Fashion Desk: 2013 People’s Choice Awards

She Said: 2013 People’s Choice Awards 

The 2013 awards season has begun! First stop, the People’s Choice Awards! Since, this is a show that is voted on by the public and not just critics or others movie stars it tends to be a more casual show. I kind of resent that. We make celebrities’ lives possible by seeing movies and buying their music. We deserve a good red carpet too, maybe even a better one than the Oscars! The stars definitely showed up in some dubious fashion choices, but I was also pleased to see some very lovely things on the red carpet, too.

Best Dressed

julianne hough people'c choice 2013101936-original

Julianne Hough in Tony Ward Couture

I almost completely love this dress. I love the color mix of blue, black and silver.  The cap sleeves and retro silhouette are darling. What I’m not crazy about is the almost snowflake like graphic ah the bottom of the dress. I still like it a lot but simplifying that one item would have made this my best dressed.

chloe mortez 2013 people's choice101954-original

Chloe Grace Moretz in Simone Rocha

This dress is cute and young. I love the Day Glo lace and daisy pattern.

jennifer aniston 2013 people's choice award102024-original

Jennifer Aniston in Dior

This dress is a great mix of edgy and pretty. I love the idea of a tasteful black leather party dress. I especially love the skirt.

rachael leigh cook people's choice 2013 101956-original

Rachael Leigh Cook in Oliver Tolentino

This dress is tied for my best dressed of the evening! I love the color and the fabric of the dress. The train is lovely! This dress also has a good balance of fluidity and structure. Her hair and accessories, especially the chunky gold necklace, are lovely.

katy perry 2013 people's choice awards102019-original

Katy Perry in Valentino

This is my best dress for sure! I love the floral print on the black background. The sleeves are perfectly fitted and I always love a full skirt.  This dress is so modest and wearable. Her hair and makeup keep this look very fresh.

Dress Messes

lea michele 2013 people's choice awards101962-original

Lea Michele in Elie Saab

This dress looks way too old for her. It kind of looks like a mini dress version of what they sell for grandmas to wear at weddings. In fact, if this were a little longer and less skintight it would probably be striking on an older woman. I also think the sequin lace is tacky. Cute shoes, though!

paris hilton 2013 people's choice 101977-original

Paris Hilton

This print is dreadful! It’s good to see Paris dressed modestly, but this print is terrible. It’s unflattering and just plain ugly. The printed bows alone are ghastly.  This print reminds me of the print dresses that you always see hanging in the final, final, final clearance racks in department stores.

melissa rauch 2013 people's choice awards 101951-original

Melissa Rauch in Junko Yoshioka

The color of this dress is very pretty, but the execution is pretty terrible. The whole dress looks as though it were badly sewn due to its many puckers and noticeable unflattering seams. The bodice looks like it was pieced together from scraps. I also cannot believe how wrinkled this fabric is, could know one have steamed it?  In the last moments of getting ready you may not be able to fix a dress’s poor construction, but always remember to build in time for steaming or pressing garments! It can make a difference!

jennifer lawrence 2013 people's choice awards102026-original

Jennifer Lawrence in Valentino Couture

I don’t like anything about this dress. It makes Jennifer look both older and heavier- who wants to look older or heavier? The neckline, drape and beading of this dress combine to make a look that’s reminiscent of a Dynasty bathing suit cover up.

Almost Success

regina king 2013 people's choice awards 101981-original

Regina King in Badgley Mischka

I like the black and cream combination of this dress. But, I don’t like the piece of lace on the bodice. It looks like it was just thrown on as an afterthought. A lace belt or sash would have looked less like a design afterthought.

sandra bullock 2013 people's choice awards102025-original

Sandra Bullock in Vera Wang

I want to like this because there is something striking about this dress, but there are some problems with it too. Pinstripes can be really cool, but it’s hard to use them and still keep a look feminine. I love the idea of pairing pinstripes with a one shoulder lace top, but the proportion of these two specific pieces create something that looks heavy. If the skirt could have been a little shorter and the lace a little more delicate then I think it would work beautifully

He Said: 2013 People’s Choice Awards

It must be getting into official award show season because the fashion is getting a little more formal than it has been in the past few months.  There was a lot of boring menswear on display.  I saw a bunch of tuxes, both with bow ties and straight ties.  I was a little disappointed in how many people stepped outside the box in small ways that would have worked better if they’d gone bigger with the risks.  There was also one celebrity that was down right shocking in his new look.  There were still some great examples of well-dressed men, so without further ado here they are.

Best Dressed

willie garson 2013 people's choice awards101959-original

Willie Garson- This look is both fun and formal.  The color in the pants and the shirt and tie may be different, but they don’t clash, and they’re both subtle.  Even the different design on the shirt and the tie work well together.

anthony anderson 2013 people's choice awards101943-original

Anthony Anderson- I love a vest.  Substituting a vest in place of a jacket for this event was a great choice.  Once again, there are some adventurous choices here with the different colors, but it is all harmonious.

jay ryan 2013 people's choice awards102000-original

Jay Ryan- Vests rock.  Ryan’s is a higher cut variety than Anderson’s, but it still works great.  What I love most is that it feels vintage and modern at the same time because of the patterned tie.

In The Middle

jensen ackles 2013 people's choice awards101997-original

Jensen Ackles- I love the idea here.  I’m a huge fan of maroon.  I love keeping it simple and opting for dichromatic.  It’s the fit here that’s the only problem.  The jacket looks too tight to close, and the trousers are too tight in the manly areas, and too baggy further down the leg.  A good tailor could have landed him on my best dressed.

jesse williams 2013 people's choice awards 101992-original

Jesse Williams- I like his choice of shoes, and suit looks pretty good, but the buttoned top button really is bothersome.

nathan fillion 2013 people's choice awards101988-original

Nathan Fillion- This suit looks impeccable.  I love the cut and fit, and the black shirt is well done as well.  With all that monochromatic it puts a lot of pressure on the tie to be just the right pop of color, and this wasn’t it.

Worst Dressed

eddie redmayne 2013 people's choice awards101983-original

Eddie Redmayne- I don’t know why, but it really bothers me when people show up to award shows looking like prep school math teachers.

joseph lawrence 2013 people's choice awards 101968-original

Joseph Lawrence- His look shocked me.  Typically conservative, well-dressed Lawrence showed up here as a totally different person.  The coat is too tight, and the jeans look far too worn for an awards show.  Say it isn’t so Joe!