Choose Our Adventure: Results of February/March 2013 Vote

Choose Our Adventure: Results of February/ March 2013 Vote


Well, voting is closed and the votes have been counted. Thank you all for voting! We heard so many great comments from so many people. We shared with you our nominations for Choose our Adventure February/ March 2013 and it’s now time to announce the winner!


The winner, by quite a large margin, is Doc Scantlin and His Imperial Palms Orchestra! We are so very excited! Thanks for sending us out to hear some wonderful music and dance! We are so excited to see their show! We’ve heard wonderful comments from many of their fans as well as the other musicians and performers in the orchestra. Doc and Chou Chou are adorable and we can’t wait to get to see and hear them perform! Seriously, they are such a cute couple!  Thank you, thank you, thank you wonderful readers and voters for sending us on such a fun date night! I’m (Kari) already trying to decide what to wear!


We had another neat piece of news yesterday. We’ve been offered tickets to the Travel & Adventure Show! How exciting! We are very grateful for the offer and look forward to checking out the Travel & Adventure show, too.


Thank you again for reading, following, liking and voting in our Choose Our Adventure poll! We appreciate you all so much! Even if the item you voted for didn’t win, please know that we still appreciate you and your vote! We still get great ideas from all the votes and we love to know what our readers would be interested in hearing about in the future.


Stay tuned to check out what we think of seeing Doc Scantlin and His Imperial Palms Orchestra! We are so excited!