On The Road: Two Palate Dining: Babycakes Cupcakery- Update

She Said: Babycakes Cupcakery

We were recently passing through Abingdon, Virginia and decided to revisit Babycakes Cupcakery. The last time we were there we really enjoyed the cupcakes and wanted to see if there were different flavors that we could try. After all, sometimes you just want a sweet treat, right? Unfortunately, we arrived very close to closing time and our selection was limited because of the lateness of the day. But, they still had some wonderful looking cupcakes that we were very happy to select from.

The last time we visited, we tried several different cupcakes. I liked some flavors such as the English Toffee and the Chocolate Salted Caramel better than I liked the peanut butter flavors. I was really surprised, because I love peanut butter! Well, I’ve discovered recently that because I eat a lot of peanut butter (it’s good for PCOS), I can develop palate fatigue from it. Some days are good peanut butter days and others are not. I decided to give the peanut butter cupcake another try. Wow, am I glad that I did! It was delicious! First of all, the chocolate cupcake that they make is insanely good. I have never eaten a better chocolate cupcake base! The whipped peanut butter frosting is smooth and nutty without being bitter. And it has the perfect balance of salt. It’s neither too sweet or too savory, it’s really perfectly balanced. The peanut butter cup slice that tops this yummy cupcake is a nice bonus, too.

RJ tried the Elvis, which had more of the yummy whipped peanut butter frosting and a banana cupcake base. I can’t stand bananas. I hate them in fact. But, I have to say; it was a good banana cupcake. It didn’t have some of the bitterness and pungency that I typically associate with bananas. I don’t think I would be able to eat a whole one because I’m still not crazy about bananas, but the two small bites I had were very good. It was slightly earthy, but mellow with a hint of fruitiness. I normally think bananas just smell and taste like sweat, so the fact that I think it was palatable and intriguing is a very high compliment!

Will we visit Babycakes again? Absolutely! They are friendly, the shop is cute and the cupcakes are delish! I would love to sample some of the lunch items that they serve as well as their precious cupcakes. And I’m definitely trying that cupcake with bacon sometime, too!

Kari’s Ratings

Peanut Butter Cup- 9

The Elvis- Remember, I hate bananas- 4

Overall- 9

from left: The Elvis and Peanut Butter Cup

from left: The Elvis and Peanut Butter Cup

He Said: Babycakes Cupcakery Update

We found ourselves passing through Abingdon again recently, and had time to stop for a snack.  We weren’t hungry enough yet for a meal, so we opted for a return visit to Babycakes for just one cupcake each.  Last time they were the best cupcakes we’ve tried in our search for great cupcakes.  Would they hold up to a second visit?

Kari ordered the Peanut Butter Cup.  I had a bite and it was every bit as delicious as I remember.  The chocolate cake works great with their peanut butter frosting.

I ordered the Elvis.  Banana cake with the same peanut butter frosting served with a banana chip on top.  It was amazing.  I love every part of this cupcake and it worked really well together.  As established above, I love the silky peanut butter frosting that doesn’t lose any of its inherent smooth peanut quality.  The banana cake was incredible.  I’ve had banana bread before, but this was different.  It was lighter, and sweeter, and somehow totally banana.  It rocked.  The Banana chip on top was a great little treat too.  I love the cute things they put on their cupcakes here.  They are never a non-functional garnish.  The pieces give a great feeling of what to expect the cupcake as a whole to be.

It’s official.  I love Babycakes.  Some places start to feel less magical with your second experience, but not here.  I’m going to ask for a stop every time we’re anywhere near Abingdon for more of their great cupcakes.

RJ’s Ratings

Peanut Butter Cup Rating-9

Elvis Cupcake Rating-10

Overall- 10