Tales can be hit or miss with us. This special is a huge hit!  I love that they did a take-off on It’s a Wonderful Life. Sometimes it’s easy to feel insignificant and it’s so important to remember that we are all valuable and unique. It’s almost impossible to watch this and not laugh heartily at the vegetable antics. You’ll tear up at the end too!

Kari’s Favorite Moment- 110%

RJ’s Favorite Moment- When the big football player first comes home.

When we have a chance to put our feet up and get some rest this weekend we’ll definitely be pulling items from this catalogue! What are your favorite holiday specials?

Merry Christmas!