Playlists: Christmas Fun!

Christmas Fun Playlist

It’s Christmastime! Hooray! Christmas is such a fun and special time of year. Who doesn’t love birthday celebrations? We love all kinds of Christmas music. In fact we love it so much that we have made  3 different Christmas playlists.  We’ve already shared our favorite Christmas classics playlists and our “new” Christmas classics. Today, we’ll share our favorite “fun” Christmas songs. It’s great to have fun and think about snow and spending time with friends. But, Christmas is Jesus’ birthday and should be a celebration honoring him we don’t want to forget Him! After all the only way we have anything to celebrate is through God’s gifts to us. Since Jesus is definitely the best gift we’ll ever be given, we should make sure to find room for him in all our Christmas traditions. Snow, presents, and cookies are great, but let’s make sure to find lots of room for Jesus in our lives and on our playlists. After all, He gave up everything for us- let’s honor Him by picking music about Him or music that speaks of good clean fun.

So allow me ( Kari) to share with our Christmas Fun playlist!

Our favorite "fun" Christmas album, Kristin Chenoweth's "A Lovely Way to Spend Christmas"- image from wikpedia

Our favorite “fun” Christmas album, Kristin Chenoweth’s “A Lovely Way to Spend Christmas”- image from wikpedia


A New Deal For Christmas– Annie Soundtrack

Who wouldn’t love a New Deal for Christmas?


Little Saint Nick– Beach Boys

It’s always nice to have a taste of the beach, especially in December.


Nutcracker Suite– The Brian Setzer Orchestra

We love the Nutcracker. We love Big Band music. Thanks to Brian Setzer for putting them together!


We Are Santa’s Elves– Rudolph Soundtrack

Rudolph is a crazy big deal at our house.


We’re a Couple of Misfits– Rudolph Soundtrack

We love that Rudolph and Herbie decide to be “independent together” just like us!


A Holly Jolly Christmas– Burl Ives

This song is so cute! How could you not love it!


The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don’t Be Late)– Alvin and the Chipmunks

I had always hated this song until a few years ago. We had planned to go to Disney World during the Christmas season and we foolishly decided to not let my newly sprained ankle deter us. Disney World is just not as fun in wheelchair. They played some of the worst music ever, but I learned to like this song because I could imitate the voices.


Run Rudolph Run– Chuck Berry

A novelty song with Chuck Berry on guitar- I’m totally there!


Turkey Lurkey Time from Promises, Promises

This song was written Burt Bacharach. It’s jazzy, witty and totally great to dance to. Like, I said, it’s Burt Bacharach so of course it’s awesome!


Frosty the Snowman– Ella Fitzgerald

A version of Frosty that swings!  Thanks, Ella


Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree– Hannah Montana

You know we love our Disney Pop!


Girl Of My dreams– Jonas Brothers

It’s a cheesy pop song, but it’s fun!


Christmas Island– Kristin Chenoweth

Who would like to spend Christmas on Christmas Island? Sounds good to me!


Come On Ring Those Bells– Kristin Chenoweth

I’ve loved this song since I was little because it’s so happy and joyous. And nothing is more fun at Christmastime then singing about the birth of Jesus!


Country Christmas– Loretta Lynn

I want to plan a country Christmas hearing this song and we’re really city people!


The Happiest Christmas Tree– Nat King Cole

This little known Christmas tree song is almost more fun to sing then “O Christmas Tree”


Buon Natale (Means Merry Christmas)– Nat King Cole

This song is just so neat. Anthony Hamilton and Nat King Cole’s voices play so well off of each other.


Suzy Snowflake– Rosemary Clooney

I’m an old-fashioned girl. I discovered this song on a Rosemary Clooney CD that my mother bought me. It’s so cute! I want a Suzy Snowflake dress! Can’t you just picture a darling ruffled, lacy swing dress?


Christmas This Year– TobyMac& Leigh Nash

RJ is a crazy TobyMac fan. I discovered this song as a freebie on ITunes last year. It’s so happy that I couldn’t resist it! The Leigh Nash part is just gorgeous.  We love to sing this together!


Christmastime Is Here– Vince Guaraldi Trio

I want to walk like a Peanuts character just hearing this!


Enjoy this Christmas season! Check back for more of our playlists and viewing lists- we’ll be sharing them soon! Make sure to reflect on the reason for the celebration of this beautiful season!


Merry Christmas!


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