Fashion Desk: 2013 Grammy Awards

She Said: 2013 Grammy Awards 

The Grammy awards always make me nervous. The fashion is really extreme, it’s always full of people I’ve never heard of and most of the performances offend me. I just really don’t like the Grammy’s ( it was easier to find cool outfits on the 2012 red carpet). While I was happy that CBS sent out a memo urging attendees to cover up, I knew that people would still flout it.  We tuned in for the first few minutes, and after watching Taylor Swift’s awkward Cirque de Soleil/ Alice in Wonderland opening number, I knew I was only interested in the red carpet.  It was really difficult to find great outfits on the red carpet, but I managed to find a few lovely finds.

Best Dressed

nicole kidman 2013 grammy awards

Nicole Kidman in Vera Wang

This gold lace dress is lovely. The v-neck is very flattering and highlights her face. The short hemline is softened by the lace overlay of the dress creating a look that is both edgy and romantic.

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Rosie and Sophia Grace

Here are two girls who know how to dress both age and occasion appropriate! Their pink dresses are absolutely darling! Can I please have a pair of those pink patent Mary Janes for spring?

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Beyonce in Osman

I love this outfit! Beyonce is totally my best-dressed woman of the night! I would absolutely wear this. It’s chic, flattering and even though it isn’t a gown it’s still very elegant. Her bracelets are and shoes are also fabulous!

Dress Messes
adele grammy 2013

Adele in Giorgio Armani

I usually love Adele’s fabulous retro style, but I suppose everyone makes fashion missteps occasionally.  The cut of this dress seems more matronly then retro. The print scale is also too bold for a cute evening dress. This looks more like a bad housecoat then a chic dress.  Oh well, I’m still looking forward with hope to what she’ll wear at the Oscars!

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Jennifer Lopez in Anthony Vaccarello

Seriously. The Angelina Jolie leg thing was at last years Oscars, this just looks like a late attempt to get onboard with that trend. It also seems like a way to skirt the CBS memo and still walk away as one of the night’s most talked about red carpet stars.  When I first saw this I thought that she had literally forgotten the awards were tonight and she ran in from the pool in her cover up. I don’t find this look chic or dramatic.

esperanza spalding 2013 grammy

Esperanza Spalding

I love Espernaza’s unique style and sometimes she looks really stunning. Her hair and makeup look great. I just don’t like this print and I don’t understand the odd cape part of this dress.

florence welch 2013 grammys

Florence Welch in Givenchy

Florence said that she wanted this dress to look like a dinosaur. That’s good, because it really does.

Almost Successes

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Kaley Cuoco in Amen blazer

This outfit is actually really cute. But, it’s way to casual for the red carpet of a major award show. Even though she’s not a nominee it’s still way too casual.

taylor swift 2012 grammy awards

Taylor Swift in J. Mendel

I love the Grecian lines and flow of this gown. I just don’t like the bareness. I don’t think it needs the slit in the skirt. The silver trim on the bodice is very elegant, but I wish the bodice were more covered. I don’t think showing skin is the chicest or most elegant fashion choice. Her hair and makeup are lovely and this look was almost a success- I just wish it were a little more covered up!

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Lisa D’ Amato

This dress is so crazy it actually almost works.  Pink, black and white can look like a costume when matched up together. But, the jester appeal of the dress almost works. I just wish the volume of the skirt and sleeves were tamed a bit.  I think if the volume of the dress was a bit more demure she might have had a really cute and unique look.

carrie underwood 2013 grammy

Carrie Underwood in Roberto Cavalli

This dress is okay. Overall, her whole look is a little overly mature. Between the coiffed hair, heavy lace dress, austere diamonds and red manicure she looks more like a performer in their late 40s. Clothes have such an awesome transformative power it seems such a shame to waste them it on aging someone!

He Said: Grammy’s 2013

The Grammy’s are my favorite award show to review for men’s fashion.  It’s the most adventurous, which can lead to a lot of good, and a lot of bad.  It was so fun it spoiled me all last year!  This was actually the first award show Kari and I ever covered for this blog.  Last night was a good night for color, and a bad night for socks, and ties.


jack white 2013 grammys

Jack White- The touch of blue here is really great.  At first I thought he should have went with the same color in the tie, but he’s using it very well as a subtle accent.

mario lopez 2013 grammys

Mario Lopez- Mario was the best dressed of the evening.  Everything works here, the fit of the suit, the long tie, the shoes, even the pocket square.

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image from

John Legend- Here’s a master class in monochromatic done right.

sway 2013 grammys

Sway- This is a great look.  It’s fun and formal.  The suit, shirt and tie are all different, but all work together.  I love the use of purple.  The shoes are that last bit of fun that’s totally Grammy’s.


jay manuel 2013 grammy

Jay Manuel- This suit is bad.  I can’t tell whether it’s fireworks or tie-dye, but it is way too much.

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Steve Aoki- The Grammy’s is a casual awards show, but this outfit looks like any other day.

redfoo of LMFAO 2013 grammys

Redfoo- While I still don’t like it, Redfoo is making some improvements here.  In time he may make my maybe list.  There are still too many zippers, it’s a velour fabric, the pants come at the knee, and he’s wearing house slippers.  He has a long way to go.

Almost There

2 Chainz 2013 grammy

2 Chainz-All that’s needed here is some editing.  Remove the cape, belt, and shoe tassels, and this would be a winning look.

Fun 2013 grammys

Fun- While not anything I would wear myself, these suits almost work for this quirky trio, if they fit better, and the boys had worn socks.

llcoolj 2013 grammys

LL Cool J- As much as it pains me to put LL in this category, the fit isn’t as good as it normally is, and there’s something off about the bow tie.

( Unless otherwise noted all images are form msn. com)