Be a Blessing: Amazima Ministries

Be a Blessing: Amazima Ministries

So far 2013 has been a somewhat trying year for RJ and I (Kari). Things just haven’t worked out like we would have hoped and I’m experiencing more struggles with my health. But, I’m reminded that we have so much. We do have a place to live, we have each other, and have a Heavenly Father who loves and provides for us and won’t forget us.  Yes, we are still working on improving my health, having a baby and getting to move, but we are so blessed. We were able to go to school and I can buy pens and paper anytime I want to write. We have a computer that we can use for writing and learning. We also have you, all our dear readers who share in our adventures and enrich our lives so much.  Because we have been given so much, we also see the importance of giving back and sharing what we have. Today, we wanted to share with you about a beautiful organization that has captured our hearts: Amazima Ministries.

You may wonder what is Amazima Ministries? The simple answer is that it’s an organization that provides food, medical care, education and vocational training to the people of Uganda, but that’s just the simple answer. In order to get a scope of all the wonderful things that do it’s important to share about how we found out about Amazima. For me learning about Amazima all started with a book: Kisses from Katie.

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Kisses from Katie started out as just a neat book that was recommended to me by Amazon. I love adoption; it’s so beautiful and such a wonderful image of how God adopts us into his family. I was intrigued to read about this young woman who had adopted so many girls.  I also love reading stories about other Christians and learning from their wisdom. I suggested it for the book club that I’m in with my friends from college. It was amazing! It touched me so much. It may sound clichéd to say that I laughed and cried, but I did. I laughed, cried, prayed and felt a host of emotions that made reading this book a personal and challenging experience. Kisses from Katie tells the story of Katie Davis, the founder and director of Amazima Ministries. Katie was a beautiful college bound young lady when the plight of orphans in Uganda reached her heart. After visiting for what was supposed to be a short term mission assignment she felt God’s call to serve the people of this beautiful and severely impoverished country. She left her family and all the comforts of a nice, comfortable American life to start what would become this wonderful organization and become the mother to 13 daughters!  Her story touched me because we are somewhat similar in age and she’s a Tennessee girl just like me. I was so personally challenged by her frankness about struggles with our human nature and who Christ calls his followers to be. I’ve completely looked at Proverbs 37:4 (“Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.”) differently because of her. I confess that I used to have the understanding of this verse that if I kept God’s rules and was “good” eventually he would give me a baby, a house and anything else I wanted. Katie shared in the book that she had similar feelings and helped me understand that the heart of the verse is in that we should love God so much that we seek his will without regard of our desires. That was a huge realization for me! It’s difficult (because I want what I want when I want it), but it’s freeing (because God can plan things better than I can and he’s always going to seek the best for me) and it’s changed my life. I appreciate the gift of freedom that she helped me discover. Going through infertility is hard and really internalizing that because I’m a follower of Christ that I need to remember to take happiness from him- in every situation- is such a gift. Don’t think that I’m perfect at this, or even very good at it! But keeping the reminder that my joy comes from God and he knows best and he will shape my heart and fill it with what he wants (if I let him) is a very sweet gift. I got a lot out of the book personally and I’ve shared things with RJ so it’s been a big blessing to us.

The organization of Amazima Ministries is so awesome! You can check out their site at and find a full list of all the projects that do. But it’s amazing. They feed people, give supplies to children so they can attend school and they also provide medical care to many. That’s amazing! I’m always so inspired to read Katie’s blog or Amazima’s Facebook updates to see what they are doing! Most importantly they are sharing the love of Christ by being his hands and feet here on earth. People not only get full tummies, an education and treatment but they are also learning about a God who loves them so much he sent a Savior, Jesus, to die for them.  I’m so in awe of this ministry and they are frequently in our prayers. We are so blessed to know about them!

When you hear about an organization that’s doing so much good in the world don’t you just want to be a part of it? It’s definitely not feasible for everyone to go to Uganda and it may not be possible for you to give lots of money, but everyone has something that they can offer.

Here are some ways that anyone can help

1. Pray for provision for Amazima. You can also pray for the health, safety and energy of all who work in the ministry.

2.  You can read Kisses for Katie or learn more about Amazima by reading about them on their website ( or Katie’s blog.

3. Tell everyone about Amazima! Follow them on social media sites ( Facebook, Twitter and YouTube) and share their stories!

4.  You can by the beautiful beads that women in the Masese are taught to make from magazines. They are beautiful! Next time, you are thinking about buying a fun accessory you could buy something that positively impacts a woman’s life. These women are able to have skills and provide income based on these lovely creations.

5.  You can sign up to be a child sponsor and help send children to school ($300 a year) and that’s a huge gift. But, you can also give one time gifts in any amount to go toward the feeding program or wherever most needed. Even $10 dollars is a great gift if that’s all you can share! Nothing is too small when you are giving freely of yourself or your treasure.

Everyone has something to give, even if it isn’t a financial gift so we should make sure to share!  We are so all so blessed with the gift of life. We get the chance to help each other and share our burdens and our joys. What a gift! Everyone has something to give: money, time, prayers and our voices are all precious gifts to share. We’ve all been given so much, even when it’s so hard to see. Let’s not forget to be thankful for what we have and show our gratitude by helping others. God has given us so much! Thank you for letting us share with you about this wonderful ministry!

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