Playlists: Disney Songs- Part Two

Playlists: Disney Songs- Part Two

Well, it’s another cold January day. How about we go to Disney World? We’ll have to go there in our minds because we don’t have the funds for a trip like that. But, that’s one of the great things about music and imagination. We can let the music take us to back to favorite memories and favorite locations in the park. We love Disney movies, Disney music and Disney parks. As we shared with your in our first Disney playlist post, we’ve even been Grand Marshals  of a Disney parade. Yes, in case you are wondering- it was AWESOME! I’m (Kari) getting sentimental just thinking about it.

Disney Dream Parade

So, put on some sunscreen, the Florida sun is shining brightly (seriously, can I be there right now). Let’s grab our Mickey Mouse ears and a Dole Whip (I’ve never actually had one, but I want to try one) and an autograph book! Today, I (Kari) will be your tour guide as we listen to some of our favorite Disney songs.

Live to Party- Jonas Brothers

Okay, Jonas wasn’t actually a very good show. We tried to like it, but it wasn’t very fun to watch. However, the theme song was awesome! We still listen to it all the time.

Part of Your World- Jodi Benson

I’ve loved this song since the first time I saw The Little Mermaid. I remember being emotionally overwhelmed that a song spoke to me in such a way.  I love this song so much that I actually have it in my audition repertoire.

So Far So Great- Demi Lovato

Sonny with a Chance was such a great show in the beginning. So Random is terrible. The show needed Demi Lovato and Sonny’s storyline. But, the theme song is still bubbly and inspiriting!

A Spoonful of Sugar- Julie Andrews

Mary Poppins is my absolute favorite movie, ever. This song is so cheerful and we always put it on playlists for when we need encouragement for some task!

This Is Me- Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas

Camp Rock is another of our Disney favorites. For almost a year, every Saturday night consisted of watching a High School Musical or Camp Rock movie. This song really encourages being yourself and it’s so triumphant. Let’s face it, we could all use the reminder to be ourselves sometimes- teenager or not!

True Friend- Hannah Montana

I love this song because it does talk about the important things that make up being a good friend. Truth, support, forgiveness, patience and fun!

Under the Sea- Samuel E. Wright

This song is just so fun! I’m so excited to ride the new Little Mermaid ride, Ariel’s Undersea Adventure! I can only imagine that this scene is so cool.

A Very Important Thing to Do- Zooey Deschanel

It may be a short song, but it’s just so fun. We sing it about once a week as we out running errands.

Winnie the Pooh- Chorus

This song is just pure, classic Disney. I want to ride The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh every time I hear it!

You Are the Music in Me- High School Musical 2 Cast

This song is so beautiful. It’s so sweet and has such lovely sentiments in it.

I feel so much better now! Everyone can use a mental vacation every now and then. Now, if I could only figure out how to get a trip to Disney World things would really be great!  🙂


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