Fashion Desk: 2013 Critics’ Choice Movie Awards

She Said 2013 Critics’ Choice Movie Awards

I’m really enjoying all the beautiful fashions that have been displayed so far this red carpet season. The Critics’ Choice Movie Awards kind of got buried for us because of some sickness and the Golden Globes. But, I really wanted to look at more beautiful dresses. So, even though it’s a few days late here are our thoughts on the red carpet fashion for the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards!

Best Dressed

lesley mann critics' choice awards 2013

Lesley Mann in Honor

What a cute dress! I love the bubblegum pink lace and the retro fit.

helen hunt 2013 critics' choice awards

Helen Hunt in Phillip Armstrong

This shade of red is lovely. The cap sleeves and train are so elegant, but the hip detail makes it a unique dress.

emily blunt 2013 critics' choice movie awards

Emily Blunt in Miu Miu

This dress is well fitted, the color is beautiful and I love the beaded collar!

emmy rossum 2013 critics' choice movie awards

Emmy Rossum in Carolina Herrera

I’m not usually a fan of navy, but this dress is beautiful. This dress really does give the impression of a starry night. I love the moon and star brooches at the waist and shoulder of this gown.

marion cotillard 2013 critics' choice movie awards

Marion Cotillard in Zuhair Murad

I love how this dress pairs a simple the cut of the dress with elaborate lace, beading and embroidery. This dress is so unique and well crafted it could be in a museum!

amanda seyfried 2013 critics' choice awards

Amanda Seyfried in Marios Schwab

This dress is a little strange, but its uniqueness is part of what makes it so cool. The blue hues are very striking as are the contrast of the lace and pleated fluid fabric. This look has the feel of a modern flapper. It’s just very cool and different. I love seeing new things on the red carpet! She’s my best-dressed lady of the night for sure!

Dress Messes

elle fanning 2013 critics' choice movie rewards

Elle Fanning in Chanel

I don’t like the boxy quality, the arts and crafts appliqué or the “wrapped towel” effect of the bust line.

amy adams 2013 critics' choice movie awards

Amy Adams in Vionnet

This dress looks as though it was hastily constructed from table napkins (the top) and a tablecloth (the skirt). It’s unflattering by making Amy appear wider and thicker. It’s also too bare in the top to be flattering to her arms and bust line.

anne hathaway 2013 critics' choice awards

Anne Hathaway in Oscar de la Renta

This dress is very blah. The color is too close to her skin tone. It’s a shame that a gown that’s covered with that many gold beads could be boring, but this is literally the most boring Oscar de la Renta gown I’ve ever seen. I don’t think her hair, makeup or accessories enhanced this look.

Almost Successes

jessica chastain 2013 critics' choice awards

Jessica Chastain in Prada

I don’t think this shade of red is very flattering to Jessica, or anyone, it’s just weird. Between the cut, the quality of fabric and the embellishments it looks like a formal dress from Cache that would cost about $300. I feel that for a designer dress there’s a shocking lack of effort and quality and with nicer materials and better fit it could have been a lovely dress.

jennifer lawrence 2013 critics' choice awards

Jennifer Lawrence in Prabal Gurung

This dress has some interesting aspects in its 30’s style silhouette. But, it also feels really over designed with the leather, sheer inserts, the attached sheer train, patent belt, the train of the actual gown and all the draping on the hip. Perhaps with a few details simplified this gown could have been a winner!

He Said 2013 Critics Choice Movie Awards

The Critic’s Choice Movie Awards weren’t as boring as the Golden Globes for men, but it was a close call.  Looking at the pictures of the suits, I feel more like I’m at a sales meeting for a retail chain than at a red carpet event.  Some people managed to do boring well at least.  Some guys really needed to edit just a little bit too.


matthew mcconaughey 2013 critics' choice movie awards

Matthew McConaughey- This look is boring, but it’s classic and done well.  The fit of the tux is wonderful.

bradley cooper 2013 critics' choice movie awards

Bradley Cooper- He looks good here.  This isn’t just a tux, but the pairing looks appropriate.


liev schreiber 2013 critics' choice awards

Liev Schreiber- Nothing feels special here.  It looks thrown together, and the collar has buttons.  I have shirts that have buttons on the collar, but I wouldn’t wear them to an awards show.

jon lovitz 2013 critics' choice movie awards

John Lovitz- The combination of the shirt color and the tie really make this feel like a salesman.  He really needs to pull his pants up too.

In Between

ben affleck 2013 critics' choice movie awards

Ben Affleck- Here Ben tries to keep it traditional, but the tux doesn’t fit right, and the long tie doesn’t suit him here.

iam somerholder 2013 critics' choice movie awards

Ian Somerholder- Ian would have looked much better if he’d ditched the jacket and showed us more of his vest.

jack black 2013 critics' choice movie awards

Jack Black- The fit on this suit is good, and the shirt is a nice color, but the tie doesn’t work.  If he’d worn this without a tie at all, it would have worked better.

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