Fashion Desk: 2013 SAG Awards

She Said 2013 SAG Awards

The SAG (Screen Actor’s Guild) awards always have an interesting red carpet because the stars always seem to relax a bit more at this event. The Golden Globes   are the first major award show of the season so they require serious fashion planning. The Oscars are the premium fashion event of the season and require even more work. However, the SAG awards give the actors a chance to wear some fun and less formal styles. Thankfully even though they are less glamorous and serious, they still turn out in fun and fabulous ensembles!

Best Dressed

amanda seyfried SAG awards 2013

Amanda Seyfried in Zac Posen

This dress is stunning! From it’s beautiful rich color to it’s fabulously sculpted shape, it’s a perfectly simple and elegant gown.

kiernan shipka 2013 SAG awards

Kiernan Shipka in Oscar de la Renta

I know she’s only a young girl, but this dress is lovely and was one of the prettiest on the red carpet. I love the shell pink, the retro fit and the beaded lace. It’s a perfect party dress.

Kaley Cuoco SAG Awards 2013

Kaley Cuoco in Romona Keveza

First of all, her hair looks terrible. Don’t pay attention to the hair. Just look at this beautiful ball gown. It’s the perfect shade of red, it’s well cut and the lace is beautiful. It’s also very refreshing and wonderful to see a gown that’s not sweeping the ground!

Giuliana Rancic

Guilana Rancic in Max Azria Atelier

I love the beautiful blue and the ruffled detail of the bust line and sleeve. It’s a very simple but very pretty gown. Her hair and makeup also look fresh and fun. This is a perfect gown for an event that you might be “working” instead of just attending. It must be hard to chose a gown that’s appropriate and not over the top when you are a correspondent/host, but this dress fits the bill perfectly.

helen hunt 2013 SAG awards

Helen Hunt in Romona Keveza

This beautiful silver dress is so perfect. It’s a wonderful combination of clean lines and beautiful beads and sparkles. I love the train! Her hair and makeup are soft and fresh, she looks so lovely. And I love her necklace and bracelets!

Lea Michele

Lea Michele in Valentino

I love this dress! How Barbie glam and beautiful is this? This dress is a confection of pink, satiny, floaty Barbie goodness. It’s impeccably cut, seamed and fitted. I love it! This dress is my absolute favorite of the night!

Dress Messes

image from

image from

Marion Cotillard in Dior Haute Couture

The skirt of this dress reminds me of those Barbie dolls whose evening gowns turned into little purses/ pouches. Does anyone else remember those? I don’t like color blocking in evening gowns. I also really think that this skirt is just too busy with pockets, high waist, pleating, train, sash and a funky hem. The whole look is just too much!

julianna margulies 2013 SAG Awards

Julianna Margulies

The color blocking of this gown is really sloppy as are its details. The floppy bow, hem and almost sarong style skirt are messy!

jane krakowski 2013 SAG Awards

Jane Krakowski in Kaufman Franco

I don’t like the Starburst orange color. The sequins look cheap, as does the belt. It just doesn’t feel like a fresh evening gown, it just feels like an out of date pageant dress.

anne hathaway 2013 SAG Awards

Anne Hathaway in Giambattista Valli Haute Couture

This feels like something that Demi Moore would have worn in 1992. That’s not really a compliment because I’ve never cared for Ms. Moore’s personal style. This dress looks dated and poorly constructed. I’ve heard that 90’s style fashion is making a comeback. But, can we please leave all the sheer bodice, badly beaded, miniskirt gowns in the past, please?

jennifer lawrence 2013 SAG Awards

Jennifer Lawrence in Dior Haute Couture

This dress looks like it was hastily made out of a navy blue sleeping bag. Seriously, look at it. I miss Jennifer’s old style. She’s been doing a lot of things on the red carpet this season that aren’t flattering or well made. I miss her old red carpet style. I hope that for the Oscars we’ll see her in an awesome dress instead of some the generic things that she’s worn this season.

Almost Success

kelly osbourne 2013 SAG awards

Kelly Osbourne in Jenny Packham

I love the Edwardian style of this gown. Its cut and fit are lovely. I just don’t like the faux jet beads that were used on it. They look cheap and flat compared to the beauty of real jet beads. The over decoration of the bodice with a poor embellishment dulls an otherwise lovely gown.

ariel winter 2013 SAG Awards

Ariel Winter

This dress has a beautiful princess quality with the floaty skirt and the embroidered flowers. But the bodice is so stiff and heavy that it becomes very unflattering. Something about the construction and fabrication about the bodice also makes the flowers look garish, while on the delicate sleeves the flowers remain lovely. A softer, but still structured bodice in the same color as the skirt would have been a much prettier choice

clarie danes 2013 SAG awards

Claire Danes in Givenchy

I love the cut and fit of this dress, especially the one sleeve. But, I don’t like the odd geometric trim. I know without some kind of detail the dress would have been too plain, but I don’t think that was the right trim, it’s just not chic or fun. I also don’t like her lipstick; it’s too dark and makes the whole look more somber and dull.

He Said SAG Awards 2013

Here come the Screen Actors Guild Awards!  As the Oscars near, men’s red carpet looks continue to get more staid and less adventurous.  Some people looked good in their traditional attire, and some bad.  There was more exciting style than at the Golden Globes, but also some serious misses.

hugh jackman 2013 SAG awards

eric stonestreet 2013 SAG awards

Hugh Jackman and Eric Stonestreet both looked great in boring classic tuxes.  While Hugh opted for the traditional bow tie, Stonestreet went with a straight tie for a little different feel.

image from

image from

nolan gould 2013 SAG awards

A retro feel was present in the looks sported by both Corey Monteith and little Nolan Gould.  The fit on these two drastically different sized guys is both great, and the color is a nice touch in both cases.

justin timberlake 2013 SAG awards

The Best Dressed man of the night was Justin Timberlake.  The pattern of his suit worked great with the shirt and the tie.  The only black was on his shoes, and it was marvelous.

chris tucker 2013 SAG awards

john krasinski 2013 SAG Awards

Both Chris Tucker and John Krasinski made problematic traditional fashion choices.  Tucker’s bow tie was very poorly tied.  I do applaud him on his use of color, so that outfit is easily fixed.  Krasinski’s suit isn’t as easy to fix since it looks like a fit issue.

johnny galecki 2013 SAG awards

jim parsons 2013 SAG awards

Jim Parsons and Johnny Galecki represented the cast of Big Bang Theory moderately well.  Galecki’s open neck is not occasion appropriate.  Do up the top button, and it’s a winner.  Parsons neck is also problematic, but in this case it’s the bowtie that’s weighing him down.  In both cases, the vests and suits would look great if worn differently.

As promised, there was some good, some bad, some traditional, and some adventurous.  I hope I continue to see some variety through the season

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