Choose Our Adventure: February/March 2013 Voting

The Return of Choose Our Adventure

Yesterday was our blogaversary! Can you believe that we’ve been sharing our lives and opinions with you for a year? We’ve had a lot of fun and we’ve enjoyed getting to know our wonderful readers, too!  Happy Blogaversary or Happy Birthday to us! We figured that we should give ourselves a present that everyone can enjoy. So, we are happy to announce…. the return of Choose Our Adventure!!!!! This feature was a lot of fun and you all sent us some crazy places, so we are excited to bring it back. First, we’ll announce the four nominees and then we’ll let you know how you can have 2 chances to vote!

The nominees for the February/ March 2013 vote are

Les Miserable at the Angelika Mosaic

We are super huge Les Mis fans, but you may have noticed that we haven’t mentioned the movie. Frankly, I (Kari) was not very pleased by the casting and any of the clips that I’ve seen. But, people have asked us why two musical theatre fans haven’t seen it yet. I’m not going to sit for 3 hours in just any theatre to watch this potential travesty- I need some major creature comforts. The new Angelika Mosaic is a gorgeous boutique cinema with fabulous food. Seriously, the popcorn looks insanely good and you can order Global fusion cuisine, too.  If you want to know what we will think of Les Miserables or the Angelika cinema, then this is option you should vote for!


We love trying new food and we’ve never had empanadas! Vote for this option and you’ll be sending us to visit Dulce’s Bakery and Empanada Shop to sample some wonderful Latin baked goods!

Washington DC Travel & Adventure Show

We love traveling and have lots of big dreams about places that we would like to go to! This show is going to not only feature information about really cool travel destinations, but there are also going to be culinary demonstrations and lectures from Arthur Frommer, and Rick Steves. They are also going to be having zip lining, rock climbing and scuba diving on site. And giveaways, too! If you want us to see some really cool stuff and hear about travel and adventure this is the option you should vote for!

Doc Scantlin and His Imperial Palms Orchestra

If you vote for this option you will get to see us adorably dressed up in our vintage style best and send us out dancing. Doc Scantlin and His Imperial Palms Orchestra are playing a beautiful theatre and they will have a dance floor! We love Big Band music! Love it!!!!! And who doesn’t love an excuse to get dressed up and go out dancing? Who doesn’t love a Gershwin tune? If you want to see us all dressed up and get regaled with tales from the dance floor, vote for this option!

Here’s how you can vote!

Voting will open as soon as this story is visible- so if you can see it, start voting. Every person can have two votes! That’s right two votes.

One of your votes is to be used here in the comments section. Either say 1- 4 to indicate your choice or say “Les Mis” “empanadas” etc.

Your other vote can be used on our Facebook page. Simply answer the poll question with your choice. Please like us on Facebook and vote there, too!

You can vote for two different things or twice for the same thing, that’s fine. Also if you have a personal Facebook page and Facebook page for a blog or business and you like us with both of them- then you would have an extra vote, a third vote!

We have been asked by people who do not have Facebook pages if they can use both of their votes here in the comments section and that’s fine, too. Just please let me know that you don’t have a Facebook account and need to use both of your votes here.

Voting will close at 12:30 on Wednesday, February 20th

Thank you so much for a wonderful year! We look forward to what the next year of blogging holds for us! Thanks for reading!