On The Road: Two Palate Dining: Crazy Good Burgers

She Said: Crazy Good Burgers

Kari's Burger from Crazy Good Burgers

Kari’s Burger from Crazy Good Burgers

I have a very strong love/hate relationship with hamburgers. I love the taste of a delicious, well-crafted hamburger. But, I don’t love burgers that are hard, crunchy and bitter from overcooking. I also don’t like any pink in my hamburger at all. I’ve tried tons of burgers from tons of places and few people or restaurants can make them to my liking. However, I’m always hopeful that I can find a beautifully well done, in meat doneness and taste/texture, hamburger. We’ve also been anxious to try a food truck for years. Even though we live in the DC area it just hasn’t been an easy thing to accomplish. RJ works pretty far away from home during the week so we can’t have lunch together and we aren’t in the city during the day. Who knew our first food truck try and finding the best burger I’ve ever had would both occur when we were out of town! It turns out that Crazy Good Burgers name really does tell the truth about their wonderful food!

This food truck is located in my old hometown of Morristown, Tennessee. I’m really happy that Morristown has gotten some great places to eat in the past couple of years. First, Jersey Girl Diner and now Crazy Good Burgers! Everyone we encountered at the truck was friendly. I was very interested in their menu of burgers, other sandwiches and fries. We tried a few items, but I’m already planning on trying something different when we go back!

The burgers are delicious! My hamburger was completely well done but wasn’t hard. It was soft and still juicy inside. The buttery buns were also crisped nicely. Usually I don’t order lots of toppings on my hamburger (next time I might try cheese or bacon), I just ordered this burger with tomato and pickle. I don’t know how they managed to find a decent tomato slice at this time of year, but I sincerely applaud them for it! The pickles are sweeter than I typically prefer, but they really work with the clean flavor and feeling of this burger. You know how sometimes you feel tired and full from eating a burger? I felt totally energized and credit that to the fact they use hormone free meat. As someone who suffers from several different kinds of endocrine diseases I appreciate a business that cares enough to use the best products!

I sampled just a little of RJ’s burger and will definitely be getting bacon on my burger next time and maybe cheese, too. The lettuce also looked nice so I might try that, too. He had mayonnaise on his burger (ugh-hate!) so I only had a tiny nibble of his burger. But, everything looked nice and the bite of  bacon I had was very tasty.

The fries were light and crispy with a nice dusting of seasoning salt.

We have to take a second to talk about the most amazing part of this meal. The lemonade. It was AWESOME! I absolutely adore lemonade. But, because it’s my favorite drink, I’m very choosy about whose lemonade I enjoy. This lemonade had the perfect balance of sweet and tart. It’s also smooth and drinkable because it wasn’t full of seeds and pulp. Well-strained lemonade is a beautiful, if rare, jewel of beverages. We split one lemonade for lunch, but we loved it so much that we bought 2 more for the drive home. We’ll be doing that again! Nothing makes a long car trip easier than having a yummy drink!

I would and will absolutely eat here again. I can have a delicious, hormone free, burger and great lemonade? I’m totally excited for my next visit to this fabulous food truck!  Crazy Good Burgers- please get a Northern Virginia truck, too!

Kari’s Ratings

Burger- 10

Fries- 8

Lemonade- 10!

Overall- 10

crazy good burgers truck

crazy good burgers fries

RJ's Burger from Crazy Good Burgers

RJ’s Burger from Crazy Good Burgers

He Said: Crazy Good Burger

Over the weekend we visited the in-laws in East Tennessee.  One thing I definitely didn’t expect to find was a food truck in Morristown!  I have it on my 101 list to eat at a food truck, but haven’t been able to plan on it because here in the DC metro area it’s really hard to find a food truck out on the weekends, especially in the suburbs.  So I was excited.  But with a name like Crazy Good Burger could it possibly live up to its own hype?

The answer is a resounding yes.

I ordered my burger with lettuce, mayo, pickle, and bacon (this cost an extra dollar).  It all worked together marvelously.  The meat was well seasoned and well cooked.  The lettuce was crispy, and the pickles were amazing.  They added a nice sweetness that really enhanced the savory experience of the meat.  The bun was nothing special, but that’s a good thing, because it might have stolen the show.  The bacon was crispy and delicious.  It was also cooked perfectly.

The shoestring fries were thicker than I was expecting from the description.  They were seasoned like Frenchie Fries from Pal’s, but I liked these even better.  The seasoning was never overpowering, or overly salty.

This is going to sound nuts since I’ve raved so much so far, but my hands down favorite item is actually their fresh-squeezed lemonade.  We liked this so much that we ordered two more on our way out of town, and drank them most of the way home!  The lemonade is sweet and tart in the exact right amounts.  The best part is that there were no seeds or pulp at all.  That’s so refreshing.  It’s been impossible for me to find fresh-squeezed lemonade this flavorful without any of the lemon waste in the cup.

Crazy Good Burger really is Crazy Good.  And we’ll definitely being going back next time we’re in Morristown.

RJ’s Ratings


Fries -8